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  1. I'm very interested in this -- if not because of the original system -- but because I'm a Gladiator at heart. : D I have a favored character who is not chronicled here yet; but I kind of like playing that lightweight that gets him/herself in a bind. Love the story and fun of playing such a character, anyways. However, still being new and a Student, I'm a bit apprehensive for a number of reasons. Given my years around the block, I know RP fite'n can get... sticky-icky sometimes. That, and I would like to have a better understanding of how everyone writes. That said, I'll edit this "interest" post at a later time. : )
  2. Salvete~!

    Yes, RPGs. : ) Mainly DnD (3.5, Pathfinder), but I realllly do love the setting of World of Darkness (Changeling and Mage being my favorites). I've worked around a bit with GURPs, and I enjoy older TB games like Ars Magica (especially love this one because it has a lot of historical notions of the Levant regions). Shadowrun and Warhammer also have a special place in my heart. : P I'll make sure to take a good look at the RPGs here. Oh wow, I did my own google search for "Sicariote"... and found a picture of myself in the images. Creepy google spies. : O Haha. Well, Sicariote is a play-off of Iscariote, which comes from Iscariot (Judas Iscariot). There's a lot of speculation/debate behind the origin of his last name, some say it is a place of origin (Kerioth), and others say it came from old-school assassins (or as they say "revolutionary party") of Judea. Sicarii is latin "to slice". It was also hypothesized Judas Iscariot belonged to this particular group. Eitherway, I just kind of mushed the two together and came up with 'Sicariote' -- also sounds more feminine to me. : ) Due to a very sympathetic ELP teacher, I was able to take Latin as an alternative language during highschool. Given I knew I would be pursuing a medical career, it has served me well. Thanks for the warm welcomes, everyone! Been peeking through roleplays, and am anticipating collaboration with you fine folks.
  3. â€So, do we have a deal?†Arcadia â€Rogue†Klandestin – Ark The Tangible] She is of average height , with taut skin pigmented by labor and sun; ritualistic scars that signify something deeper under ugly, maroon edges. Usually leather-bound with boots and an array of armaments, wearing her hair dreaded and decorated. Although her fingers are tapered and long, rough underside endures callouses years old, begging the question of the worldly lady’s profession. There is a piercing quality to chartreuse colored eyes – a certain intuitive incursion that does not search, but knows. The Temporal] Ark’s smithing is foremost a passion; but functions as a mundane façade for more clandestine operations. To label her an assassin would be entirely too specific – she is a trader of knowledge, sometimes using unsavory means to an end when that certain stream of knowledge is no longer needed. An opportunist by all means; she will take advantage of or exploit weaknesses and discrepancies in cut-throat situations. That is the carnal – otherwise, y’know, she really seems like any other business dealer: land, armaments, precious goods, and other lucrative avenues. A prudent woman with a sweet but decisive attitude toward her customers, known to be very reliable and resourceful in getting what she wants. The Tale] evolving The Technique] Furtive Degenerative Damage Burst Kite â€If knowledge is power, clandestine knowledge is power squared; it can be withheld, exchanged, and leveraged.â€
  4. T A B L E . O F . C O N T E N T S --Arcadia Rogue Klandestin
  5. Salvete~!

    Before I even begin, I want to say the layout of this forum is . . . utter joy to me! So miminalistic, clean, sharp. Kudos on whoever did that~ As it were... I know most people are like "My name's..."; but you can just refer to me by my user name (Sicari, even). I'm in my early twenties, and have spent a lot of time on different sites: forums, chats, creative writing blogs, and tabletop gaming. There's only been one place I've really stuck around through all those years, ironically, one of the first places I stumbled into. That's a short history, and sets up -why- exactly I'm looking for (perpetually) a new environment to branch out into. I mean, I love where I came from, as a writer, and have many good friends there -- but I'm searching for something... else. Perhaps I don't even know yet myself. However, I do know that out of a many handful of forums I've poked around and perused, this one has caught my eye. Eitherway -- I guess I can lay down some boring stuff. I basically live right dab in the middle of the States, work two jobs, and am attending university. A lot of my life revolves around science: biology and chemistry. If it is any surprise, my social life is (others would say lacking) unimportant and indubitably optional to me. I also have a young daughter who basically keeps me on my toes, anyways. Hope to see many of you around.