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  1. Allo again!

    Yes, yes they are. Hello again Ack; good to see you. :)
  2. Allo again!

    So, quite some time ago I went and joined up. I was all 'Ha-HA! Now I'll get some roleplaying done! I might even write too!' Two days later, I didn't have internets anymore because Reasons. But now I'm back, and I'm the one paying the bill, so no-one can change the router password and reset everything while I'm in the middle of downloading pirated films. Ha-HA! Suck it, neighbours! Where was I? Oh yes! By the time I actually got my own internets, I'd forgotten my username and password. Yeah, yeah, I know. I suck at remembering stuff like that. This time I've decided to rely on a passphrase related to something I know quite well, but the username is still a bit of a dodgy area. Fortunately, I know the email address I used to sign up, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I only had to go through fifteen or sixteen (or was it twenty?) before I found the right one. ANYway, enough about that. I'm back, that's all that counts, right? An idea I battered around last time was a discussion about a kind of roleplay tavern in the Newbie area; a place you could go to get some posts done and potentially pass the strenuous bar exam in no time flat. Well, in less time than actually starting your own roleplay or making a new character to join an existing one, at any rate. I did get some tentative positive feedback, but I think people were waiting to see if I could deliver. I'm pretty sure I can, but I didn't back then because of Reasons, as hinted above. *deeeep breath* Anyway, I'm not as breathless at roleplaying as I am at introductions. It should be fun.
  3. The Typical Tavern

    And once again, Rael Lofe intervenes and robs me of my coveted Preciousss. I mean internet. Bit of a let-down, that. Btw, Solystice, there are several incarnations of this idea rolling around the internets, in several unnamed RPG forums. Not many are long-lived, but the few that are need constant attention in order to keep the interest of their players. The entire idea is that they're a place to chill out and maybe engage in non-canon character development, and also try out new, untested characters. Enigma: Why the hell not? Be both - just don't break the forum rules, which I'm sure you know better than me. Owait. You meant in the active thread. My bad. =D wstfgl: I remember that name! Not sure if you're the same wst as I remember, but ANYWAY! I'm sure if someone makes a seal clubber, there will be a seal clubber. There may be a Bashyalike too, just because I used to like the sentence structure. He might even have a quest that involves bashing the things that Bashy bashed. This is all assuming that I gets my internets back on a regular basis, of course. Should my current plans come to fruition, it'll be about a week or so before I can actually get it on a regular basis.
  4. The Typical Tavern

    There... might be Frat Orcs. They might even be engaged in paddling each other, skeeving out customers, getting riotously drunk and providing an under-the-counter trade in Depantsing bombs and the like, should certain plot hooks demand it. I certainly can't object if someone introduces them or demands requests that they be present.
  5. Eggs, Spam, Bacon, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam...

    I've set up an interest thread in the Role Play discussion section. Feedback, comments, pointing and laughing; all are welcome. Some are more welcome than others.
  6. Eggs, Spam, Bacon, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam...

    Genre? I'd say "anything", but then people might take me at my word and start throwing things at me that I have no interest in. Then again, maybe you should do that anyway and see what sticks; see, my problem is that I haven't roleplayed for so long that I've kind of forgotten what gets me going. Even the books I read don't really give me a clue, because I'll try and get through anything as a kind of habitual challenge to myself. The only thing I know I won't try is fan roleplay, especially not anime fan roleplay, because my current anime playlist exists as a stack of paper that's reached two feet high already. Which reminds me; I need to start on Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Trigun again. What is this "friendship" thing you mention? I'm intrigued.
  7. The Typical Tavern

