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  1. Reborn

    Enthusiastic. I like it. A pleasure to meet you Mikatao. He bows and smiles. Well, I don't see why I shouldn't post up some of my art. It's all really basic, but I've worked hard to get where I'm at. However, I'm poor at drawing anime people, so I usually just draw anime style dragons and wolves. Hello Ali. It's nice to meet you. Hmm, well, I've kept up with a lot of anime. Attack on Titan, Black Rock Shooter, Ginga Densetsu Weed, Ginga Nageroboshi Gin, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Wolf's Rain, Fooly Cooly, ToraDora, Soul Eater, Ergo Proxy, Princess Tutu, Ouran High School Host Club, Elfen Lied, Fruits Basket, Hellsing Ultimate, and Karin.
  2. Reborn

    Hello there. The name is UnicornsBlood, or Unicorn for short. Sometimes Uni. It's up to you. He smiles politely and gives a bow. I came here in search of a nice, active community. I feel as though that's what I've found. As for me, there's not much to know. He chuckles and scratches the back of his head. I like Anime style MMO's, video games, animals, and mythology. In short, I'm an animal enthusiast, an anime freak, a video gamer, a rather poor traditional drawing artist, and a food fanatic. Oh, you want to know why my username is UnicornsBlood? Well, it's my favorite nicotine-free flavor for the Inferno Vaporizer. If you have any more questions, ask away.
  3. The Dires

    You are a werewolf. You have lived some years now with this curse, each night changing into a beast and seeking the blood of humans. Your hatred for this curse burns inside of you, but killing yourself is easier said than done. Tonight seemed like any normal night. You tried chaining yourself up, locking the doors, boarding yourself up... But it never works. You find your next victims, a family living not too far from your secluded home. Its on the outskirts of town, away from the eyes of others. You slaughter and gorge yourself on their flesh as your human side sobs for the family. Then you hear her howl. And you follow her until the morning changes you back into a human. She approaches you, a woman with shaggy short cut hair and piercing eyes. She is naked like you from the transformation. "Come with me," She reaches out as you cry and try wiping off the blood on you, "I can save you." _____________________________________________________________________________________ This is just a fun little RP about the struggles of being a werewolf, a monster that feasts upon human flesh with a burning hatred inside of them that drives them on. It's a simple RP, responses only need to be about one paragraph long, a picture not required. The story is simple, and you can freely add to it as it goes.
  4. The Dires

    Her ears swiveled on the top of her head, her nose to the lichen covered ground. The scents of many thing filled her nose, but she concentrated on only one of those scents. A fellow werewolf was nearby, and she could smell him. Her tail flicked from side to side as she tracked him down on all fours, her padding silent, her breathing barely a whisper in the wind. As the trees thinned, she looked up, peering through the darkness. A house was illuminated in the distance. She crept ever closer, to the edge of the woods. She stood on her two back legs and tilted her head so she could hear better. Screams of horror were faint, and shadows flickered across the windows. One of them broke, and she flinched back slightly. Her front paws rested on the cool bark of the tree, and she took a tentative sniff. The blood of humans filled her nostrils, and for a moment, she lavished the scent. With a shake of her head though, those thoughts were gone, and she took control of herself. She abandoned that crazy killer side of her a while ago, and she refused to go back. As the commotion in the house died down, she circled the place, waiting for her chance. A hungry werewolf was not something to be dealt with. If she wanted to meet with this other werewolf safely, she would have to give it time to satisfy its needs. A hare dashed past her feet, distracting her. Hunger twisted in her stomach, and she decided to have her own meal. Back on four legs, she bounded after the rabbit, before snatching it up in her jaws and snapping its spine with a crushing clamp of those powerful muscles. She quickly gobbled it up, leaving nothing to waste. She sat next to the fur of the rabbit, licking her chops clean. She wanted to look presentable, of course. After that, she returned to her post, listening and sniffing. Now. She thought to herself. Now now now. And so she threw back her head, closed her eyes, and released a howl. It pierced the night sky, a strong, powerful sound, yet soft on the ears and beautiful. She waited a moment, rubbing her back on the tree. With her scent strong, she turned and ran off on two legs, constantly brushing her shoulder against a tree, or purposefully going through a bush. She was leaving her scent to follow. She would run like this for a while, enjoying the cool air blowing through her fur. Her muscles rippled underneath her skin, and she didn't make way to exhaustion. Barely a pant of breath left her, even after she had been running for a while.
  5. The Dires

