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  1. Harry Potter Studio Tour

    Tehehe me like the little castle
  2. We Fled. We Prospered.

    3 2 1 CLEAR *BZZZ*
  3. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [[GUYS! So my internet went down forever, sorry you guys had to wait on me!]] The moment Emmane realized she was trapped was a moment too late. She had been so enraptured in the proceedings of the battle that she had forgotten to watch her own back. Although she was more apart of the forest than these bandits, they lived and breathed it as well. They could be silent or brutish, depending on the situation. Emmane allowed herself to be held, waiting for the opportune moment to escape from her bonds. She sensed little threat to her life and was much more interested in the abilities of the fighters than the dagger at her throat. There seemed to be a whole range of physical and magical skills, some darker than others. As she continued to process the action, she noted that everyone had a tinge of something... Unique, some muddied some clear, but all unique. It made her uneasy; none of these beings were normal. Even as most of her brain was occupied determining the abilities of those around her, part was occupied on escape. She had to get out of here. These beings could handle the fight themselves and she would much rather return to the silence of the forest than to get wrapped up in the fray. Any moment the bandit would lower his guard just slightly and she'd have her opportunity...He was distracted... His arm was loosening slightly... "I'd let her go if I were you..." All the sudden the bandit's grip tightened again as the winged man threatened him. Emmane immediately felt rage funnel through her toward the man. She had nearly had her escape and, now, escape would be more difficult. She didn't understand what the man was doing or who he was threatening, his words not making any sense to her. The common language was such a brutish and abrupt language, very different from the wood elf dialect she spoke. Before she could respond, the bandit loosened his grip in a spasm of fear. Quickly, she took the opportunity, disarming and disabling him quietly. The winged creature suddenly was gone again, racing off to another part of the battle. Flinging her head around to take in her surroundings, she realized a young man was enticing her help. With a bit of forbearance she responded, quickly and deftly making a path through the fray to his back. Drawing her eleven short swords she faced Zaza alongside this new ally who, after the man with the muddied aura fell, was making some sort of speech. Emmane wasn't sure how she ended up here or even what was going on, all she could see was this man atop a free creature with a dark and murderous aura. Besides, the chaos with in her was rising and nature was screaming for revenge. As the man dove forward, Emmane tried to adapt as best she could to his fighting style, remembering the little she had seen of it before. As he went to one side, she moved low to the opposite, aiming a stab at Zaza's chest with her left blade. [[sorry it's a bit rushed, but I wanted to get everything up to speed with what was going on]]
  4. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [Yes, she does. Emmane lives in the forest and is connected to nature so it would be natural for her to know the happenings :)] Emmane squatted on the balls of her feet ready to leap like a panther and defend the humans from the village. Though they had slain wolves, those wolves were under the control of this band of bandits. Emmane hated them. They stole creatures and corrupted them with a human-imposed chaos, nothing of the natural order or chaos remained in these poor creatures. She watched as the wolves surrounded the men and girl, pulling a light, bone throwing knife from a leather pouch at her side. The man with the young girl spoke, but again Emmane didn't catch a word of it. She knew it was the language of the humans now, but still had no idea what was being said. Suddenly a strange man on a tiger appeared and Emmane's blood boiled. The darkness in her soul sprung up as she watched the defeated tiger hang it's head and back under the weight of it's rider. In a moment, she imagined every way she could kill the man who sat on the creature. Knife or arrow to the throat, strangulation, a quick stab in the back; all these were possible. Her jaw clenched, her body went ridged as the rage of nature became her own. You are an elf, peaceful toward all two-legged creatures. She tried to remind herself, but could not. Elves were only meant to react in defense of themselves or someone else, never out of personal rage or aggression. But the darkness had always been stronger in her, nature had always had more rule over her then she did herself. Somehow she managed to stay still as the cruel man spoke, she detected a mocking tone and gestures toward the village, but naught else. Is some calamity coming to the village? she wondered. It was a wonder she didn't know the man as she lived and breathed the forest. Perhaps Vathrok had hired him? But, if so, why? Emmane could guess it had something to do with the village. She cast her eyes over to the bush where the other human was waiting to come onto the scene. Something is... Strange about that one. His aura is... Muddied. He was not a form of human she was familar with and something traveled with him, inside him, around him? Emmane wasn't sure. What she was sure of, however, was that she didn't trust him for a moment.
  5. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [This seems like lots of fun!] The trees shifted slightly as the nighttime wind blew through. The moon shone brightly, stars littering the sky in random, yet immaculate patterns. Emmane was a mere spec in this great wide network of living things, the trees communicating with the soil, plants intertwining with insects, the wolves speaking to their big brother moon. All around her nature weaved and collapsed in on itself, yet there was a fracture to the ground and air now. Before, before it had been harmony, a harmonic breathing of the mother and father, now it was as if the darkness had overcome light, interrupting all balance. As a wood elf, Emmane was as much interconnected with the earth as the sky was. She sensed and moved with each change and had, finally, began to adjust to the darkness of the land, moving into the new rhythm of things. She missed the old days... A little. Part of her enjoyed this darkness, found comfort in the chaos. She ran her fingers lightly around the blighted tree which barely held her weight. Something about it's damage intrigued her, enticed her. She sensed the fight before it begun. The tension in the disordered harmony rose as the wolves hungered. They had been hungry, roaming closer and closer to the humans as the prey died off from the ever encroaching darkness. Emmane rose lightly on her feet, making sure to only choose the strongest parts of the tree to stand on. With a graceful leap, she landed on the next tree and continued so toward the action, melting into nature as if she were another leaf. She arrived just as the action had begun. Instead of jumping in, she observed watching as the warriors fought with ease against their enemies. It pained her to watch the wolves quickly fall one by one, but not enough to prompt her into action. Perhaps it should have, but it didn't. Her father had always said her heart was made for darkness, it's what had caused him to cast her out from the clan when she was young. Maybe he was right. As their whimpers fell, Emmane watched as the group inspected their prey. After a short discussion in a language she didn't recognize, the group set off toward... Ahhhh, Vathrok. Well, perhaps they do not realize just who they are antagonizing. With a light foot, Emmane followed silently behind them, making no more noise than a squirrel would as it climbed through the trees.
  6. ...and it made me frown

