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    Outgoing; trying to make up for my lack of self confidence
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    anime, Nicholas Cage, jelly beans, bubble wrap, and drawing. I'm a girl but I usually rp guys.

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    slow - short/ but I'm trying to improve.
  1. Here comes a new dork-lenger!!!

    What's a dork-lenger? Hello, dandanni, welcome to Surreality-rp. I'm quite new here myself (like a week ago)
  2. Black To Earth

    * tips hat* In my roleplay, we won't be playing any vampires in terms of Twilight Saga, and I'm sure many races of elves would be insulted by the sparkles comment.
  3. Black To Earth

    Also, I'm kind of sick of how in every RP or fanfic I've ever read, humans are portrayed as the most boring/and or most weak of intelligent creatures. So in this rp, regular humans can have powers and stuff too.
  4. Black To Earth

    Liike this rp would be a physical interpretation of how I visualize what the Students go through here at surreality-rp. A bunch of insane, 'surreal' things happen and everything seems to try to kill your character, and all your character wants is just to graduate!
  5. Black To Earth

    I was expecting the school to have various houses that try to kill each other when the school faculty isn't looking.
  6. Black To Earth

    A humor role-play inspired along the lines of Night Vale, Futurama, Game of Thrones, Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Scott Pilgrim, The Blackwater Gospel (youtube), and Homestuck. The main theme for this role-pay is; 1. Survive in an insane world full of anarchy and chaos. 2. Make your character as ridiculously unique compared to the others even if it doesn't make sense. and 3. Everything that doesn't make sense might make sense in this role-play. Physics doesn't exactly work in this role-play, and if and when your character dies, they can come back at any time. This role-play was created so anyone can alleviate their boredom- especially me because I easily get bored. We can use inside jokes and ideas from other places even if it sounds cheesy. The whole point is to make this role-play completely insane, so feel free to add something funny you found on the internet like Tumblr or Reddit. Don't comment something like 'OHH you got that from Tumblr' or 'you got that from Night Vale'. IT'S A FAN-FIC ROLE-PLAY MASH UP. Just act like it's completely original, and be happy. I was going to make this pg-13 but I felt that since this role-play is an 'anything goes' role-play, I'd let people add a dose of yaoi in here too if they want.This role-play goes along the terms of Cody Lyoko where all of our characters attend a boarding school but crazy shit happens and it is haunted so you can hear screaming and sounds of demons at night. Many different species of creatures and aliens live here. Also, the kids go to this abandoned building where they have a high tech virtual reality and the main villain in the virtual world is able to harm children in the real world. Fun stuff. The boarding school is called Black Sands Academy, and has grades 6-12. The town the school in is in the middle of the desert near Area 51 called Black Sands. The 'news' from The can be reality for our characters' world. Also, the town they live in has a large cult that worships the glowing flying cloud in the night sky.So, when reading the role-play, whether or not you are apart of it or not, just sit back and let your imagination go wild.When creating a character, you can have as little information as you want. The only required fields are the ones with stars on them. Since I come from a website that had a group of thirty role-players all in one role-play, I'm used to role-playing in large numbers. If you want to join, just ask ^_^ . If accepted, you will create your character based on the template I provide here:-------**CHARACTER NAME: Gender: (Male) (female) (both) (asexual) (other) (none)Description:Any other information:also, when creating a character I advise you to put at least one physical/mental disability or personality flaw.--------That's all you really need.It will be opened in the Student forum when all players are submitted and approved. I will open it with the beginning setting, and we will start from there.
  7. The Typical Tavern

