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  1. Darkpine [Private]

    Vivian securely shut the door and turned around. Her back pressed against the door behind her and she took a deep breath in. By the way Verra had reacted Vivian was pretty sure she knew he was a vampire, but how had her mother and Lex known each other? She had never mentioned him before. Verra was hyperventilating in the kitchen and Penelope was doing her best to try and calm her down. Penelope grasped Verra's hands with both of her own and tried to bend down and put her face in Verra's eyesight which was concentrating solely on the kitchen tile floor. "Verra, honey, what is wrong? What is going on?" Penelope asked very calmly trying to instill a sense of safety. After a couple moments Verra took a deep breath in and straightened up her eyes a bit watery as she looked at Penelope. "He was there...he was with the group that murdered my coven." No one said a word. Vivian was simply confused the reality of what her mother said hadn't quite sparked yet. Meanwhile Penelope looked angry. "He was one of the vampires that murdered your sisters?" Verra reluctantly shook her head no. "He was there, but he didn't kill anyone...he's the one that got me and my mother out of there safely...but he was apart of them, allies. He just must have not been hungry that night or something. I don't remember exactly... I don't know how those monsters work." Penelope nodded. "Alright. Well maybe we should cancel the ceremony then..." Before there was anymore discussion on the topic an older withered voice commanded attention. "Absolutely not." The three women turned there attention to Grandma Irene who was just now walking out of her room. Penelope looked as if she wanted to protest the decision, but The elder put up her hand to silence her. "My dear daughter, if I couldn't manage a barrier spell that worked on vampires, I wouldn't be much of a Coven leader would I..? hmm? From the commotion I could hear it seemed as if this vampire was repenting anyways, not threatening." Everyone accepted her decree without argue, but it was clear from the expression on Verra's face that she was not happy about it. Vivian was trying to put the pieces together, her mother had never directly spoken to her about what happened all those years ago. It seemed as though Lex hadn't killed anyone, but yet had been a bystander simply watching the carnage. She wasn't sure what to think. The door behind her opened and Lily walked slowly into the house. Everyone looked over at her expecting an update of Lex's whereabouts. "He ran off into the woods, opposite direction of the World Tree...I don't think he will be bothering us again tonight." She nodded with some confidence to her words and looked at Vivian. "So is this shin-dig still happening?" Vivian simply nodded yes. from the festival set the mood in the forest. It was dark out and the moon was rising high overhead. The red glow from the moon cast down on Vivian as she stood amidst the crowd of witches gathered around the World Tree. Lily was by her side, looking the same as earlier with her bare mud covered chest and green silk sarong tied around her waist. Vivian hadn't gone as far as to be topless, she wore a tribal type leather bra which was decorated with various stones and feathers and a short matching loincloth skirt. Her bare snowy white skin was decorated with lines and dots of mud. She had undone the braid her hair was in previously and now it fell down her body with a slight wave to it making her look like a goddess of the night. Grandma Irene slowly walked through the crowd to the base of the great tree. As she stepped the women around her parted like Moses and the red sea. She was completely naked, but covered in large amounts of mud, no pattern or decoration, simply drenched from head to toe. When she got to the front she raised up her hands, silence falling on the crowd. "It is time for the Full Moon Blessing!" The crowd slowly turned there gaze to Vivian. Vivian didn't move at first, she glanced at Lily, who was staring at her along with everyone else. Her friend gave her a smile and nudged her forward a little. "Go on..." She whispered. Vivian finally began to smile now and made her way forward towards Grandma Irene. Her steps were soft and careful as she noticed the women around her parting just as they had for her Grandmother. She made sure to make eye contact with everyone she passed with little nods here and there to symbolize her saying thank you. When she was finally at the front Her grandmother placed the book of Selene in her hand and stepped back to be among the rest of the coven. Vivian nervously looked out at all the familiar faces. She saw both her mothers giving her encouraging looks and took a deep breath in. "Queen of all enchantressesAnd of the dark night,Of all nature,Of the stars and of the moon,And of all fate..." When she first began speaking her voice was shaky, that was normal though. As she continued she began to really have a presence that commanded attention. She fell into the role of the speaker quite nicely. She raised her hands up to the sides speaking now up to the blood moon high in the night's sky. "Thou who rules the tide,Who shines by night on the sea,Casting down your light upon the waters;Thou who art mistress of the oceanIn thy boat shaped crescent,Ever smiling high in heaven,Sailing unto earth, reflectedIn the ocean, reflected in our eyes..." The first part, the invocation was done. A ray of red and white light shot down from the sky casting a glittery haze around all the member's of the coven. It was believed this haze meant that the goddesses eyes were upon them, prepared to listen to their pleas. Vivian began again with the second part of the blessing. "We implore you, most beloved Selene,Give unto this simple speaker,Give unto us humble women,The great gift of understanding,The peace to quite our storms, The love to quench our hate, Illuminate our dark nights, Cast your light upon our faults, Give us strength of heart when we are barren, Be our guide, Be our Goddess, Be our Mother, Your children seek your guidance, Upon this full moon night , When your will is law, I call for The Blessing of Selene, I call for the power to observe!" The haze that was around them all turned a vivid silver for a few seconds and then it was gone completely. During those few moments though Vivian could feel her worries disappear, her