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  1. I'm desperate to do an RP based on this.

    Yes! Sorry I didn't explain sooner. Honestly I think this song and the video could have so many different meanings, and I was t sure which idea I liked the most, (only needing each other, robbing each other of love to give, possibilities are endless). I did like it was an idea I have never used before and jay it was dark and dramatic, it was really new to me and that's why I wanted to RP it out and see where it could end up.
  2. I'm desperate to do an RP based on this.

    wahh, sadface. :( feel free to tweak ideas if this idea weirds you out. i feel weird, haha
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    I think that was the best thing I read all day, hahaha
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    I want a person :(
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    Yaaaay! I think? Hahaha
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    Yes, I am a she. And yes maryland is very expensive. But I still love it. ^_^
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    Maryland is a lovely state, :^_^:
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    Haha I'm not getting married yet. I wish D:
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    I don't know what that means but okay! Hahaha
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    I see molester is from Maryland. Me too!
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    It is me! *tackles* That's okay, I enjoy being the baby of the bunch ;)
  12. I don't know if anyone listens to them, but I am obsessed with the 1975 right now, and I am in LOVE with this music video. (if the link works)So. Would anyone be interested in roleplaying out this idea? (the concept, not the video exactly, haha)
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    Ahhhh hi! Everyone is so niceeee! Also I didn't know you were here too Alisyn! :D
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    I am new here! Also Pain sent me! I'm Beckett. :3