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  1. Any takes on an urban fantasy style RP?

    I love the urban fantasy genre! And the concept sounds great!
  2. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Lightgrave Name: Light works. Available Times: Early Morning/Late night PST is the most reliable. I will probably be online at othertimes during the day but I might be getting a job soon so that will affect my availability. Post Length: A medium length. Depending on your style I'm fairly flexible. Short, fast paced rps can be fun with the right person, same as very long posts with a good partner. Post Frequency: Normally I at least check my rps once a day- again its very partner dependent/ style depenedent. More frequent posts if its a shorter format, fewer with a lengthier format RP Preferences: Genres - Sci-fi, Fantasy, Steampunk especially, Dystopian worlds, Post apocalyptic worlds Ideas I'd like to explore - Underdogs, Warring gangs, AIs vs Humans, Embodiments of concepts (Romance, Virtue,Deceit ) Disclaimers- I'm not currently interested in doing detailed mature sexual situations- I find its too hard for some people to continue thinking like their character and not as themselves. If you think a sexual situtation is necessary for the plot, we can discuss that at the time. I'd just rather skirt around having an rp that has a general focus on sex. Contact Details: PM works, If it gets indepth or complex I might share my skype.
  3. Any takes on an urban fantasy style RP?

    I'd be really interested in this if you still have room! Please let me know if you do!
  4. Hello Hello!

    Thanks TriOctium! That's very much appreciated! And if I remember how this works I can still participate and use the resources in the student forums as a Graduate ^^.
  5. Hello Hello!

    Oh don't worry, I'm not scared. I will definitely look into roleplay discussion and such- thanks for all the welcomes ^^
  6. Hello Hello!

    Ice: I like a LOT of genres. Post-apocalyptic, dysptopian and steampunk settings are my faves. In terms of what I don't like... hmmm. I'm big into celebrity fandom rps- I feel that its really hard to roleplay as a celebrity effectively when their public image is not necessarily how they would act when not in front of a lens or a journalist. HH:To be honest I don't even remember what avatar I used at that point- I probably went through a couple! And yes your name does look familiar so I did probably see you around! Its nice to feel like I know some people at least, if just an inkling!
  7. Hello Hello!

    Solyeuse: Aw don't be shy! I unless I scared you off, then feel free to be distant. ._. also sorry. Wstfgl: Duly noted sir. Duly noted.
  8. Hello Hello!

    Nice to meet you Ice! And half the excitement of rediscovering the site is meeting new people! :D
  9. Hello Hello!

    It's totally fine if you don't remember me from S*T! ( mostly because my writing was extremely lacking back then so I don't mind if you can't really remember ) I'm just glad to rediscover this site! :D Thanks for the welcoming from both of you! :D
  10. Hello Hello!

    Hi all! I used to be a part of these boards when it was Surreal*Twilight but that was a loooong time ago. ( I went by the handle Fraying back then but I rarely use it now) I was graduated but I'm thinking of going through the student process again just to refresh my skills- I haven't been roleplaying while in University so I need to get back in the swing of things! Feel free to ask me questions, give me advice or whatever else you feel like doing! :D Chatter away!