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    The Ultimate Dragon.
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    Role playing, sleeping, reading, writing, eating, living, bouncing, dying, fishing, being strange, writing long lists, filling out my profile with strange things, being immature, being a blob, being a human.

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    It depends on the RP.

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Greetings, fellow role players of this current plane of existence known as Earth, I am dragonborn99, a real life blob which loves to hibernate in people's hairs. Oh no, I am not the ordinary lice which lays juicy eggs in your hair, I am an almighty blob which loves to sleep! You may not of heard of my wonderful species, as I am too wonderful to be recognized.


A bit about me? I take interest in role playing and meeting new people, reading books, going to school and writing stories and entering them into competitions. I am Australian and I met Batman in real life and we ate hamburger's together... 




Anyways, I should cut this one brief, I have gotta go save the blob dimension!