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    writing, reading (I love Poe and all things horror), head banging to my music, terrorising people by talking them to death.. because I can yak :] studing my favorite historical eras and video gaming.. I also like photoshopping photos :]

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    I have quite a few, ranging from horror to Yaoi
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    I don't really mind any post lenghs, since I can write both long and short :]
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    Sepiroth Anramath Silencia (yeah, that's when heck of a long name :] )
  1. sorry it took me so darn long to reply.. I'll try to get on more often but I've being so busy :] and if it's okay with you, I'd like the Angel please :]
  2. I like it! I'm game for that :] and I also know who I'm gonna bring, I'll start getting him ready :]
  3. okay! I've narrowed it down to two of my characters :] and in terms of plot, I was thinking that maybe it could have something to do with Angels/demons or humans/vampires.. maybe a war or something like that, or maybe the world could be ruled by Demons or vampires and the humans or Angels could be the underdogs trying to rebel in order to gain their freedom? :] my ideas aren't that good thus far, but I'll see if I can figure out some more to! :] I look forward to hearing your plot ideas :]
  4. Hi! sorry it took me so long to reply :] I like Gothic/dark, dark fantasy and historical the best :] if I had to pick just one though, I'd say gothic :] I also think doing a plot would be good, so I totally agree.. also, I like the idea of having a volitle/ terburlent relationship.. it makes it way more intresting :] and I'm totally fine with graphic, since I also RPG that way with some of my buddies :] and awesome! now, would you like to pick an Uke for your seme (since I have quite a few of them) or shall I pick depending on our plot and things? also, is there any type of picture you'd like me to use? I.E anime or realistic, because I don't mind :]
  5. Hi everyone :] sorry it took me so long to reply.. my internets being acting up.. *groans* HerculeHastings, it's nice to find people with similar tastes! I think my favourite visual Kei band must be Versailles- I'm a sucker for their outfits to :] And thanks, Seanzilla! It's nice to meet you :] Hi Erogenous Enigma, nice to meet you :] I must admit, I find Near a little weird.. I must admit, I rarely watch Anime in English, I always have the Japanese dub.. but that's just to keep me limber with my own Japanese- and I must admit that some of the English actors are just as good as the Japanese.. I've never watched a live action of an anime before, I have to admit :] Well hi, Wstfgl! Thanks for the welcome and it's nice to meet ya! :]
  6. Thanks, Trinity! nice to meet you :] I have no idea what a logarithm is, so it's a good thing I'm not a math's teacher :] I'm hopeless at maths so it's a REALLY good job I have no career asperations with the subject :] I've never read the Elfen lied manga (though I've always tried to get around to it :]) I thought Another was a little slow intill the first death and then it seemed to pick up the pace.. I like all of Nightmare's stuff, my most favorite song of theirs is 'Nothing you lose..' I also like Yoko Kanno's stuff- even though she's a composer.. I'm not sure if she sings :] I also like KOKIA, Golden Bomber, Kannon Wakeshima, Mai-Hime (though I've only got one song from them), BUCK-TICK and Origa.. there's a few others but they're the main ones I like...I also like Anime and Video game osts :] okay! I'm also quite busy so I don't mind crawling speed :] also bare with me because I'm in the UK so my timezone's kinda lame when it comes to RPing :]
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! thanks for the welcome, DragonGuard, Demonic gate, Solynne Sky-Seeker and Ice :] Helix and Morita Moe, my favorite Anime's must be.. Death note (Light, Teru and Mellow rule!), Red garden, Ghost in the shell, Shiki, Shikabane hime, Another, the Doc Hack series, Beserk, Elfen Lied and Hellsing.. in terms of Anime movies, I like Spirited Away :] and I do also listen to Japanese music, from J-rock to J-pop.. which is a little strange considering I don't like many English pop songs :] it's always nice to meet more Anime fans! :] And yeah, after over 100 RPGs and years worth of borderline character obession I began to realise my boring ways :] it took long enough but what the hey! I got there in the end :] and thanks Raine Bell and Helix, I'll be sure to come to you guys if I need help (and I might just have to take you up on your RP offer! if that's okay? )- and hopefully not bug you to much :] hi Dis! it's cool that we have the same intrests and thanks! I could do with a lotta help :] it would be awesome to do an RP with you! it's nice to meet you all and thanks again for the welcome! :]
  8. Hi, I'm Noir! but you can call me Yumi if you like :] so what about me..? hmm.. well, I've being RPing for over two years- though I have little confidence due to my mild dyslexia in terms of my RPGing ablilities- I have a cast of over 120 characters and they tend to pop up in any RPGs I do.. so I guess I'm a little boring because it's quite rare that I'll create a new character, and I have my favorites :] I like dark RPGs, horror, asylums, dark fantasy, gothic, thriller, anything with vampires, demons and angels :] I also like Yaoi and mainly use a male cast of characters.. I like doing Uke/subservant roles the best but I also like anti heros and tragic villians.. as well as evil characters, but I'm most inclinded to have Uke characters.. many of my own characters have interchangeable roles depending on the RP :] the only thing I don't really like is girls romance- I find it hard to RPG as a girl.. I hope this intro's okay and I don't mind moving/ eleaborating the RPG part of my intro to the Roleplay Classifieds area :] what else about me.. I like-no, I love Anime and heavy rock.. all forms of rock but mainly heavy :] it's nice to meet you all!