mind seemed clearer, her desires more direct. She felt calm and peaceful, her nerves fully gone now. She closed her eyes basking in the emotional stability that flooded her body and mind. When it was gone she slowly opened her eyes and looked around at her fellow Coven sisters. She could tell by the expressions on everyone's faces that they too felt this overwhelming serenity. She then felt a hand on her back and turned to view her grandmother, pleased, and lovingly staring back at her. "You did good granddaughter." She nodded in approval and Vivian let her feet take her back to be apart of the crowd. The night continued on as usual, there was music and dancing. Everyone was happier and more alive now as they filled the forest with their voices and laughter. It was early morning now, around 4am. Only about half of the coven was still awake and celebrating. Vivian's parents had retired to their home hours ago, but her and Lily were still awake and celebrating as if it were their last night on earth. The moon was gone from the sky and the first beginnings of daytime were taking effect. Lily whom had been very cheerful throughout the festival now looked slightly concerned. Vivian stumbled over to her, clearly a bit tired and not use to being up this late. "Are you alright Lil'?" Lily looked to Vivian with a half smirk, but it wasn't very convincing. "Yea...I think Lex got home okay?" Vivian now looked a bit more awake,but utterly confused. "I didn't know you were that concerned about him..." Lily quickly took this time to recover her normal personality. "I don't,'s just he was pretty drunk and vamps can't wake up in daylight I assume." She pointed up to the sky. Vivian's eyes grew wide she understood what Lily meant now. "Oh no...that would be bad." The two girls looked around and Vivian asked, "Which way did he go earlier?" Lily grabbed Vivian's hand and pulled. "This way!" They then started off into the woods at a light jog.
  2. Darkpine [Private]

    Vivian had spent the previous day around the house. Her mothers had watched her like a hawk, but today there would be no such restrictions. Tonight was the full moon, and a special full moon at that, a blood moon. The Darkpine Coven would be engaging in a traditional Full Moon Festival which took place around the World Tree, located deep in the forest behind the Clearwater home. At first there had been talk about maybe skipping the festivities, but grandmother Irene had been furious at the idea. Blood Moon's are considered bad omens and eventually they agreed, the safest place would be with the entire Coven gathered together. Besides the math behind it, this was supposed to be Vivian's first time leading one of the Festival Blessings, a very important part of a young witch's craft. So it was decided, everything would proceed according to plan. Vivian laid awake in bed most of the night, she fell into a light sleep a couple times, but she had too many emotions running around in her brain. She hadn't spoken to Curtis, but she hadn't really expected to hear from him so soon. Besides her turmoil surrounding their bond, she now had all these other things to be nervous and jittery about. The stress was starting to effect her, but she kept telling herself it would all be a lot clearer and easier after the blood moon. Vivian was up and bustling around before the sun had even risen. She wasn't sleeping much anyway so why delay her morning? She adorned herself with a short, flared, black skirt that had a pattern of white polkadots with a tight plain black t-shirt on top. The shirt was slightly too short so every now and then when she moved the skin of her stomach was barely exposed. For now her pitter patter around the house was bare-footed. She didn't want to wake anyone up with her stomping around. Instead she moved through the Clearwater home on tippy toes trying her best not to make any noise. She was organizing a couple decorations and spell books in the living room, picking out the blessings she wanted to perform later tonight. She squinted through the dim lighting at two books, the one in her left hand read The Sanctification of the Moon, this book was rooted in Jewish magic and dealt with blessing prosperity in the new moon cycle to come, both in health and fortune. In her right hand Vivian held The Book of Selene, this was a greek magic book which spoke to the Moon Goddess Selene. The prayer to Selene would bring the blessings of calmness, peace and serenity, and could ease pain and anger instantly. It was a blessing of forgiveness, an end of hostilities and turmoil. The Sanctification was a practical prayer for the future while The Blessing of Selene was more emotional and dealt with present situations. Vivian sat down on the couch simply looking between the two. The sun had now risen outside and the first of her family walked into the living room to join her. Grandma Irene sat down on the couch beside Vivian and placed her old withered hand on the girl's back for comfort. They didn't need to speak for her grandmother to know what was happening. There was an understanding between them that required no words. Vivian spoke, but it was more so to reason with herself than to ask advice. She lifted her left hand slightly, her luminescent grey eyes centering on that book first. "The Sanctification of the Moon is probably what everyone will be expecting me to read. The blessings apply to everyone and with the omen of the rising blood moon fellow Sisters of the Coven will want reassurance for their major needs in the cycle to come..." "And yet?" The older woman questioned even though her face appeared to already know the answer. "...but I believe...I feel..." It was hard for Vivian to admit, she hated feeling selfish. As if her needs were more important than everyone else's. It was wrong and it was unbelievably not true, and she knew this, but still she couldn't help the way she felt. She turned her head a look of guilt spreading over her features. Vivian looked over at her grandmother through the morning light and continued. "I think I need to perform The Blessing of Selene, for myself, for my own needs." Grandma Irene simply sat and listened, she thought for a moment after Vivian was done and waited before carefully responding. "You should perform what you feel compelled to do my darling girl." She then placed a soft hand on Vivian's cheek. "Despite what you may believe to be more would be surprised to know how