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  1. A start

    Actually, tony stark stole my personality for his character in the last iron man movies.
  2. A start

    O.o Hows it boiling?
  3. A start

    Backstage access. Oh my and for the invitation.. I believe it was out of interest on my part for Ice's kindness. As for commissions, in Due Course. However I will link myself to my deviantart to which you may or may not choose to contact through. http://imaginationstudio.deviantart.com/
  4. A start

    I'm being tortured by my brother about katy perry. As if knowing about the name wasn't enough. Thank you all for the greetings. I accept commissions for practice.
  5. A start

    I shall nickname you "V", Draw.
  6. A start

    My memory falls short. Let me check the text... Er.. On second thought, I cannot disclose confidential information. However I can accept art commissions if you so desire one. Err... Right great distration. So... Uhh I am long term friendzoned friend of Ice and I am happy to meat all of you. I hope you taste delicious and are rather zealous in your endevors.
  7. A start

    I shall probably end up using one of my RPC's I drew. Or none at all and enjoy the company.
  8. A start

    I believe a loud greeting is better than none. After all it shows interest and kindness rather than solitude and silence.
  9. A start

    My hopes and dreams are in the past. I don't mind so much.
  10. A start

    Don't worry, I'll ask if I need anything. Personally, I used to like forum battles and storymode dramas and still linger with it. I am actually Ukranian and born during the USSR collapse. I specialize in a unique chat type mix of T1/T2 however grand archs are just as well. I am a fantasy style writer however despite the fact I loath real life stories I excel at them. If I need anything I will ask. I am normally a background personality since I choose to influence rather than play the part. If you need anything from me bug Ice and she'll remind me. I came here on a reference because I heard she has found her niche here and desire to see why.
  11. A start

    Like any old person I will start with my name. I am Konstantin. Welcome to my personal Contact Page. Additionally, I am using my real face. I'm just that good looking that I won't hide behind an anime face.