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    Rock music, arts and crafts, politics, history, computer games. Fandoms: homestuck, doctor who, supernatural(sort of, kinda disappoints me nowadays), marvel, dc, manga/anime (though mostly manga because reasons) and others, which I can't remember right now.

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    Action/adventure with supernatural/sci fi/fantasy elements involved, a good bit of drama, maaaybe some romance. Just, so long as it makes a good story that's not your regular bs like regular boyfriend/girlfriend or that shit, I'm down.
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    I respond as soon as I can and whether I type in long or short posts depends on my partner and the roleplay itself.

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  1. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    She nodded, her expression worried and uncertain, as she stood up "I need to go. I'll see you soon" she said before heading for the door and leaving.
  2. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    "I will... see what I can do" she replied, shrugging "But we mustn't be caught under any circumstance"
  3. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    "If you do that, I'd advise you to do it as a form of reconnaissance. It'd be best if you become familiar with the layout of the place before attempting to leave"
  4. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    "I see" she paused "Well, I can't speak from the perspective of someone who doesn't know anything about such an ability... I do commend you for your idea of entering the walls through writing on them. You should however think of what you can get away with while you're here though. The things you can have and the things you can't. You seem like a clever girl"
  5. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    "Isn't there any way to extend it?"
  6. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    "Hmm. You can travel through both books and electronic devices. But I suppose that would make no difference. How far can your connection to that medium extend?" she asked.
  7. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    "You should spend your time thinking. Think of every possibility, every chance to run away. Think of what everyone in here can and will do to you. Have a plan for every possible scenario. Be efficient. Be cunning. Pick your course of action wisely. That's what you should be doing" she said, looking at the ground.
  8. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    She frowned a little "I think you'd do more for him if you took care of yourself and kept yourself safe. He's strong enough to handle himself"
  9. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    She smirked "I think I do that enough as it is. But perhaps you'd be wise to take your own advice" she replied, leaning back in her chair.
  10. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    "Then I guess I should stop treating you like a child" she sighed with some relief "Good. It was really putting a cramp in my neck"
  11. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    She shrugged and looked away "I'm sorry. It's just... you usually look... fragile. Which is why I've trying to treat you so gently. To be honest though, it doesn't work for me. And I'm sorry for insulting you"
  12. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    She raised an eyebrow then moved the tray into her lap before moving over to sit on the chair "I'll stay here while you eat. That way if you're not able to, I guess I'll feed you. Plus it'll stop you from taking any more silverware"
  13. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    Some time later she returned with a tray of grilled chicken and steamed rice with vegetables, then set it down on the chair beside the bed and sat down next to Wisp "You don't look like you'll be able to eat yourself... Can you sit up?"
  14. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    She smiled somewhat "It's fine" before getting up and heading for the door "I'll bring you something to eat in a bit. Just stay here and don't move" she said before closing the door.
  15. 451 (The Wolf Among Us Roleplay)

    She nodded "Do you want me to bring you anything to eat, drink or, something else?" she asked.