many of our sisters are in need of that same blessing just as you do. If you feel a strong desire for something it may be as simple as the goddess willing you to do her bidding rather than your own notions and ideas. The easiest way to get someone to do what you want is to make them think it is their idea." Vivian was taken aback by her grandmother's last hypothesis. The idea that the Goddess Selene was bidding Vivian to do her work was very far out there. It seemed highly unlikely, but the thought did ease her mind a bit. She simply nodded in eventual agreement and put both books in their proper place. The day pressed on, breakfast was usual there was a bit of discussing about how the Festival would go. Vivian and Lily would go to the tree first and set everything up. Around sunset the other Coven members would begin to show up. Everyone upon arrival would ceremonially strip off their binding clothing, some people wore bathing suits, others preferred to be fully nude. After that they would all decorate their bodies in variously colored mud. The mud came from the ground around the World Tree, it connected the witches to the tree's life force. The mud was colored with various natural dyes, this was done just for decoration. Once everyone was covered there would be dancing and celebration. They would play music and sing into the night sky until the moon was directly over head at it's most clear viewing point. At this point Vivian would make her way to the center where the World Tree stood and lead the Blessing she had chosen. First she would say her words and then all of the Coven would repeat. After the Blessing concluded some people would leave and others would remain to dance long into the night, sometimes even until early morning. It was a good itinerary, one that had worked for decades without any interruptions. Vivian headed back into her room. She slipped into some comfortable black sneakers and quickly braided her platinum tresses so that the thick braid fell down in front of her left shoulder. Vivian then applied her usual routine of black mascara and perfectly crimson lipstick. The whole process took a matter of minutes and afterwards it was time for her to leave. She grabbed her phone and The Book of Selene before she headed out the front door. Instead of walking towards the driveway Vivian headed around the house and straight into a narrow path that lead back into the woods behind the house. This was directly the opposite direction of the Town of Darkpine & The Archer's car shop. Most member's of the Coven would park their cars at the Clearwater home and walk this path to the World Tree later that night, but for now Vivian walked alone. Vivian held the old book under her arm while she texted Lily on her phone with her free hand. - Are you on your way? Lily: ya duh! not gonna miss ur big night! - k Im heading down now. Lily: u planning on being a real witch finally? At the last text Vivian stopped in her tracks and the expression on her face was a bit upset. She read the line again and then hurriedly replied, curious to get to the bottom of Lily's meaning. - what is that supposed to mean?! Lily: u kno strip down get real connected with the world tree - mean get naked Vivian began to laugh out loud in response to her friends ridiculousness. Lily: its no fun when im the only 1 - don't count Grandma Irene out! - ... - and there are plenty of others. Lily: u kno what i mean... - maybe, Ill think about it Lily: woooooooooo!!!! Vivian was about to reply and tell Lily not to get her hopes up, but she was overwhelmed by a strange sensation, which caused her to stop and look around. The sun may have been out, but in the forest it was almost completely blocked out by the tree tops. Vivian had the feeling that she was being watched, but everywhere her eyes peered into the trees, she saw nothing. After a couple minutes she chalked the atmosphere up to being wind and false perceptions. However, that didn't stop her from hurrying her pace up a little. It was only a couple minutes longer before she found her way into the clearing. The entire area was about a sixty foot diameter circle filled with patches of tall grass and wild flowers. In the center stood the oldest tree Vivian had ever seen. They didn't know the World Tree's exact age, but according to Grandma Irene, it was simply ageless and beyond the perception of time. Vivian wasn't sure if she actually believed that, but one thing was for certain, it was old. It was a massive Birch tree who stood at around 50ft high with an abnormally large and thick trunk. The Average mature Birch tree would grow to be anywhere from 30ft-40ft and are normally very short lived. Birch trees are known to catch diseases easily. Which are just a few reasons why the World Tree was so rare. These facts were all inconsequential though when compared to the magic that resided inside the tree. Only a matter of seconds after the tree had been in Vivian's sight she began to hear voices. This might scare someone else who wasn't accustomed to being at the World Tree, but Vivian had been indoctrinated to the process at a young age and was very comfortable with it by now. She closed her eyes as the murmurs swept through her mind. There was no understanding the voices, there were many, all at the same tone, and all saying different and equally untranslatable words. The language was unknown to her or anyone she knew, even Grandma Irene had no idea what dialect the voices spoke in. After a few moment of searching through her consciousness, the voices stopped. Grandma Irene had explained it to Vivian her first time there, that the voices came from the World Tree, and that it was the tree's way of seeing into her soul. The World Tree could see and absorb everything that had ever happened to Vivian, it absorbed her knowledge of the world and her perspective. The whole process didn't take very long and was somehow slightly rejuvenating to Vivian. Vivian took a deep breath in of fresh forest air. She was ready and soon it would be night fall and the Full Moon Festival would commence. Vivian knew this wasn't just a big night for her, Curtis would be transitioning tonight. She looked down at her phone with a bit of hope, but there were no texts from Curtis. It didn't bother her, he was most likely very busy with his family and their own preparations for the full moon. Hopefully everyone's night would go smoothly. A girl can always hope right?
