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  1. [Private] Poltergeist in My Bathtub

    ...Something didn't seem right. She felt as though she was being watched, and although she couldn't see anything, she felt as if eyes were on her. Then, when she felt cold air dusting her face, it caused a shiver to run throughout her entire body. If that weren't creepy enough, to top things off, a bolt of lightening and a rumble of thunder suddenly sounded out. This almost caused her to scream, however, she clapped a hand over her mouth before she could. Well.. She could only hope that things didn't get any worse. She wrapped her arms around her shivering form as she wandered off deeper into the dark chapel. Each step was slow and careful, as to make sure she didn't step on, or trip and fall on anything. She continued to glance around with wide eyes, however she spotted some pews when lightening flashed through the window and illuminated everything momentarily. Making her way over to the pews in the back row, she took a seat. Might as well sit down for a little bit, she thought. They'll come looking for me, and they'll find me eventually..
  2. [Private] Poltergeist in My Bathtub

    It seemed to be just another ordinary school trip in the small town of Iwatobi. Or at least, that's what she thought. Despite the heavy rainfall, the fog, and the mud forming on the ground from the rain, Sayuri was having a nice time with her classmates. She just wished that the teacher could have at least checked the weather for that particular day, though, as the rainfall was quite bothersome. Oh well, it's not like it could be helped. She looked down as she walked, pale grey eyes watching as her shoes stepped in the mud. She seemed to be lost in thought, actually. However, a rumble of thunder and a lightening bold cracking through the sky caused her to look up... Where did everyone go?.. Frantically glancing around, trying to squint through the heavy rain and fog, her efforts proved to be useless. There was no use in yelling for them, either. There was too much noise for her to be heard. She would have gone to search, but it was particularly hard to see through all this. Another low roar of thunder made her jump, and she realized that there was really no way she could stay outside safely. Searching for the others probably wasn't such a great idea, either, as she didn't want to get even more lost. So, she did what, in her mind, was the next best thing- Seek shelter. Sighing softly to herself, she sluggishly trudged through it all, constantly trying to squint through the haze the rain and fog created. She really needed to take cover- She knew that anywhere was safer than where she was at at that moment. Which is why she almost jumped for joy at the sight of a large structure. Running carefully through the mud, she approached the building. "A chapel, huh?" She mumbled to herself. It seemed safe enough. Shoving open the doors, she stepped inside. It was dark, quiet-- the only noise was her shoes tapping against the floor-- and cold. This caused her body to tremble a bit from the chill. After all, her uniform was sopping wet, and the water from it dripped onto the dry floor. She reached a shivering hand up to brush her wet bangs from out in front of her eyes, letting her eyesight adjust to the darkness. It looked pretty abandoned.. Still. It had a creepy feeling to it, something seemed off. But, there were no such thing as ghosts, right? She didn't believe in them. It was probably just her imagination getting to her. What could go wrong? If only she knew. // Forgive any typos- I typed this terribly quick, but I proof-read it like, 50 times. xD Hopefully I caught everything that needed to be fixed. //
  3. Hello!

    Thanks! c: This website does look rather promising, haha. xD
  4. Hello!

    Hi there, everyone! I'm new here, obviously. ^^ Allow me to share a bit about myself; My name is Madi, and I've been rolelaying for (almost) 4 years. In the course of these four years, I think it's safe to say that my rolelaying skills have improved quite a bit! ^^ I'm still seeking improvement, though. Currently my roleplaying skills are anywhere from 1-3 paragraphs long. I'm really into reading, writing, roleplaying (that's why I'm here!), anime- All that fun stuff. I promise that I'm much more interesting than what that small list leads on... .n. I'd like to consider myself really friendly, unless given a reason not to be! It takes alot to upset me though, so no worries. I'm quite easy to get along with! Um.. I hope that was a good introduction post..? Maybe. xD Anyway, I hope to talk to and roleplay with some of you soon!