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  1. New Mascot - Poppy

    No, I'm afraid I'm not that Poppy. Though I can't say "afraid" from what I read on the lives of musicians. I think I'm rather glad I'm not that Poppy.
  2. New Mascot - Poppy

    A koala? I'm afraid I'm just a plain old human; nothing as adorable as a koala :(
  3. New Mascot - Poppy

    Excuse me, what do you mean? This wasn't a game. It actually happened! If you give me a moment, I could find where I wrote it in my diary...
  4. New Mascot - Poppy

    Oh, this? This would be my diary. I write in it everyday and tell him about what I do and the books I read. Just last week I summarized a book I finished reading not too long ago about a firefighter struggling to maintain his relationship with his childhood friend. Because she always worried about his safety, she tried to persuade him to find another career with less risk and more leisure time. At first, he agreed and researched many options but found that his passion remained in the noble and heroic path of a firefighter. But soon after his decision, the house of his childhood friend is suddenly engulfed in flames. His detail is quick to respond, but the girl is nowhere to be found. Against his comrades wishes, he plunges into the thick smoke and scorching flames in search of me. Despite having trouble breathing he calls desperately for me, "Poppy! Poppy!" "I'm here," I try to gasp, but the smoke is too much for me to be heard. As I crawl as far under the smoke as I can, I hear him call for me again. I put my sweater sleeve to my arm in an attempt to filter the air and so he can hea---
  5. New Mascot - Poppy

    Oh! Okay, great! Well, hello, Surreality! My name is Poppy and I was invited here by Seanzilla because, ahem, "we needed more cute girls here". I'm not sure how that would help this site at all... but I didn't see a reason not to help! After all, a community that's dedicated to creating and writing stories? I'd be silly not come!
  6. New Mascot - Poppy

    But... But you said...
  7. New Mascot - Poppy

    O-oh. Sorry, okay. Well, I really enjoy reading books. I'd say my favorites are--
  8. New Mascot - Poppy

    Uh, y-yes. My name is Poppy everyo-
  9. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Crying is for the weak. Where is your true warrior roar? (Warriors roar right?)
  10. I know who you are.

  11. Surreality's Role Play Carnival is coming!

    Surreality Role Play Carnival June 20th, 11 days before the event commences. I don’t know why, but the crazy lady with purple hair and a Japanese High School’s girl’s uniform has been chasing me for two days. I have been running for her across the boulevard, the beach, the hotel, the skyscrapers, the university, but no matter how much I tried it was impossible to get away from her and her incessant shouting. Despite her beautiful appearance she was severely lacking in ladylike behaviour and had the vocabulary of a sailor! During our endless races I happened to stumble upon a group of oddballs sitting at an elongated table. Bear with me! I’ll tell you about the running later, dear diary, for now it is important that you know what these odd people were discussing. One of them, who seemed to be moderating the discussion, asked: “What kind of music would you play as your soundtrack if there was a montage on how you are shopping for underwear?†I don’t believe I have ever heard such an inane question! Disregarding the fact that shopping for underwear is hardly an activity worthy of a soundtrack, anyone who would mention anything not composed by Hans Zimmer is obviously in the wrong! What followed was even stranger. “What position would you play if you were part of a Lacrosse team?†I read about lacrosse once. I am not much of a sports person, but even among other barbaric activities lacrosse stands out as senseless and tedious! Surely there must be other like-minded people who would rather lead a sedentary lifestyle revolving around books and cookies. I have even heard that boys tend to like it when girls have a bit of meat! N-N-Not that I care about boys! You are all I need, dear diary. You and my books. Speaking of, the next question was: “What is your favourite magical realism book?†That was a discussion I would gladly participate in. I was eager to mention my undying love for the books by Paulo Coelho or Gabriel Garçia Marquez or even Franz Kafka or Hubert Lampo… but sadly my pleasure was cut short when the barbaric lady started running after me again, complaining that she had to demand more money from this ‘Shawnzealla’-person. I should most likely find this person in order for her to finally leave me alone...