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  1. Witch Hunt [Mafia IV][Night Phase]

    Sorry to say this guys, but I have to drop out for this round, I'm not going to be on enough for the next few days to fully participate in the game. I apologize for the short notice! >.< Just so you know, I was an innocent this round
  2. Witch Hunt [Mafia IV][Night Phase]

    Yes, I admit it was a strange comment to make; I didn't read everyone's comment before posting. I was going off the train of thought that there were multiple witches, therefore multiple factions. Like the Mafia. So I'll retract my statement about the witches not knowing each other. I only said what I said before because I'm going off from my experience from the last game(which is probably not a good idea). No one knew I was the killer until the very end, and I myself didn't know who the cookie thieves were. Even if my job was to kill all of my housemates while the others were sneaking around stealing sugary confections, my point is that I still had no clue who they were until the last day. Suspicions, yes, I had a few, but not enough to come out with a solid accusation.
  3. Witch Hunt [Mafia IV][Night Phase]

    Do you really think that the witches would know each other? I don't think that's really possible. I mean, they may be members of rival covenants or something, trying to kill or enslave more people than the other. Just a thought. -eats a sandwich-
  4. Hey, I'm Grump!

    Welcome, welcome!
  5. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    You can go ahead and post if you want, I'm getting ready for work, so I won't be able to post until tomorrow morning. My character's a sacrifice, and she's hailing from a different city, so it'll give me time to plan out a decent sized post. :)
  6. And so we meet~~An Intro!

    I know I'm doing this backwards, posting in your rp before your intro topic, but forgive me, I am still half-asleep...--.-- Welcome to S*T, you'll have a great time! We have loads of fun....and cookies. Everyone loves cookies. -Hands you a cookie-
  7. Keep calm. It's just an introduction.

    Welcome, welcome! We're an odd bunch, but we're a awesome odd bunch! You'll have lots of fun here, I guarantee it!
  8. Witch Hunt [Mafia IV][Night Phase]

    I'll play again! I promise to be more vocal this time. >.>
  9. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    So do we just post here as to who we're playing, or do we just post away?
  10. Celebration Thread

    After 8 months at a job that loved to schedule me on double shifts (when I specifically told them not to, many, MANY times), and searching for another during 5 of those months, I finally got hired at 2 different facilities in the same week! Both places are not only 20 mins from my house, but 20 mins from each other, compared to the hour-long drive to my first job. Today I worked my last day, and my last double for them. :) The only thing I can say about that place, is that I won't miss it at all.
  11. Cookie Shenanigans [Mafia III]

    It pretty much played out well for me to take the quiet route this time, given my role in this. Always watch our for the quiet ones. >.> I know I didn't give much input this round, but I'd like to play again. I found this game to be quite entertaining!
  12. Cookie Shenanigans [Mafia III]

    I really don't have much to say, partially because I'm not on as much as I would like to be due to work, and partially because even from reading back I don't see anyone that strikes me as acting suspicious. I know I'm at a disadvantage being a newcomer and all, and with everyone put into a mystery role only known to them and Bleck, not doing anything is just giving more time for the Mafia to choose it's target for the night. That being said, I vote DragonGuard. I have nothing personal against you, and I'm sorry.
  13. Cookie Shenanigans [Mafia III]

    And they say the cute ones die young.....or is it the good ones? Whatever. I'm refraining from voting until I hear more of everyone's input. But here's a thought to consider: For every finger you point at someone, there's three pointing back at you.
  14. I'm bored. What are you eating for breakfast?

    You can always try turkey sausage. It tastes just as good and it's healthier.
  15. I'm bored. What are you eating for breakfast?

    My breakfast plans largely depend on if I'm working or not. If I've worked (I work the overnight shift), breakfast consists of anything left from my lunch that night (usually fruit or a granola bar), or anything I can buy with whatever change is in my pocket at the time. If I'm off, I sleep, because ack said it best: