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  1. Hi guys!!!

    This one's cute.
  2. Hi guys!!!

    Cleopatra's a mouthful. I'll go with Cleo - it sounds more affectionate as well. totallynotflirtingatall Welcome to the latexonskintight-knit bunch of misfits.
  3. ...and it made me frown

    At first I read "9 hours with one of my least favourite people" like a hangout, and thought she must have very long nails. Then I realised you meant working shift. Either way, she founds so useful. <_<
  4. ...and it made me frown

    I hope this isn't an entry to "and it made me frown". D:
  5. ...and it made me frown

    ... Sheep in the Big City?
  6. hi.

    Hey, I just met you and this is crazy- I love your DP, so let's talk maybe!
  7. ...and it made me frown

    Can't be helped. Some people get butthurt over "no" like it's a hate letter.
  8. ...and it made me frown

    Tell them you have a bad case of flatulence the morning after you drink, especially when too excited. A friend of mine pulls that. No one wants to get up to a morning with the sound of 'prrt' in the same room for hours so it works like a charm.
  9. Herro Thar.

    Don't let the title fool you; I can spell just fine. Mostly, in the least - when I'm not half-dead with melatonin in my system or squinting my already small eyes as a result of losing my spectacles. But anyway, I've decided to post a thread to introduce myself after a few hours of registering (persuaded by Ice, my non-senpai). H'okay. How do we do this. Being a new member on a site, every time, feels like moving into another town, and this site resembles a small one with a tight-knit community. Everyone knows everyone, except the new kid whose role I'm now playing. I'd personally PM some senior/veteran roleplayers for tips and heads-up (along with an awkward and utterly robotic "Hello, I'm new."), but I'm afraid of stumbling upon someone with the patience of a senile old lady who beats new kids with her walking cane. So! Hello, hopefully-friendly-and-not-a-bunch-of-nutjobs-but-that's-fun-too people! I've just moved in and I don't know anything about witchcraft (yet) so don't set me aflame, okay? (Is this good enough, Ice?)
  10. Herro Thar.

    Couldn't hear Sean over my squee!
  11. ...and it made me frown

    Aye, sir. Quote, write, rinse and repeat I did. It becomes two posts strangely only if I wish to Edit, after only replying to one post. If I had quoted two posts before the first time I filed in my Post, it'd be just that. One post with two quotes. But if I, say, quoted HH, but forgot to quote Wst, decided I'd Edit my post and quote Wst right under HH's quote, it becomes two posts when I send. ... I'm not very good in explaining my own difficulties, am I?
  12. ...and it made me frown

    Last one for the day; it made me frown when I screwed up my quoting when all I was trying to do is merge my posts together. Much embarrassu.
  13. ...and it made me frown

    C'mon, senpai. I woke up just a few hours ago. My brain's still a happy baby coddled up in its warm blanket. That chunk of text was like a pail of Arctic waters.
  14. ...and it made me frown

    Probably becomes a tea party.
  15. Herro Thar.

  16. ...and it made me frown

    It makes me frown when I forget what I want to say after I successfully won someone's attention in a crowded place. Secondly, it makes me frown whenever someone asks me, "What's the point of life? Why do we live?" Me no gusta with philosophists like that - so I usually end up punching them, and become emo for being violent. I don't like violence. ; - ;

    ... Most of my relationships don't even last more than 6 weeks. :lol: Congratulations, much blessing.