    Sounds like fun.. I might join :D I'd surely be an elf with too much self esteem, who flirts and ends up getting beaten up or something
  8. @Ice; I want to be active, but I have a hard time latching on to new website communities. I'm probably going to start with a rather crappy role-play and then slowly get more advanced and make more interesting role-plays as I stay here. Starting out with such a complex role-play will make me procrastinate in my posts and avoid answering. Also, I haven't looked at the Swarm Mystery 2 game at all-- though I did take a look at the Magic The Gathering Mafia iii or whatever it was called. I thought of joining but I want to get started with my first R-P before I start anything else.
  9. Also, @Hercule; Here's another gif in that series it's so addicting.
  10. Oh my gosh I'm so messed up right now I've been playing Slender since like 4 in the morning.
  11. Nef just stares at WSTFGL who just fainted. "awkward.." (Also, I'm starting to have this little theory that if Dissonance's character was either a girl or a secretly gay boy, that he'd be tsundere for my character.)
  12. Nefarian ponders to himself as the lot of people in the room seem to misunderstand Nef. Surely, these people would have been more respectable- even towards beings that exist beyond their mortal senses ( cough cough Dissonance cough). Not mentioning anyone in particular though. Mortals trust their sight sense the most, so Nef decided he should show himself if he is to make his official introduction. No worries! Nefarian, bent the molecules of light in the room, and in the blink of an eye appeared so these people could see him. ( this is my account character, ooc, but also might be used in RP) Nefarian had teal hair in a short but unkempt style and teal feline eyes. His ears were fins with three spikes. Nefarian looked to be 18-20 years old. His skin was pale but not without colour. It seemed to emit light, but that was because he was using the light to physically show himself. On his neck, he has three gills. His nose shape infers that he may be descendent of the Earthly far-eastern hemisphere. Nefarian wore a plain white t-shirt with a collar low enough to see the sharp v shaped nook of his collar bone. His trousers were baggy grey jeans with chains atatched to the pockets. The look on his face was unfriendly, but he seemed to show his emotions by radiating them from his body instead of showing them with his expressions. This was because he came from a place that beings didn't rely mostly on sight. He floated one foot above the floor of the room, and speaking as clear as day, he says hello. When he opened his mouth, one can notice he has teeth like Grell. He continues before they could say anything, " I am Nefarian. You can call me Nef, if you want. When I said I don't exist, I meant that I exist beyond your senses. You see, I'm not from this dimension, I come from a place called the Void. Before anyone I give anyone in particular takes the initiative and makes a snide comment, no I don't plan going back to where I came from. That's why you couldn't see me at first. Understandable. No harsh feelings at all. In my Void form I have a lot of power, but it seems that the more materialized I am in this world's form, the less power I seem to have. " He pauses, allowing anyone to make a comment. His gaze rested on Dissonance, but the look in Nef's eyes made it seem as if he were seeing straight through the guy. ( on a side note, Nef refers to himself as a 'he' even though his gender is unknown. In the Void all beings could reproduce no matter what gender) (another side note, I haven't played WoW since Burning Crusade, and I never played that boss) to Wstfgl; Dude don't even get me started on anime. I love your gif signature- it's so amusing. That's why I love KLK :D I also like Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, AO Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Durarara, Cowboy Beebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Naruto Shippuuden, Tegami Bachi, Fairy Tail, Death Note, Wolf's Rain, Wolf Children, Code Geass, Inuyasha, and bunch of Miyazaki movies.
  13. Hello citizens of Surreality. I am a creation of The Void. The place of non existence. That's right, I don't even exist. I shall allow you to think of me as an imaginary bloodthirsty fiend friend. But don't think this means you own me- heavens no! In fact, as we get to know each other, it may come across your mind the fact that I, your imagination, own you. But before we get down to business, I must introduce myself. One of the first things you would have noticed about me is my account name. You might assume I will go by this name, and you may even shorten it. Of course! Why not? But I can give you a list of alternative names I respond to: - Nef - Nefelle - Nefari - Neffy - Nefar - Nfrn - Nairafen - Neffles - Nefson - Neffington - 'N' The list goes on, but I'd prefer you all to address me as your Ultimate And Unquestionable Ruler. Just a suggestion, tho, no biggie BOW DOWN YOU FOOLS cough cough hairball Next, I would like to give some more information about myself. Being a creature of The Void, I create things, I draw. I'd like to think I am a good artist, but that may not be your point of view. I'll respect you as long as you respect me. My gender is irrelevant. You don't need that information to enjoy my acquaintance. What do I like doing? Besides art, I like orbiting the sun, eating chocolate, watching anime, sacrificing a horse to pagan gods and worshiping Nicholas Cage while using the glue I made from the horse to stick heart shaped butcher paper cut outs to his portrait- and I can do all of those at the same time. I'm the boss when it comes to multitasking. Over all, I'd like to thing I'm relatively normal. But enough about me. What about you guys :D