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  1. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    I didn't even know I liked my own post :o TV shows that i'm into right now are The legend of Korra and Game of Thrones. I play a lot of league of legends. I'm reading the A song of Ice and Fire series right now. Guardians of the Galaxy was a great movie. There's some things about me and an opinion of mine. Go ahead judge away.
  2. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    What kinds of things to people usually share about themselves? This is seriously my first forum post in anything ever.
  3. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    What's up guys i haven't really used forums before, was introduced to this place by some friends. and i thought it might be a cool place to put some of my time into.
  4. I'm being held at gunpoint.

    i didnt know i was a member either it's ok edit:sean you're a jerk
  5. I'm being held at gunpoint.

    hi kelsey