    Wait. How long have you two been together?
  19. [Private] Poltergeist in My Bathtub

    He thought of leaving her be, because he hadn't been waiting for her. She wasn't .. Yet, the very idea of not gawking at a living person when she's right there before him was unappealing all the same. It would have been a waste of opportunity - what were the chances that he'd see another person in the future? What if, after this incident, he would truly be destined to spend eternity in solitude? He sat down next to the girl, feeling less than certain with his face turned towards her, cerulean eyes wide and peering at her. His shoulders face the front. Haruka wondered where she could be from; the uniform looked familiar. Then again, it was also generic. Growing frustrated with unease, he folded his arms and observed her up close. They waited until the rain let. // Pardon for the lack of words and tardiness of my reply. //
  20. For those of you who noticed that I've opened so many threads these few days, rest assured, it'll be the last thread I open .. for this week. - - - - - - - - - - - || Themes || Modern, supernatural, school, romance(, reverse harem). || Warning || Semi-nudity, poorly depicted textual jump scares, and taboo relationship between human girl and ghost boy. Possible exorcism if said ghost boy is irritating enough. Who knows. Read at your own discretion. || Plot || Set two years after the first season of 'Free!'. Ghost!Haruka is a spirit summoned whenever it rains in Iwatobi Town, disappearing whenever he stays away from water for too long - and strangely, it seems to be exactly what he wants; to be gone. During a school trip, Sayuri Hiroka gets separated from her team and seeks shelter in an abandoned chapel during a violent downpour. How will she deal with being haunted by a ghost who has failed in moving onto the other side? || Rules || This is a CLOSED thread. Madi (BlindxObserver) knows the rest of how this works. And that's all that's necessary for this to work. (I'm horribly lazy, I'm aware and I apologise.)

    THIS. ^
  22. [Private] Poltergeist in My Bathtub

    It was happening again. The feeling of hands; gripping onto his neck before they wring him. I should be used to this by now. Came the involuntary struggle for breath. For a brief moment, who he was didn't matter as the focus was all spent for the biting need to break away from the cold, unforgiving hands he couldn't even see - and he was the one who's a ghost! That's right. He opened his eyes, blue irises reflecting in a flash of light before he heard the angry roar of nature outside. His surroundings painted in black. His mechanism was suddenly kicked into full gear as panic attempted to overtake him. Haruka Nanase had learned to tame these trivial fears long ago out of obligations .. Easily getting up from one of the pews - he drifted over to the storage room on two feet, his body lighter than he was pre-mortem, finding the stray matchsticks he had placed together in a pile for his own convenience. He fiddled with one and rubbed at the phosphorus end with his thumb. In his mind, he saw red eyes and someone calling for his name. It echoed and sounded more distant, then came to a halt as he found himself back in the same old room. He heard a spider clinking its legs against a piece of hard material against the wall. Plastic? Paying the critter no mind, he exited the room just as quietly as he entered and headed out towards the pews. He was about to strike the flammable head against the scratchy wall when he felt a presence. It was impossible. Even if he had lost his sense of time, it had been forever since he saw another person. Crudely, he wondered if he was going out of his mind. Do ghosts drive themselves crazy, too? He turned to face the great empty space that was the hall and saw that it was already bathed in dim light from outside the storm, although, seeing how dark it was, he surmised that night fell. He saw a figure smaller than his standing on the dusty carpet between the benches. Pews. Whatever. His mind was in a buzz. He missed seeing people, but .. The lean male lowered his arm and gave it a thought before emerging from the hidden corner towards the girl. She was browsing around in confusion, it appeared, eyes - colours he couldn't see given the lighting - probably looking around, yet not seeing anything. He moved closer to her as silently as he could, and came nose to nose with her, a mere few inches between their heads. He really wanted to see her face - would she have those red eyes he couldn't stop thinking about? Amidst his obsession, he had dropped the matchstick next to one of the pews. It hit onto the carpeted floor without a sound. He exhaled sharply when he saw an ash colour instead of crimson. Haruka was disappointed; his already grim expression soured even more with the corner of his lips plunging down. He had forgotten, that though he was invisible, his still affected the space his body occupied. A wisp of cold air had teased her face.

    I declare her ky00test I've met here, not that the other ladies aren't cute. Seriously; that's moe.
  24. Ominous Omen?

    Well, you're blue .. You pay attention to everyone's birthdays? xD
  25. Ominous Omen?

    k. I see that I'm the only six-legged, poison-tailed nasty-nasty here. Good t'know I'm a solo man. :|