    I really don't like it when people do that. :<
  7. Zankyou no Terror

    AHHHH BUT ERGO SO GOOODD!!! K so I'll admit, it took me two tries to get through it, but it was totally worth it in the end haha. The last like 304 episodes are like O___________________________O. I feel like Zank no Terror has a lot more going on in the first few episodes, though, and the story isn't as confusing. There's mystery, but not so much that you'll loose your interest. I really like how it has a more "realistic" feel than most anime though. Like the dialogue isn't as weird or cheesy, also they had an actual British voice actor for one of the episodes! That was really cool to me since there's not usually different ethnicities and, if there are, they speak perfect Japanese. I don't know, it's just breaking a lot of the cliches in anime which is fun to watch.
  8. ...and it made me frown

    It's probs a pimple, no joke. I once got a mosquito bite in my nose, it was probably the worst thing ever. I have to do adult things today. Like go to the grocery store and work. -_-
  9. Hi guys!!!

    Weee another newbie! Hi Cleo, welcome to the circus Surreality! Everyone here is really kind and scary nice. Yeah... JUMP IN AND HAVE SOME FUN :D. No but really, everyone is super chill and, though most of us are probably too old for roleplaying, we still have lots of fun @.@
  10. Zankyou no Terror

    It's really unique compared to a lot of the new stuff coming out. It definitely has a broader meaning than just the story itself, lots of commentating on society and what it means to be human. Sort of reminds me of Ergo Proxy :).
  11. Zankyou no Terror

    Ok guys, if you're an anime freak like me, you're aware of this new show that just came out last month. It's seriously ammaaaazingggg (imo). The art, the animation, the storyyy.... K I'll stop. Maybe. *ahem*. What do you guys think? Good? Bad? Haven't seen it? Yo thoughts pleeeeaseee
  12. The Muse Has Returned!

    Shounds gewd :)
  13. The Muse Has Returned!

    I like the idea of the summoned beasts and maybe this young boy could be led by an experienced female counterpart in the ways of the summoned beasts?? :D. I think it's a cool base, but will need some really cool, unique antagonist to make it interesting and different.