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  1. Waifus

    alright, will edit. I was just confused which one i should go by. Whoops
  2. Waifus

    [Post is after introduction] Kaoru was running down the streets, leaving from his first day to high-school. He had been wearing a white button-down shirt, with the top 3 buttons unbuttoned, and frills and either side of them. He had a rose pinned onto his shirt, with a small bit of chloroform in the centre. His extremely blond hair was swept to the left, kept out of his extremely blue (and beautiful) eyes. Before he managed to get home, he saw a girl on the sidewalk being held against her will by another girl with a katana. He had forgotten the other girl's name, just remembering that she too was in The Game. "Let me guess, newbie?" Kaoru assumed, mostly by the fact that she had a katana pressed against her throat "Yup, just explaining how it works to her." Kaoru himself had been put into this "Game" about a 3 months ago, when someone noticed he had a crush on Hayoto, whom he met about 4 months ago at a bus stop, then proceeded to flirt with him, steal his phone, find his phone number, and then return the phone claiming Hayato lost it. They'd been friends, as in they'd occasionally talk to each other or visit each others houses, since they've met. "Well, good luck, whoever you are!" He told the girl, and he started skipping back to his house.
  3. Waifus

    Ooo, I'm gonna join! Name: Kaoru Kintoki Age: 15 Appearance: Teddie from Persona 4 Personality: He's pretty stupid, but can be really charming. He often just tries to be friends with everybody. He cares about his style and looks more than most other things. Bio: He was born and raised in Japan, living with only his mother and older sister. Because of this, he's always cared a lot about his looks and style. He attended school, like any other child, but wasn't bullied that often. When he was, he would just charm the bullies, making them give up bullying, or, in extreme cases, even turn them gay. Abilities/Skills: Charm: He tries to charm his opponents to distract them for a small amount of time. RoseBu-: He makes the opponent smell his rose, coated with chloroform, to knock them out Ice Shards: He fires a shitload of pointy ice at his opponents. Like, a lot of ice. Miscellaneous: He met Hayato at a bus stop and thought he looked cute. He proceeded to constantly hit on him, but it didn't really work. He did get his phone number though (by "borrowing" his phone for the day and then returning it) , so that's a plus.
  4. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Once Marok noticed the two wolves leaping towards him, he grinned. "Perfect Timing." He unsheathed his second dagger, and concentrated for a moment. The whole world seemed to slow down around him, as if he was the only one who could move normally. He leaped into the air towards the wolves, and threw his first dagger right into the wolf's eye socket. When he landed, he swiped up from under the second wolf, instantly slicing through most of it's vital organs. To anyone else, the whole occurrence appeared as though he was moving at speeds that seemed impossible, as though it were over in an instant. "Your turn Meis."
  5. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Seeing the wolves circling them, Marok quickly unsheathed his daggers. He held them at his side, ready for combat. Watching them carefully, he saw the wolf jump towards Meis. Marok ran to the side of the wolf, and swiped at it's side, the dagger going through the whole left side of the wolf. When it was whimpering on the ground, his plunged his dagger into his heart. "One down, five to go."
  6. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Marok had noticed the time, and decided it was time to stop practicing and head out. Passing through the town, he decided to buy a loaf of bread and put it in his satchel incase they got hungry. He headed towards the north gate. "Hey." He said to his companions as he arrived, accompanied by a nod. He had a cloak on, and some leather armour. At his side, he had two small sheathes, each holding one of his daggers. "So, you all ready to head out?" [Edit: Woo, new page]
  7. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    "Well, considering I've lived here my whole life, I'm pretty sure I know the woods." Marok rebutted. "Besides, if we head out at night, I know where we can find lanterns, y'know, incase you're afraid of dark." He was trying to get on his nerves to see how he responded. He acted like he was so wise, being the the eldest in the group, and Marok absolutely hated that. He just wanted to see him fail when he headed out by himself. He turned back towards the rest of the group. "So, if we leave in, say, 6 hours, we should be able to make it right after sunset. Before that, we should rest up and make sure we're prepared for the task ahead of us."
  8. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    "Hmm? Oh, I've already ate, and I don't drink often, so I'll pass." He told the barmaid. "I was more interested in the thing with the wolves. I was just waiting for those two to finish speaking to Kote." He looked over at Aria, and grinned. Marok himself wasn't that old either. He was only 15, but he's been able to live by himself since his mother had died when he was only 13. When Kote walked back over, he asked him, "So, where're these wolves at? I could use the money, and I'm fairly skilled with a dagger..."
  9. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Marok was in his backyard, practicing with his daggers on some practice dummies. He had been practicing for the past hour and a half, and decided it was time for a break. "I'm getting a bit peckish..." He said to himself, as he sheathed his daggers. He went over to the kitchen, and realized he ran out of bread. "Gah..." He had to go into the market to get some. He got to the stand, and told the person running it that he wanted 3 loaves of bread. "That'll be 4 gold coins." Marok handed him the money, and started walking back to his home, when he noticed a new paper on the notice board. Under his breath he read the sign. "Adventurers willing to dispatch of these wolves will be payed handsomely? Well, I could use the money..." He ran home, ate lunch, and went to the inn. He had seen the 3 others already there, so he decided to wait for them to finish. Perhaps they're going to try and dispell the wolves too...
  10. G First Day of Class - This role Play is open to any and all.

    "What's the 'Fast-Trac-". Her questioning was cut off when she noticed the door open and two others stepped inside. "Erm, who are you two?". Before she got an answer, another ran into the room, this one familiar. "Alec, what the hell are you doing here?!" "I need you for a moment, if it's alright with your three little friends here." It was her step-brother Alec. He's 19 years old, about 5'6, and rather muscular in build. They'd been siblings since he was 6, so they've known each other most of their lives. "Alright..." She stood up and walked out of the door. "So, what do you need me to do?" "We need someone to trace this IP, it's important." He handed her a slip of paper with the IP written on it. "Couldn't you have gotten someone else to do it... I'm at school, if you noticed." She had been rather savvy with computers, and figured she'd use it to learn hacking. White hat, of course, although she could lean towards gray hat sometimes. "Did you bring my laptop?" "Right here." He handed her the bag. Amy took it and opened it. "Alright, I'll work on it... In the meantime, don't mess anything up." She sat on the floor and started to trace. After about 4 minutes, she wrote down the address and handed it to Alec. "In the mean time..." She started doing something, and in a few minutes, she told him. "Done! You're now going to school here. "God Amy..." "Call me Ryan. Anyways, I wonder what's going on in the teachers lounge..." She got onto the cameras and started looking through. When she hit the entrance camera, she noticed something strange. She flipped backed to it, and realized that there were windows there that hadn't been there previously. "The hell?! Alec, come over here and look at this." He checked the computer. "There weren't windows there before, were there?"
  11. G First Day Discussion

    might actually post. best when fueled by staying up for 35 hours.
  12. G First Day Discussion

    Can't stop procrastinating... I had most of my post typed up, but for some reason, my computer crashed and it erased it. I still haven't gotten back to it. Spoilers: It involves windows and cameras.
  13. G First Day Discussion

    I've been sodding off for about 3 weeks because summer vacation. I'll try to be more active, and I'm also coming in with a new character next post. I thought it might spice things up, and I like having more than one character.
  14. [Discussion] Corporate Heroes

    Considering there's no closed tag on this, maybe, possibly, I could join into this? Once I know for sure, I'll put up a character sheet. Edit: Second time I started a new page. Woo woo
  15. G First Day Discussion

    Oh yes, I have a master plan, I'm fine with being called T1R, it's quite nice. And I'm aware this isn't the average school RP. Well, allons-y