  3. Darkpine [Private]

    The confrontation between Curtis and Lex happened so quickly, there wasn't really anything Vivian could do except try and control her fear. She had failed though and this altercation had been directly her fault. When Samuel Archer's eyes had pierced through her Vivian finally understood why she had been forbiden from meeting Curtis. There was no turning back now that the can of worms had been opened so to speak. Vivian walked next to Curtis now as they made their way through the woods. Nothing was ever simple in Darkpine. Of course she couldn't just go to the party like a normal girl and have fun. It looked like she wanted to say something a couple times, her head would come up from staring at the ground, but then she would reconsider and go back to the awkward silence. Curtis wasn't much better. He kept staring off in to the woods as if he was focusing on something important, but he wasn't really looking at anything at all. He glanced at Vivian a couple of times, but his expression was tight and frustrated, his eyes betraying how wounded he felt. Vivian glanced over, she could tell Curtis was in pain. "Can we stop for a second? You don't have to talk to me, but at least let me heal you." "I'd rather not have any more magic used on me if it's all the same." Curtis said a little bitterly. "Besides, I heal quickly." Vivian couldn't really argue with that, but at the same time she couldn't just let him fester like this. She abruptly stopped and faced him. "I am sorry this is our situation, but I didn't cast this curse. I'm sorry you didn't know about it, but I am not the one who kept this secret from you. The only thing I could do to prevent this is either stay locked up in my house and never leave or if I had never have been born, which was completely out of my control as well." Her tone wasn't angry, on the contrary, she seemed almost on the brink of tears. She had been trying to avoid this forever, but as her mind raced over everything, she couldn't figure out what she could have done differently. In the moment she had been worried about Lily. Lily, whom she hadn't even gotten to see because of all of this. Vivian made a mental note to call her immediately when she got home. "I know." Curtis said, although he didn't sound entirely convincing. "I mean, I don't know what the hell is going on but since my dad knows your mom I figured this wasn't something you or I did. But..." Curtis lifted his arm to rub his own shoulder, pinching the muscle that was hurting him. "I just got my ass kicked. And the guy who did it... Well it's good that I couldn't hurt him. I wanted to kill him. And... He didn't do anything wrong. It might not be any of our faults but... what if it was someone who couldn't defend himself?" "I wouldn't have been that scared of someone who couldn't defend themselves..." Vivian shook her head. "I'm sorry, my mother's coven was wiped out by a vampire. I've never met one before and I was terrified. I've worked on fear suppressing tactics my whole life, this was the first time I couldn't get a handle on it." She watched how he was clearly in pain. "If you let me heal you, I'll be an open book. You can ask me this curse happened and everything it entails. I just don't want to watch you go through pain because of me." "You... don't know a lot about Werewolves do you?" Curtis said, raising his brow at Vivian and smirking just a little. "Last full moon my own dad broke my collar bone. 6 months ago Justin broke my ribs and snapped my elbow joint out of place. I get hurt worse than this near enough on a monthly basis. Part of being in this family." Vivian looked a bit surprised. " uh, I don't really know much. All I've been told is to stay away from them...well you...No one really took the time to explain your specific traits and such." She gave up on the offer and just figured she would explain the curse anyways. "So do you want me to start with the history or just the details of how the bond works?" "Uh... I guess just start from the beginning. And consider me a layman with the whole magic thing." Curtis said. Vivian nodded. "Alright...well, my grandmother Irene she is actually one of the founding members of this town. She looks about eighty, but she is far far older than that. She came here as a little girl following some settlers whom she didn't know very well. Her family wasn't with her...but that's a different story. Anyways the magic in's strong, stronger than most places. That's because there is a World Tree here, which is something else I'll explain later. The point is she didn't know her own strength when she first came here. So as a scared little girl she cast a protection spell, that bound a creature of the forest to her as a protector. That creature, was a relative of yours named Issac." "My Grandpa." Curtis said with a nod. "He died when I was young. He was pretty old himself." "The one who played guitar?" She asked, but then realized it was inappropriate. "Sorry...getting off topic. So because of the presence of the World Tree the spell mixed with her fear and turned into a curse on their bloodlines. Whenever a Clearwater witch is born, the wolf closest in age is bound to her. When I feel are compelled to protect me. As you just experienced first hand." "Well that's just great." Curtis said sarcastically. "Pretty convenient that... Nobody to blame. Can't say I buy it entirely. Doesn't matter though, I guess. Just another thing forcing me to stay here and keep my head down." Curtis gave a heavy sigh. "can we get going? I.. don't really feel like talking about this any more." Vivian didn't say anything she just nodded and continued walking. The woods were incredibly mystical at night. The quiet noises of the forest drifted through her ears like a secret melody. The stars and moon cast down a hauntingly beautiful blue glow to the world around them. Vivian glanced over out of the corners of her eyes at Curtis. This night had started on such a high