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  1. Untitled H/C - Alisyn x heatherroneous

    Blarggghhh, I just got back, and now I'm sick, and I'm travelling again this weekend... not sure when I'll get around to this. Ok to hang in there for me?
  2. Celebration Thread

    My baby did really well on the plane. He also started saying "Dad," "Daddy," and "nine" (which I think means "night" as in "night-night" since he says it a dozen times in a row every time). We also finally saw our sleep specialist, who gave us a plan to help baby sleep better. Whew! Also there is a small chance I might be pregnant again, which would be amazing!
  3. Searching for new roleplays

    I am NOT good at making decisions, lol! Hm... what about a victorian horror story? I don't have anything in particular in mind, though. :]
  4. Untitled H/C - Alisyn x heatherroneous

    I have part of a post written, but I've been busy trying to prepare for my trip... Sorry it's taking so long!
  5. Untitled H/C - Alisyn x heatherroneous

    Waaaah you're so good. :o
  6. Celebration Thread

    Good luck, ack! That's exciting. *apparently I'm a big fan of the word "exciting."
  7. Untitled H/C - Alisyn x heatherroneous

    Aww, that's alright! Take your time. :)
  8. Celebration Thread

    We're getting a babysitter tonight for the first time ever! I'm excited. Ten months of being attached at hip to baby, while adorable and fun and wonderful, has made me crave adult time. So tonight we're going to put the chunkster to bed and then a friend's teenage daughter will come hang out at the house while we go see Captain America. Exciting!
  9. Untitled H/C - Alisyn x heatherroneous

    I love it!
  10. Potential rp ideas. Interesting or lame?

    Hi! I'm looking to graduate too. Maybe we can help each other out? I was hoping to discuss idea #5 with you. I like it, but it does seem like a lot to keep track of with all the different beings roaming about (presumably) looking to hurt, maim, torment, or kill the boring little humans. I wonder where another character(s) would fit in, as well, but as open as the idea seems to be, it shouldn't be too hard to work them in. But I do really love the idea. I think it's brilliant and I'm very interested.
  11. Untitled H/C - Alisyn x heatherroneous

    I'm like that too, sometimes. I understand completely.
  12. Hiya!

  13. Untitled H/C - Alisyn x heatherroneous

    Ooh, there you go! Dirty scoundrel.
  14. Hiya!

    Oh, oh dear. Poor wst. *shakes head.*
  15. Untitled H/C - Alisyn x heatherroneous

    Haha! It is a bit posh. Maybe he comes from a well-to-do family. ;D