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  1. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Cat Name: Cat Available Times: During the weekdays I'm available around 5 to 10 p.m. EST time, and around noon to midnight on weekends. Post Length: Usually anywhere from three to six or seven paragraphs. Post Frequency: At least once a day for the most part, but usually more. RP Preferences: Fantasy and post-apocalyptic are fun, but I'll try nearly everything. Contact Details: PM. If we start a roleplay, I don't mind giving my yahoo messenger for convenience.
  2. It'll be an adventure

    I think I'll take your advice this time on that Pain. Dog just doesn't sound as cool. Nice to meet you Enigma!
  3. It'll be an adventure

    Hey Seanzilla! I happen to be a dog person myself, rather ironically as to my name, but hey what can you do?
  4. It'll be an adventure

    Don't worry Pain, unless you're thrilled about constantly saying just one more episode to yourself and realizing what was meant to be a half hour turned out to be three, you're not missing all too much. It's nice to meet you!
  5. Hey there! You may call me Cat, or any sort of variation of those three letters that suits you. I've been role-playing for about four years and I'm open to almost any genre, but my favorite is usually fantasy. I'm a bit of an anime and manga geek, and I take Japanese as one of my school classes, so the culture interests me as well. Besides that I love drawing and video games, especially the Zelda series and I still have a love for the old Sega and Super Nintendo. I'm sorry if I come off as a bit rigid right now, but I really look forward to getting to know you all, so thanks!