note and now was at a devastating low. She wished they could enjoy these moments together, but there was just no way, whatever might have been between them seemed like a faint fleeting memory at this point. After a while they finally arrived at the Clearwater home. Vivian walked towards the door. She glanced back and brought her hand up to wave good bye, but half way up she just let out a sigh and put her hand back down. She walked up to the front door without another word. "Hey uh..." Curtis said, kind of mumbling. "I know you don't want this either. But I don't want to have this awkward relationship with someone who is, apparently, going to be a pretty constant presence in my life. I don't know you... But I think we can at least try being friends." Vivian was just about to enter the house when Curtis spoke up. She looked back at him and took her hand off the door handle. Vivian turned around and sat down on the steps of the porch. Her arms wrapped around her knees as she responded. "I'd like that." "Okay. Good." Curtis said with a nod. "Well try not to attract any more vampires tonight. I have work in the morning and I need my beauty sleep. This..." He opened his arms up to emphasize himself. "Doesn't happen by magic. A guy needs his rest...and a shower now that I think about it." Vivian smiled for the first time since the party. She tried her best to stifle her laughter. "Well I wouldn't want to prevent you from perfecting your masterpiece..." She picked up a leaf on the porch next to her and whispered something. Numbers appeared on the leaf and she extended it towards him. " case you want to get a hold of me some time." Curtis examined the leaf and looked a little bewildered. "That's... Pretty cool. This is a phone number right? I don't have to whisper to the leaves in the wind or anything?" Vivian laughed again, "Yes it's my phone number. I'm a fairly modern witch. No broomstick, no tree-wind whispering." "Oh a modern witch... So you drive a vacuum cleaner then?" Curtis said with a soft chuckle. "That would be great, but no, the only thing I drive is a little teal vespa. There isn't a lot of very 'witchy' things happening around here unless it's during the full moon festival...but something tells me I won't be able to invite you to any of those." Vivian smiled because she knew she would never actually invite Curtis to that even if he didn't have a full moon problem. The Darkpine coven danced naked under the full moon around the World Tree, it was a pagan tradition in many places. The full moon festival was a very private and fun witch's celebration. The fact that she knew what it was and Curtis didn't kind of made a sly smile spread across her face. "Definitely not." Curtis agreed. "Well, I guess I'll see you around." "Guess so...hopefully under better circumstances. Goodnight and sweet dreams Curtis." "You too." Curtis replied, and then he walked off towards his own home. As he disappeared from view Vivian felt her skirt pocket vibrate. "hm?" She looked down and took out her phone. Lily was calling. Vivian answered the phone. She was about to ask if Lily was okay, but Lily broke out talking very fast. "I SAW EVERYTHING!" Vivian was a bit dumbfounded. "You...what?" "I SAW EVERYTHING FROM MY WINDOW! WHAT WAS THAT!?" Vivian started from the beginning and gave Lily the whole saga, from Lex in the car, to the fight, and her and Cutis's goodbye chat. Lily was silent for once, it was a bit disconcerting. Then she continued slowly. "Vivian...I think that vampire came to my rescue tonight. I ...don't think he's that bad of a guy, and clearly he could have killed Curtis easily, but he didn't." Vivian agreed. "'re right...but if my moms find out about a vampire in town...I don't think there will be anyway to convince them that he isn't a monster. You know how they feel about that...wait...he rescued you?" "Yea...there were these guys. I don't really want to talk about it, but if it wasn't for him my night would have been a lot worse." Lily paused she felt too vulnerable in these moments so she quickly changed the subject. "Sounds like you and your pet dog made up though. That's good. I was afraid I wouldn't get to watch you two make goo-goo eyes at each other anymore. You were both so disgusting." Lily laughed at her own jokes. "Yea we seem alright for now, but I don't think he's just going to get over everything so quickly...also...don't call him that, it sounds so weird." Vivian stood up and turned to head inside. "I'm gonna go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow ok?" The girls said their goodbyes and then Vivian put the phone back in her pocket. When Vivian opened the door a very mad Penelope stood in front of her with her arms crossed. She had clearly heard everything that exchanged between the girls on the phone and was livid. Penelope demanded that Vivian go over all the night's details again with her at the kitchen table. By the end she sat with her face in her hands. Verra lay sleeping in the master bedroom, and Penelope dared not to wake her and tell her there was a vampire in Darkpine. Vivian sat waiting for her mother's reaction. Penelope took a deep breath in and looked up at her daughter. "OK. Here's what is going to happen. You are staying in this house for the next couple days at least. No leavening under any circumstances. Especially not to see that boy!" Vivian wanted to protest, it was written all over her face, but Penelope's eyes narrowed in a way that said 'test me I dare you' which shut Vivian right up. "I will talk with Sam in the morning and get the info on this ..." Penelope's voice dropped significantly. "...Vampire..." She continued in the same octave as before. "Do not talk to anyone else about this...including your mother." Vivian looked shocked. Penelope had never told her to withhold something from Verra. Her mouth dropped open a little, but she quickly regained her composure and just nodded in agreement. "Now go to bed." Vivian stood up and quickly