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  1. Boo~!

    Hello~! And thank you for the sweet welcome Bell^^ I'm glad to be here. And Seanzilla, don't worry I don't think you're a butt.
  2. Salutations.

    I figured you knew who I was. :D But sorry if I seemed like a stalker for minute there, hehehe. But yeah! I'm so into our rp. It's prefect. The perfect amount or comedy, romance and crazy shenanigans all around.
  3. Salutations.

    Draon!!! It me, Uwakimono~! I'm on here for the same reasons haha!
  4. Boo~!

    Please don't worry. I have no intentions on fighting you. I'm a girl, who has a boyfriend. I just love Uwakimono becuase he's the lead singer of my favorite J-rock band, $uG. But thank you so much for the welcome. I know that song. It's good, but I love Howling Magic, it's to die for~! I heart LM.C, My favorite songs are My favorite Mosnter and The Love Song. Sorry I went off on a fangirl moment. Thanks for the warm welcome and I will look forward to trying my best to graduate here and....college.
  5. Boo~!

    Hello world~! And all who inhabit it. I am your lovely friend Uwakimono. Not sure what that is? Well, I'll tell you. Uwakimono is Japanese slang for a player, or womanizer so to speak. It's derived from one of my favorite J-rock bands, $uG. Any who, I love to role play and on a scale of one to ten, I'd say I'm about a 7 when it comes to writing. My mother is a English professor, so I kinda know what I'm doing. If anyone wants to role play or anything, just shoot me a PM if you'd like. Go right ahead, I won't bite...well, maybe a little. ^_^ Thank you for reading this and getting to know me a bit little~!