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  1. So I guess I'll start here!

    Heyya Salmane! Nice to meet you! Glad to not be newbie here today. XP
  2. Salutations.

    WST: No, haha. Kyo: No, I don't play that game. Dragon: No....just no for you. XD
  3. Salutations.

    Yup. XP Also, hello Raine. Pleasure to meet you. I'm your friendly neighborhood Draon.
  4. Salutations.

    I know who you are, Kimono. I noticed you stalking the thread earlier and expected you to reply. Enjoying the roleplay we've been doing btw. XP
  5. Salutations.

    ...I'm sorry, what are we talking about? I blacked out for some reason and suddenly their's a rude comment under my name on the page. Did I say something weird..? Nah nah, jk. I just don't like manning up something stupid I said. -_-;
  6. Salutations.

    ...Basics? Seriously? That's what annoys me honestly. I can understand that you guys want to keep a basis on decent detail and grammar in a roleplay, which I think is amazing by the way, but you don't need rules for every little thing. You can't actually tell me that you have guidelines on how to post a comment properly on a thread, do you? :/
  7. Salutations.

    So I chose the worst day to show up? XD How disappointing.
  8. Salutations.

    Yo, what's up? I'm your friendly neighborhood Draon. Rythem invited me to come check this place out, help her out with a roleplay. Thought it would be best to introduce myself, so this is me, saying hi. So, greetings, salutations, and hi. I enjoy Anime, roleplaying, and video games, usually rpgs or turned based strategy games like Golden Sun or Fire Emblem. Some of my closer friends call me senpai because of an inside joke. I am refered to as Chibi-senpai as well because there are times I turn into a chibi and bounce around like a little stuffed toy. I hope I can make a few good friends, I guess. Although I wasn't thinking about getting myself deeply submerged into this place, I'm probably going to. Hope I can entertain you guys enough. Oh! One more thing: I have a crazed aipom bouncing around in my head. His name is Jay Jay, and the best way to describe him is to look at Peanut from Jeff Dunham's ventriloquist act and put an aipom in his place. As I always say, good luck and happy roleplaying! ~Draon