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  1. Many greets.

    I always highjack your stuff, m'dear. You just haven't realized it yet. Plus you think I'm awesome, so I don't think you'd be that upset with me. :D And D-dear has come to call as well! And of course I remember Mr Timey.
  2. Many greets.

    And I return! Mostly through Bang/Zombie pming me and getting an e-mail alert, and HH mentioning that Bang had been asking after me. *blushes* Though a biiit of a surprise that Mr Bang there thinks I'm awesome even after punching him in the arm. And even though this is Zombie's topic, I'm just hijacking it to mention I will be chasing down Wtsy and Mystic-dear for some catching up with you two as well, since I know you both, I'd hope you remember me and I missed everyone that I've known here. Just been sucky at coming back since the site and members changed so much, I felt a bit out of place.
  3. Happy Birthday Iza! Hope you come back soon! <3

  4. Salutations.

    DD-dear! I've missed you!! And of course i wouldn't forget you Raine!
  5. Salutations.

    I did. I wanted to be able to help a bit after I saw your post on Facebook. I hope I helped anyway. And I'm always around if you need it. I'd appear as Silver Wolf on Skype.
  6. Salutations.

    WELL WELL WELL to you too Blecky. You are a terrible person, making lil' old me do all the work to keep talking to you. Not like you ever message me. And Acky. I'm alright. Got hit in the head with a flyswatter and it caused some swelling that made both sides of my face go somewhat numb for about a week. Interesting experience but sucked missing two days of work because of it.
  7. Salutations.

    Not sure if I do remember you Nikkia. Might just be a different name or it was in passing on the last site. But we'll get to know each other more here I'm sure! Acky! Yeah, I basically gave up on keeping consistent updates since the few times I do, not a single person will respond, like about the head injury I had about two weeks ago? Some liked my new car, mostly because my mother posted about it, and her new car so her friends commented. I guess I fail at posting on Facebook with interesting things to actually get replies.
  8. Salutations.

    Hey ya'll! Val dragged me here, though I'd planned to sign up again yesterday but due to being at work and all, it didn't seem like such a hot idea to do it then. So I had planned to sign up once I got home, and completely forgot... So I'm getting older and my memory stinks at times. But I'm one of the oldies that Val, Nef, especially Ack, and others would remember me. Considered using my more recent username here instead, but changed my mind since I haven't used Izanami in years, and wanted to use it again. So hi! Not sure what else to say here, though hopefully not everyone has forgotten me in my failure to stay active on the last site. And can I go back to being a Graduate even though I haven't been active in recent times? Please?