    S T O R Y The curse of the werewolves burns deep in the history of humans. You are one of its many victims. When night falls, you change, and you devour. You want to die, but don't have the means to do it yourself. One night, while feasting upon an innocent family, you hear the howl of a fellow werewolf. You follow her scent until morning comes, and you cry, naked, covered in blood. She offers you sanctuary. Will you accept? ____________________________________________________________ R U L E S - This is a story that just goes with the flow. Throw in random things to spice up the roleplay. Make it fun. We're not running a strict course here. - An important rule: The werewolves do not speak in their beast form. They communicate like regular wolves do. Body language and sounds like whines and howls are how they speak. They can have thoughts, yes, but otherwise, no speaking. -I will not inform you of much. It keeps the roleplay fun and mysterious. The way the things work, you'll find out as things happen. - We'll start with you killing and eating the family, and then hearing the female werewolf. - I'd like at least one paragraph responses. You'll find how easy that is if you just get into your character!
  6. UnicornsBlood Characters

    ✖The Werewolves of Renatus✖ M A I N - B I O Long before ancient European times, when the story of the werewolf first came about, the monster was bred from an ancient hatred. Just after the dinosaurs died off, mammals took place, and the first dire wolves were born. Their smaller cousins, plain wolves, picked off their food. Humans were born and they believed in the ancient spirit of the animals. Tribes were born, and they fought tooth and nail with the ferocious dire wolves for generations. With mysterious motives, a shaman created a curse with the very hatred rooted within his soul. It changed man to beast, beasts much like the dire wolves that nearly drove them to extinction before they disappeared. Now, through many years of the curse being passed on from human to human, werewolves have evolved into bipedal beasts. Some are ferocious and feed upon human flesh, carrying on the curses maddening hatred for humans. Others learned to tame that hatred and take control of their curse, able to turn as they pleased. This recent breed of werewolves call themselves Dires in their human forms. The only existing pack is small, and goes by the name of Renatus. Created by the first Dire, they are a group that lives in an island, usually remaining in their werewolf forms. I N - D E P T H - I N FO Where: Ascension Island, Cloud Forest How?: The first Dire was a resident of Ascension island, a place with a small population of roughly 800 people. Rich with wildlife Environment: An island with high altitudes, cold year-round weather(Surrounded by sea water), mainly forest besides semi-modern human activity. Pack Life: A small group of werewolves that work much like the modern day pack, but more complex. There are Alpha's, Beta's, Hunters, one Tracker/Patroller, a few Herbalists, and then there are the Pups and Elders. What It's Like In The Pack: First things first, werewolves DO NOT SPEAK. They are unable to communicate besides grunts, howls, growls, whines, and body language. Think of the modern day wolf. They have their own intricate language. Second of all, the werewolves of Renatus rarely go into their human forms. This is to avoid being seen by the locals, who are easily suspicious of new faces(They ARE on an island). Third, each ranking is earned. Newcomers to the Renatus pack start off as newbloods. They are the lowest of the low, but not mistreated. They are given a personal alpha, usually an elder or a seasoned hunter. Sometimes, they are raised by the alphas or the betas themselves. Once they earn their right of a title, they go through a special ritual of greeting into the pack. Intelligence: Despite their lack of ability to speak, the werewolves of Renatus are very smart. They have complex packs and keep up with each member very well, never forgetting a pack member. They bury the dead and mourn them. They wear