left the room ready for this night to be over. Penelope on the other hand sat in the kitchen as a couple frustrated tears trickled down her face. She was completely unsure about how to handle all of this. She put on a tough commanding front for her family, but she wasn't Samuel, it was hard for her to keep up. Her little girl was caught in a tragic situation that Penelope knew all too well. Penelope had cost Samuel his mate, something that she carried with her everyday of her life. She knew it was a matter of time before Vivian caused a similar tragedy for Curtis. Even more than that, there was a vampire in town. The coven would not stand for that, and Penelope knew Verra would be terrified into a state of not leaving the house. This whole night was the beginning of one giant mess. Vivian laid down in bed. Her party clothes had been replaced by a green silken night gown. Her head was tilted to the side, wintry blonde locks falling over her pillowcase. Her bright moon-like eyes gazed out at the night sky. The window in her room was open allowing the refreshing night air to cascade in and caress her. This felt like a new chapter of her life was beginning, she only hoped it would get better not worse from it's rocky start. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Morning light flooded the tiny, bright orange, room. Lily was moving around her room a bit frantically gathering some things. She simply wore a large white t-shirt and barely-there black shorts. Her wavy brown hair flew from side to side as she whipped around. There was a miniature bottle of southern comfort that she had taken from her parent's liquor cabinet sitting on her bed, along with two sticky notes with enchantments written on them. She grabbed an empty vile, about the size of a shot glass and her amethyst necklace. Lily placed the sharp edge of the stone against the palm of her left hand and made a decently sized gash. She then placed her hand over the vile and let it fill up with blood. Lily felt a bit light headed so she sat down on the edge of her bed as she plugged the vile and set it next to the alcohol. She then scribbled down a letter; Here is something to hold you over next time you get a craving, this makes us even. In the meantime, try not to beat up little puppies anymore. - Lily She examined the note and felt fairly happy with herself. She then threw everything together in a little red and white checkered handkerchief and tied it on top. Lily picked up the first sticky note, which was a location spell. She pulled out a map of Darkpine and the surrounding area and held her amethyst in her left hand which was still pretty bloody. "Let the blood reveal to me the location of whom I seek. Let the stone guide me ... so mote it be." Her blood trickled down and seemed to pool in an area in the woods, the same place Lex had just set up his home. Lily then picked up the second posted note which was a telekinesis spell of sorts. This was going to be a little harder. More modern spells were fairly easy to create they were marked by 'so mote it be' at the end, older spells like this one were all Latin based and required extreme concentration. She placed her blood stained hand on top of the little package she had made. "Sanguine Portat Desiderio!" The package was then enveloped in a bright red light and in seconds, simply gone. Lily was now exhausted as she fell back against her bed. She would heal the wound in a minute or two.
  4. Darkpine [Private]

    The walls of the small bedroom were painted a light sage green, but they were covered in hand written sheet music and poems. Some of the writing on the walls looked like they had been done by a child; these were located closer to the floor, but as you looked up the wall the handwriting appeared to change from juvenile to elegant cursive. The room was very tidy, there was a desk that had lots of journals organized on it, but besides that the room was pretty bare, just a hamper in the corner, and the bed centered under the window. Vivian Clearwater stood to the right of the bed looking all around her closet. She stood at about 5'3'' with a slender figure eight form that was decorated by a 50's style, sleeve-less, black dress which came to just above her knees. The girl's hands pulled her long platinum blonde hair to the right side of her face and slowly combed it soothingly with her fingers. Her eyes darted all around the open closet, but she didn't move much. She was figuring out what to do. Today had been long and boring for the most part. Vivian's first year of college had started a week ago. Her classes were fine, but she hadn't made many friends. The only person she knew was her friend Lilly. The pair had gone to elementary and high school together. They were also both apart of the local Darkpine Coven, however Lilly's family wasn't a founding member like Vivian's was. The mahogany door to the room swung open and an older woman with pixy cut platinum blonde hair that matched Vivian's came strolling into the room. She was about 5'8'' and had a very thin athletic frame. She wore blue jeans and a black tank top. Her lips were thin and curled into a sarcastic smile. She had the aura of a jokester. "How was class today?" The woman said with her hands on her hips. "Any better?" A second woman came in behind the first. She was almost her opposite in appearance. The second woman had long jet black hair, stood only at the same height as Vivian and had a slender yet very curvaceous form, her face and body showed a bit of Latin heritage. The second woman's plush lips were upward in a very happy smile as she also chimed in. "Sorry I was out back sprucing up the garden when you got home," Vivian didn't look like she wanted to talk about it. Instead of replying she simply took a couple steps backwards and fell onto her bed in a defeated manner. Her light pink plush lips parted to exclaim, "nooo...." and her right arm came up and fell over her face covering her eyes. Her pale