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    Role playing, sleeping, reading, writing, eating, living, bouncing, dying, fishing, being strange, writing long lists, filling out my profile with strange things, being immature, being a blob, being a human.

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  1. Greetings, Fellow Role Players.

    Thanks for the kind greetings you have greeted me with which greets me with greetings. C:
  2. dumb shit noia made

    Ah, I envy your skills within art. Some magical pieces of art here! Lovely~
  3. What are you listening to?

    I am currently listening to When I was your Man - Bruno Mars. Listening to random pieces of music from Pandora Radio cuz #yola granny swag.
  4. Glory and Gore

    Glory and Gore A short story. Running. It was all he ever done, all he ever accomplished, all he ever knew. Running for the freedom he desired, the independence that came closer by each day. It all started by the note -- the words forged delicately with pen onto paper. The words that would forge his existence and craft his fresh haven. Hopefully. Beads of sweat rolled from his head and trickled onto the gravel which moved rapidly below him. His legs stung with discomfort and his arms flailed by his sides. Just another couple of minutes. The moon shone a soft white glow on the boy as he ran, his pace slackening with each second as the pain grew stronger. In the distance he could hear the menacing echoes of a wolf wailing into the night sky. He shuddered, trying his best to wash away the fear that clenched his body. The pain in his legs grew to a climax and his knees buckled abruptly. He fell to the ground, skidding through the gravel below and landed head first in a cluster of bushes. He whimpered as his legs turned numb and his hands started to bleed from grazes. Another moan escaped his feeble lips. Why did he always have to push himself to the limits? The wolves were close now, their wails much closer, shattering the silence which the darkness had carried. He pushed against the ground – a sheer attempt to reclaim a standing position. He struggled to get to his feet, clawing at the ground as he shuffled his feet closer to his torso. The youngster spotted a nearby tree which he gripped for support as he finally came to his feet. The howling beasts were now here, encircling the boy, sneering viscously. The kid made no movement except for a shudder from the cold. Wouldn’t this be interesting? His eyes flashed a dark yellow, illuminating the darkness around him briefly. He turned around slowly, the pain washing away as his head cocked to the side, a sharp crack in the neck was released. The animals pounced, swiftly with paws outstretched and claws on end, sharp with dry blood plastered over the talons. Horrible animals with matted fur and eyes the colour of the moon. Wait… these were no ordinary animals. The boy chuckled as his body shuddered and the surroundings around him rippled away, darkness enclosing him temporarily before a new surrounding appeared before him. He fell to the ground, gasping as he put a hand to his chest, spluttering blood. He hated doing that; it drained every sort of energy he had. Comments would be greatly appreciated. :D
  5. Greetings, fellow role players of this current plane of existence known as Earth, I am dragonborn99, a real life blob which loves to hibernate in people's hairs. Oh no, I am not the ordinary lice which lays juicy eggs in your hair, I am an almighty blob which loves to sleep! You may not of heard of my wonderful species, as I am too wonderful to be recognized. A bit about me? I take interest in role playing and meeting new people, reading books, going to school and writing stories and entering them into competitions. I am Australian and I met Batman in real life and we ate hamburger's together... Anyways, I should cut this one brief, I have gotta go save the blob dimension!