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  1. Oh My Gosh!...Stop Pressing buttons! (Rp interest)

    Well.... I am interested in knowing what ideas you might possible have.
  2. Oh My Gosh!...Stop Pressing buttons! (Rp interest)

    Yeah, you're probably are right about that. Sometimes I don't create much of a story line.
  3. Okay! Now that horrific nightmare is over...You don't know true terror until your playing a game that shocks you by pressing a button. I look at half these editing tools and i'm all like " Yep.....I'm probably never going to use that one. What's this?" =o So being lost and weird, I decided to bug my friend. Let's just say she wasn't pleased with me. I actually wanted to post this thread last night but my friend pointed out that my dog looked sad, ignoring him was impossible at that point. It was nice, spent some well deserved time with my puppy. I mean I was truly excited to post this because I met so many nice people. I was all like I'm a dork but they still let me in! Woo. Then the wicked witch of east decided to show up at my house. -____- I should have gone all Cocaine Blues on her, take a line and shoot that bad bitch down. Now that my weird introduction to this is over, I think it's time to get down with my idea. It might be a cliche. Before I posted this anywhere else, I need to make sure this idea is even worth trying out. I spend most the night thinking about hopefully an interesting idea. It's going to be a time traveling based rp. With a few twists, I was thinking there wouldn't be a machine that sends this person back in time. It really depends on which was it goes. So I guess post both and see what happens. One more bit of information, not only with this have time traveling but vampires, werewolves, witches..Count Dracula. Extra information: There used to be 12 witches in total. Now there is only 2. Anthea, the good witches and Kaira, the dark witch. Basic plot: Red eyes glared dangerously out at the kingdom below, the skies dark and depressing.. Just the way Dracula liked it. Dark. Light wasn't his friend and he cursed the thought of his pale skin bathing in the sunlight. Luck him, out of the whole vampire race he was able to withstand the light's rays to a certain point. A slow death. A wicked grin spread on the dark king's face as fresh blood dripped down onto the street in front of the castle. It warmed his heart to see the rebel leader of the werewolves son's head on a stick. Even in the wolf form, the pain on the young wolf was plastered on his face. "What a shame." Dracula muttered, laughing quietly to himself. He licked the blood off his hand, cringing at the foul taste of werewolf blood. Dracula couldn't help but linger in thoughts about the past. Remembering the time he was friends with the werewolf king. Good friends indeed, they captured kingdoms together and showed pathetic humans their place. Showed opposing vampire and werewolf kingdoms who was boss. It was good times but something split them a apart, Anthena, a good witch. The werewolf fell deeply in love with her, it was all part of a play. She wished to get rid of the vampires. Most of all, Dracula. To her they were diseases that must be removed. She told the werewolf he was Dracula's counter part. Without him raising hell against the vampires, the world was out of balance. The king realized what she was saying and turned against Dracula ( who's to say there wasn't some magic involved to change his mind) (Cause I'm too lazy to finish the plot) Where this is going: Present time. Unknowing what the future selves of the witches would do, they sent two werewolves and two vampires. The werewolves are supposed to make sure Dracula is never revived, as you guess the vampires sent to revive him. Also to start a new army. The war goes on for many years until the two creatures end up killing each other off. The only creatures Anthea and Kaira created now destroyed, the earth began to heal itself. For years the two sisters argued about what should be put on this earth to make it so they weren't alone anymore. The first thing the created, sea creatures. Over thousands of years, they got bored with animals and started creating land animals. Dinosaurs. Time went by and the girls slowly changed the shape of dinosaurs. Enough was enough, they were fed up with animals and so began the struggle of creating something new. After a few months of fighting, the girls accidentally formed humans. They both liked the new creatures and started creating more. Of course, there was evil humans and good humans. So in present time I was thinking the girls forgot about sending the werewolves and vampires. So secretly they have been doing what they are suppose to. Vampire creating a new army and werewolves forming a secret group to fight the vampires. I was thinking about creating a character who is a cop, who some how gets dragged into this whole mess but he's got the edge to put the good guys a head. What do you think? Is it worth a try? I mean I haven't done a lot of group RP but it would be nice.
  4. Far from home...

    You want to.... claim me?
  5. Far from home...

    Birds...are..the best. Huh. I guess. Yeah, they kinda are.
  6. Far from home...

    OH MY GOSH! It's so cute!
  7. Far from home...

    Ah, the love for cats is a lonely life indeed. Ha :unsure: Thanks.
  8. Far from home...

    So I read you must have a good understanding of grammar? * Laugh nervously and hides.* It's not a perfect understand but I guess it's okay. To be honest it's never been one of my strong points, I've gotten better though. So moving on from that. I'm a random chick....My characters tend to be a little like me, which is bad. Very bad. My characters don't have a consistent personality; they can go from being happy to sad in mere seconds. I hate it. It something that needs to be worked on. What I mean by far from home... I mean it. Since a certain website called Tinnier Me shut down, there hasn't been a (in my opinion) good role playing website that sticks and keeps me interested. Then again literate writing was somewhat non-existing. There was one group that was a literate role playing, however that group was a bunch of sex-fueled snobs who only loved to put everyone else down instead of helping them. Like seriously they would come over to another group, start trashing talking us. As you can tell they were so nice... Some were. As I was saying, literate writing was non-existent, getting way with writing little to none was perfectly fine and it created... well people like me. In a sense. No one was there to try to push us to be better writers or understand the mistakes we made. There was a chick who wrote so bad I needed someone else to help me figure out what the hell she said. Dark times existed, my friends, dark times. Coming from that site to this site, makes me a somewhat nauseous. Not that it's this sites fault but other sites were bad. Gaia, for me was one of them. A lot of negative comments and thoughts shoved on to me, made me feel even worse about my writing. Some actually put me down again. My confidence level in writing is low. If you can't tell by my profile picture I'm a huge Naruto fan. Stayed caught up on the manga so I know what's going down recently. I love Tobimara, he's a total bad ass and a dick. Anything that has to do with that Anime/manga I'm game. I like other various fandoms and such. Certain things get on my nerves. Being asked a question multiple of times counts as getting on my nerves. I hate it. Don't do it! Calling me a lair or accusing me also pushes my buttons. Pretty laid back about things, for an example a person I might be role playing might not answer me for a year I'd still wouldn't be mad at me. I'd be upset and sad but those feelings go away pretty quickly. I love cats. So yeah. That's all I really have to say. Hopefully I can make new friends. Start up role plays, can't wait. You'll always be in Cthulhu's thought. Goodbye and have a good day or night. OR middle day. Noon.