complexion and hair color were similar to the first woman who was known as Penelope Clearwater, but Vivian's height and face shape were much more similar to the second woman; Verra Fredricks-Clearwater. It was obvious that these were her parents, despite them being both women. Vivian continued to speak, "I just don't even know how to begin to introduce myself." Vivian didn't need to open her eyes to know that the happy expressions on both her mother's faces probably had disappeared. Verra walked over and sat down next to Vivian on the bed. She then looked back at Penelope with sad eyes, pleading with her to say something to fix thier daughter's depressed state. Penelope responded and took a few more steps into the room, "Why not try, 'hi I'm Vivian! I'm beautiful, smart, and a witch. I have two amazingly cool moms and you should be my friend?' "With that Vivian's eyes shot open and a laugh emitted from her. They were large beautiful blue-grey eyes, reminiscent of the moon. Vivian sat up and leaned against Verra as she stifled her laughter. "Is that how you became super popular when you were my age mom?" Penelope walked over and sat down on the opposite side of Vivian while shaking her head from side to side. "I said cool moms, you think that applies to your Granny?" Penelope's right eye brow raised in a questioning way that roused laughter from both Vivian and Verra. An older voice rang out from the other side of the house. "My hearing is perfect you wipper-snappers! Just keep up that laughing, you'll all have frogs in your bed come tonight!" This statement didn't help and the three women were simply incapacitated by their laughter. Vivian felt much better, she might not have a lot of friends, but she had a great family. Suddenly a chime rang through the house. At first Vivian was afraid her grandmother was coming through on her hex promise, but she sighed in relief as she realized it was just the front door bell. Vivian sprung up and rushed to the door. "I got it!" Verra and Penelope were left sitting on their daughters bed staring back and forth at each other. Penelope gave a little shrug , but didn't say anything. Both women simply stood up and proceeded to go back to whatever they had been doing before. Vivian reached the front door and swung it open. She clearly knew who would be on the other side before she saw them. One the other side of the door stood a girl whom looked to be the same age as Vivian, nineteen. She was tall, about 5'10'' with a very athletic build to her. She wore a pair of skin tight black leggings and a bright neon yellow, spaghetti strap, crop top; which exposed her flat lean stomach. Her face was sharp, yet beautiful in a fierce way. Her lips were painted with bright fuchsia lipstick. The girl had long auburn hair that was pulled up into a messy bun on top of her head. She leaned against the door frame while her hands played with a large amethyst crystal which was attached to a long silver chain around her neck. Bright green eyes looked down at Vivian, a smile first appearing on her face, but it quickly disappeared as the door opened and she stood up straight. Vivian didn't have a chance to even say hi before the girl started talking in a disapproving tone. "Vivi, what the hell are you wearing?" Vivian looked down at her black dress. Her hands held the sides out as if she were about to curtsy. "It's a dress..? You wear dresses to parties right?" The girl rolled her eyes and barged past her walking into the house. "You look like you're going to a funeral. Good thing I came over early!" Vivian followed the girl who was heading straight back to her room. Penelope called over, "Hi Lilly! Will you be staying for dinner? " with a little wave before returning to cooking in the kitchen. "Hello Mrs. Clearwater! I'm just fixing your daughter's outfit and we're heading out to a party!" Lilly wasted no time pulling things out of the closet. " no...gross...this, yes this!" she pulled out a cropped leather T-shirt and long, blood red split-skirt. Lilly then threw it at Vivian and demanded she put it on immediately. After a few minutes of changing Vivian bashfully stood in front of Lilly wearing the clothes. Her parents peeked in through the door. Vivian gave a little feminine twirl. "Do I look alright?" She asked. Verra cooed out first, "You look radiant Vivian." Then Penelope with her arms crossed and back leaning against the wall spoke, "You are going to knock em dead kiddo….and just in case you don't…" Penelope handed Vivian a small, stylish black leather backpack as she continued. "I placed a bunch of mardis gras beaded necklaces in there that you can hand out to people, they are enchanted to help you make some friends." Vivian looked a bit upset as she pitifully looked at her mother and took the pack. Verra however now turned her eyes and narrowed them on her partner. "Vivi does not need that kind of help Pen!" Penelope put up her hands up as if she were ready to defend against a hit. "I just thought…you know…since friends in high school didn't go so well, a little help might not hurt…" The two continued to bicker a little, but with more comedy than anger. Vivian then turned her attention to Lilly who had a huge grin on her face. "Oh yea, you'll make tons of friends." and then winked. This caused Vivian to only feel more concerned. "Oh jeez..." she replied and exited the room. There was a little "bye…" that squeaked out of her before she was out the front door and jumping into Lilly's car. On the porch sat a very elderly woman with long grey hair who sat in a rocking chair. Her eyes were closed as Vivian left. By the time she was fastening her seat belt the woman sat up her bright emerald eyes looking over at Vivian. "Aren't you going to say bye to me dolly?" The woman called over to her. Vivian waved over at her. " Bye Granny, I won't be home too late!" While this exchange was happening Lilly had already circled the car and hopped into the driver's seat. "Here we go!" The