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  1. Play with me~~~

    I can't think of anything more public or judgmental than being actors or musicians, but I'm not sure that's the route we'd want to go. Vampire versus fairy rock band? haha....
  2. Yaoi [Private] Untitled Yaoi RP - Dis x Noir

    Sorry I'm late replying! Busy. :x If you're on for that idea then I'll start working on a character. Will yours be the angel or demon?
  3. Play with me~~~

    Sorry for the late response—been a bit busy! I like the idea about fantastic beings being well known but not well-liked. I think a relationship with that sort of discriminatory tension would be the most interesting to play out. Just have to think of a situation that would force these two who shouldn't get along to play nice with one another. I wouldn't mind being the human character.
  4. Hi, all!

    Hey, nice of you to join. You're gonna regret this in the morning.
  5. Yaoi [Private] Untitled Yaoi RP - Dis x Noir

    I love the dynamic between angels and demons, so I'm up for that. Maybe we could narrow it down to a more personal level, focus on the rivalry between a demon and an angel on Earth? The angel would try to save pure souls and keep them on the right path, while the demon would take pleasure in corrupting the angel's chosen one? Haha. That would make an angel pretty pissed off after a while, I'm sure. ; ]
  6. Play with me~~~

    I don't think they're mine either, but I suppose it's worth a try. : ] I seem to keep jumping into demon RPs, but they're easy enough to work into a contemporary setting. Same with vampires. Idea 1: I don't know how you feel about action-type plots, but an idea I got was something kind of like Blade, where the fantastical being works with humans dedicated to eradicating his own evil kind. Like a vampire-hunting vampire, or a demon-hunting demon, all while struggling with what he fundamentally is. Idea 2: we both play some type of fantastical being, and we're the last of our kind in a modern world. It would be increasingly difficult to cope and stay secret. Idea 3: normal people who get themselves into some kind of supernatural or occult trouble. Maybe gain powers that can be used for good or evil (and one of us goes one route while the other goes the opposite route). Kind of like that movie Chronicle. Haha. If you have anything, throw it at me. : ]
  7. Yaoi [Private] Untitled Yaoi RP - Dis x Noir

    Sounds good on the gothic fantasy. : ] As for character, choose whomever you think fits best. Picture is up to you as well—I'm not that picky. Since you'll probably have a character ready before I do, I'll just follow your lead. Do you have any plot ideas you were considering? I'll try and think up a few tonight and tomorrow, then get back to you.
  8. Play with me~~~

    I did in fact dig it up—didn't take too long to find, actually. Seems like we have overlap with HP, His Dark Materials, Kuroshitsuji, and Durarara. So if we're not going to do a straight fandom RP, at least we have some basic thematic elements to go on. Primarily dark fantasy (which is obvious, hah). Just as a quick brainstorm of possible starting points based on the above: Magicians or witchcraft Demons Mythical beings Urban, modern fantasy Mysterious disappearances and/or murders I've been really dry on plots lately, so anything you've got, please throw it at me. Haha.
  9. Play with me~~~

    I'm interested! A lot of open RPs have been more on the comedic side, which don't get it up for me, so anything dark and dramatic sounds excellent. We share a lot of the same RP interests, so genre isn't so much of an issue. Anything dark, gothic, violent, creepy, taboo, occult—I'm all for it. Just on the off chance we share some fandom interests, what are some that you're into? Maybe we could build an original idea off one of them. About romance, if it goes into that: I only do M/M.
  10. We're going to get along well. They're one of my favorite bands.
  11. Here comes a new dork-lenger!!!

    I suppose I'm fairly new too, but I graduated recently so I wear big boy underpants now. Hope you get your writing practice in and have a good time while you're at it. You avoid smut and gore, so you'd probably be best off avoiding me....
  12. Even if it doesn't seem like much to go on, we have a good starting point. We both like dark settings, so that works out well. Are you into dark/gothic atmospheres? Dark fantasy? Realistic? Modern or historical? I'm open to almost anything. On my end: I would prefer a solid plot rather than diving straight into lovey-dovey banging. I've done plotless yaoi RPs before but the build-up is what makes it interesting, in my opinion. I enjoy rivalries and volatile relationships that blossom into something more, but it doesn't have to be that way. I just think arguments are a lot of fun and sexually tense, hah. : ] I can do fade to black or really graphic. In the past my RPs have tended towards the latter, though. Also, I play seme 75% of the time so you're all good with an uke. : ]
  13. Yep, another new person. Hello :)

    Hey. I'm Dis. Maybe we'll RP sometime.
  14. I'm bored. Humor me with this simple request. A few of you exist somewhere in the shadows. I've heard the magic word thrown around. Give me a 1x1 yaoi roleplay. I don't have any ideas yet, but these sorts of plots aren't that difficult to formulate once we both know what we like. I can do fade to black, I can do full on graphic and make you blush. Whatever you're comfortable with. Leaving this open indefinitely.
  15. Greetings, Fellow Role Players.

    Lots of verbose non-humans joining recently, yeah? In any case, hello.