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  1. Magical Trap?

    ... I did outline it though. Ugh. Maybe I should wait awhile before I play with this idea.
  2. Magical Trap?

    I would love having a character but I don't think a ring master should be getting into the action.
  3. Magical Trap?

    OH! I'm stupid, I know where the plot is going though it depends on the choices of the characters. Again, three different outcomes. (I thought you meant where I was gonna post the roleplay itself.)
  4. Magical Trap?

  5. Magical Trap?

    Maybe they have to fight NPCs to the death?
  6. Magical Trap?

    Maybe they should fight each other to the death for training. And yeah it does have at least three types of endings, the good, neutral, and bad ones but I dunwanna spoil the ending ._.
  7. I must say my interest is piqued! I'd love to try this out if there's still open spaces.
  8. Magical Trap?

    It's not a game. This is my ideas all pulled together into one story
  9. Magical Trap?

    That one isn't supposed to be there xD It's 5 not 15
  10. Magical Trap?

    Just a bit. xD And at the most 5 people, I may accept more if it's actually going good.
  11. Magical Trap?

    Well first the government implants these people with objects called 'offers,' they're things that woo one of the three gods who grant you the abilities. Karmics are the ability to summon one special creature using a remote device they give you. The device reacts with the 'offer' inside these people's bodies and allows them to summon these creatures to fight. Some of the creatures have been known to have powers and such. Olare is elemental, as in Water, Earth, Fire, or Air. Only one per one character. They can use the element in any way they choose. Tikola are body enhancements, as in you're faster, stronger, those kinds of thing. Again, only one enhancement but these are some things you can get creative with. --- They relocate because Planatarun is filled with people who have no powers. When you get these powers, you're being drafted into the army of a corrupt government without even realizing it. People who lived on Planatarun who were over the age of 17 at the start of the power enplanement were not involved in this, so this is why there are still children being born on Planatarun. Eventually it will be empty and destroyed. So Salova is pretty much a city full of people who will eventually be put out to a dangerous war. (Haven't thought out who they're against in said war but you know.)
  12. So I guess I'll start here!

    It's Anna from K Project
  13. Magical Trap?

    So I've had this idea for awhile and I really want to make it into a role-play. I need to work on the plot and stuffs but I still want to test it out... So if anyone's interested or has any ideas to add on I'd be willing to hear it... Here's mah Idea: "Alright; There are three basic magical powers that some people in the world obtain: Karmics, Olare, and Tikola. In this world, when you are born, you are born a human, and you grow up as a normal human in the Planatarun till you're 17. When you turn 17, you are prompted to join a corps known as the L.I.T.O. which is pretty much the magical government who gives you these magics for some odd reason. These Magics are pretty much their way of control. When they give you these powers, you move to the city Salova with your now implanted powers and are forced to live out your live." I know what the powers would do and I know what the cities look like but I don't know... Like I said: Volunteers or ideas please!
  14. So I guess I'll start here!

  15. Heyyooo! My name's Salmane Sokida. My friend Setsuna Scarlett sent me here when I said I was looking to start a roleplay. I've had this idea that I want to perfect so I was looking for people who wanted to join me in creating it when I actually post the idea... Anyways! I'm happy to be a member!