    Props if you recognise where the name of the thread comes from. Us Loathers need to stick together. So, I was thinking of setting up a plotless roleplay, designed specifically for Students to get at least five posts in so everyone could see how they were at playing. Naturally, it'd have to be a neutral setting, perhaps a pub, or an entire village, based around the general area that a DnD group end up in after a long, satisfying dungeon crawl. But just having it for students is selfish; it should also be a place where Graduates can come to practice their skills, or meet-and-greet the newbies while they wait for posts to materialise in their other roleplays. But that's boring, I hear you all collectively cry. What's to keep our interest in yet another one of these damn tavern-things that look so good on paper? Okay. Imagine that the place is based upon Castle Heterodyne, complete with a (twisted?) personality of it's own and the ability to rearrange it's own internal structure. Imagine also that there are plot hooks around the place as well, and that completing one changes the physical layout of the place to reflect the outcome. I'm going to, um, borrow an idea from a different plot-hook thread and I'm going to have to insist that people on a plot have to put the location of their characters at the top of every post. It's a bit more work, but it saves people getting confused about where everyone is and missing posts, or accidentally replying to things that they think are happening around them. Hopefully, I won't explode from the effort of keeping this monster running. I do like jumping in at the deep end. Yes, there will be a plague of drunken rats in the basement. Feedback on this idea would be nice.
  8. Eggs, Spam, Bacon, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam...

    It's either true dedication, or going into creepy stalker-with-binoculars-in-the-bushes territory. I suppose it'd be far more truthful, or a lot more accurate, to say that I've been aware of the site for quite some time, but not exactly following youse properly until around about two weeks ago. Even then it took me a while to join because I didn't have a reliable internet connection until, ohh, about twelve hours ago. Even so, I've come across Acky-poo before. I might have been a part of the community at one point, before the entire 2005 debacle where quite a few members decided to depart for some... inexplicable reason which I won't go into. But like I've hinted, my roleplay mojo is all limp and floppy, and I'd quite like to earn my graduate status if only to prove to myself that I've still got what it takes to write. Plus I can't even remember what my old username used to be anyway, so it's not like I can prove anything. I wonder if it's actually possible to take shower-polaroids of an internet forum?
  9. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Fingerpuppet Available Times: Weekends, weekday evenings. Post Length: As long as frickin' possible. I'll go for at least two paragraphs, of five decent-length sentences each at the moment. My mojo is a little limp through underuse. Post Frequency: Once a week at the very least. More if I get a muse on the end of my line. RP Preferences: My tastes are varied and change often. Mostly, I like things that aren't full of clichéd horsecrap and aren't a one-player gig masquerading as a two-player game. Contact Details: On-site. I don't trust Skype since Microsoft took it over, and my Chromebook doesn't run most things anyway.
  10. Eggs, Spam, Bacon, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam...

    No. No, better not. Camelot is an extremely silly place. Plus it's just a model. I'd prefer being asked 'What is the capital of Assyria?', but each to their own. On that note, my quest involves ridding the world of pizza by eating as much of it as possible, and the favourite colour is plaid. Much like the traditional lumberjack shirt, funnily enough. Oh, to be plaid. Still, thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to look out for you Scholars during my travels, and if I happen to run up against some unforseen, site-related problems I'll be in touch. I might get in touch beforehand if one of youse posts an interesting roleplay. Also, is Trinity a guy as the reference seems to suggest? Translation: Hi, I'm new to the forum, but I've been watching you all for quite some time. I like Monty Python, making references to other pre-eighties media and dropping links to various comedy sketches on youtube. I hope to get back into roleplay, because I'm out of practice. I hope that clears up the meaning of the first post for you a little. Also: Hi.
  11. ... . And preferably without all the vikings singing the Spam song, too. Greetings, I am Fingerpuppet, and I do... Stuff. I've been aware of Surreality for quite some time, even before the current build, but I'm not quite convinced that you've all stopped bouncing around the internet like some kind of hyperactive rubber ball. How many moves has it been since you stopped being known as Surreal*Twilight? It can't have been only last year that the board went by that old name, surely. But I digress. Knowledge of past events is no indicator of roleplay skill, and I find myself somewhat embarrassed in that department of late. Kind of like waking up to find that some cheeky so-and-so left you painted blue and naked in the middle of the town square while you slept. I'm sure we've all been in that situation. Balloons come in handy; bushes at a pinch, and turpentine is always welcome. I'm sure the literary equivalent will turn up soon enough if I play a while with some friendly folks. In the meantime, have some more