jewelry and know how to make permanent paint for their fur to make intriguing markings. They can make and use basic tools, such as knives and spears. They appear to believe in the spirit of animals, as the Alpha always takes on the role of a Shaman. They can also create basic salves and know how to cook their food, though usually only do this during rituals or special occasions. Wolf Signals: Neutral; -Tilt of Head "Who are you?" "What are you doing?" "What's that?" -Pawing at something "What's this?" -Pawing at other wolf "Are you okay?" "How are you?" -Whining "I'm scared!" * Friendly; -Nose to Nose "Hello" -Nose to Ear "Hello" -Nose to Forehead "I like you" -Tail Wagging "I like you!" -Tongue Hanging Out "I'm comfortable around you" *Submissive -Tail Between Legs "I Submit!" -Rolls on back, exposing Belly and Neck "I Submit! *Aggressive -Teeth showing "Back off!" -Tail Standing "Back off!" -Hackles(fur) Raised "Back off!" -Growling "I'm warning you!" -Snapping of Jaws "I'm warning you!" -Mock Lunge "I'm going to attack you!" *Affectionate -Nose rubbing against Nose "Its okay" -Licking other wolfs Nose "I like you" -Nuzzling "I like you" -Licking other wolfs Neck "I want to be with you" -Licking other wolfs Ear "I love you" ___________________________________ Name: Vintus Age: 24 Had The Curse Since: 19 Gender: Male Ranking: Newblood Mate: None Pups: None Trainer: Derrek ___________________________________ Name: Ame(Left) / Vitor (Right) Age: 26 / 30 Had The Curse Since: 22 / 17 Gender: Female / Male Ranking: Beta's Personality: Mate: Vitor / Ame Pups: Name: Teluise Age: 3 months Gender: Female Pups Of: Ame and Vitor Name: Piper Age: 3 months Gender: female Pups Of: Ame and Vitor ____________________________________ Name: Derrek Age: 25 Had The Curse Since: 21 Gender: Male Ranking: Hunter Mate: None Pups: None ___________________________________ Name: Alexandra Age: 21 Had The Curse Since: 20 Gender: Female Ranking: Tracker / Patroller Mate: None Pups: None __________________________________ Name: Ferrah Age: 34 Had The Curse Since: 23 Gender: Male Ranking: Hunter Mate: Emelia Pups: Chleo, Tarken, Zerak _________________________________________ Name: Vanni Age: 43 Had The Curse Since: 22 Gender: Male Ranking: Alpha Mate: None Pups: None ___________________________________________ Name: Beluse Age: 24 Had The Curse Since: 22 Gender: Female Ranking: Hunter Mate: None Pups: None ____________________________________________ Name: Kamar Age: 17 Had The Curse Since: 17 Gender: Male Ranking: Newblood Mate: None Pups: None Trainer: Ferrah Name: Vicente Age: 17 Had The Curse Since: 17 Gender: Male Ranking: Newblood Mate: None Pups: None Trainer: Ferrah _______________________________________________________ Name: Saber Age: 19 Had The Curse Since: 18 Gender: Male Ranking: Hunter Mate: None Pups: None ______________________________________________________ Name: Emelia Age: 29 Had The Curse Since: 17 Gender: Female Ranking: Herbalist Mate: Ferrah Pups: Chleo, Tarken, Zerak _________________________________________________ Name: Patricia Age: 16 Had The Curse Since: 14 Gender: Female Ranking: Hunter Mate: None Pups: None _______________________________________________________ Name: Carlos Age: 16 Had The Curse Since: 13 Gender: Male Ranking: Newblood Mate: None Pups: None Trainer: Saber __________________________________________________________________ Name: Tenaka Age: 27 Had The Curse Since: 24 Gender: Male Ranking: Newblood Mate: None Pups: None Trainer: Alpha _____________________________________________________________________ Name: Chleo Age: 1 year Gender: Female Pup Of: Emelia and Ferrah Name: Tarken Age: 1 year Gender: Male Pup Of: Emelia and Ferrah Name: Zerak Age: 1 year Gender: Male Pup Of: Emelia and Ferrah _______________________________________________________________________ Name: Jerom Age: 23 Had The Curse Since: 20 Gender: Male Ranking: Hunter Mate: None Pups: None
  7. ✖UnicornsBlood Character Vault✖ Here you'll find my vast amount of characters. Each will have an in-depth profile, and some may carry extra info about their species.