black and silver 2006 Subaru Baja roared to life and sped out of the dirt driveway. Lilly drove her car down the bright forest road. The setting sun came through the trees shining inside the car and refreshingly woke Vivian up to the fact this was all really happening. Vivian rolled down the windows and let the air sweep through her long hair, the feeling was sensational as her hair danced in the wind. She then turned on the radio and the music began to take her nerves away. Vivian's house was only a couple minutes outside of the town of Darkpine Valley. It was located on the same side of the forest that the werewolf pack was, but her family home was considerably closer to town than them. Her family had to be on this side of the town in case something ever happened to Vivian's mother, Penelope. Her mother had very odd relationship with a werewolf by the name of Samuel Archer. The distance between their homes was close enough so that Samuel could get to Penelope quickly, in case of emergency, but far enough away that he could have his pack avoid the Clearwater home at all times. Trees flew by the window one by one as Vivian sang along to the music, her voice was pretty yet haunting to some extent. Vivian didn't know Samuel very well, there had only been a couple times where she had actually seen him. These were all times after her mother had been in some sort of danger. Despite Samuel's instinct to protect Penelope, when they spoke to each other there seemed to be a lot of resentment on both sides. They might have gotten along better at one time, but that must have been long ago, before Vivian was born. The few times Vivian had met Samuel there was a clear notion that he did not like her, even when she was an innocent child he would ignore her and pretend she wasn't there. Vivian was very scared of him from the beginning. She could remember standing behind her mother, Verra, clutching the back of her leg, as Penelope and Samuel bickered over Vivian. His voice boomed out clear as day saying that Vivian was not a responsibility his son should have to bare. Penelope retorted that she didn't need a puppy to protect her little girl anyways. However in the end Grandma Elenor had come over and put both of them in their place, she mentioned someone named Issac and how the Clearwater witches needed the protection of wolves. Vivian couldn't remember all of the details now. Her mothers had explained later that one of Samuel's sons would eventually be Vivian's protector and that was why he was so particularly displeased with their daughter's existence. Vivian had hated the idea of that, even at a young age she had no desire to be a burden on anyone. As a complication of all this, her parents had made sure she stayed out of danger most of her life. Vivian was a very quiet girl who kept to herself so she had never been in any life threatening situations. Her parents kept an eye on her with the help of the coven at all times, as if she were made out of glass. There had been an incident in high school, but Vivian had unknowingly taken care of that quickly, and to her knowledge whatever wolf was bonded to her had not been there. Vivian was under the impression that whomever he was, he didn't even know she existed, and she preferred it that way. Vivian snapped back to the present as Lilly turned the music off. "Good, I'm glad your practicing with that voice girly!" Vivian gave her friend a strange look, something about the way Lilly spoke made her think she was up to something. "Oh yea?" Vivian questioned, "Why's that?" Lilly looked over at Vivian a bit nervously before responding. "OK...don't kill me...but I may not have told you the whole truth about this party." Vivian suddenly felt extremely unpleasant. She knew what was coming before Lilly even said it. "The only way I got us invited to this thing was by offering know I mean it's mostly seniors and graduates...." Vivian's hands rose up to hold her cheeks as she gushed out, " didn't!" Her friend glanced over with a bit of remorse. "I mean come on! We're great! Your guitar? Unstoppable." Before Vivian could protest Lilly grabbed the silver cross around her neck and veered the car on the dirt road a tad. "Vivi! Take this cross off! You want all the guys to think you're a prude?" She let go and Vivian caught her breath. "I have to keep it on...." She tucked the charm into her shirt so only the chain was visible. "It's a long story..." Vivian wasn't going to say anything else about it. Her heart began to race as a sudden flashback swept over her. Vivian was about thirteen years old, she played with her silver cross on a chain around her neck, as she sat at the breakfast table. Her mother Verra sat next to her. Vivian curiously looked over and questioned her, "Mommy, why do I have to wear this?" Verra looked as if this comment struck a nerve. Her eyes grew very sad and she let out a sigh that meant this was a long explanation. "Because I love you, and I want you to be protected." Vivian was confused even more. "How can a silly silver cross protect me?" Thirteen is that age when everything your parents give you is stupid, and you clearly know way more about life than they could ever know. So, even though Vivian was usually a kind and respectful child, there was a tiny bit of attitude in her tone. Vivian continued, "I don't want to wear it." She took it off and threw it on the table. With this, tears began to stream down her mother's face and Verra simply stood up and left the kitchen. Penelope who had been watching from the door let her love walk away. When she was gone and out of earshot, Penelope came into the kitchen and grabbed the necklace off the table. She walked behind Vivian and placed it back around her neck. "I said I DON'T WANT - !" Before Vivian could finish Penelope cut in much louder, "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WANT I AM YOUR MOTHER AND YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!" This immediately made Vivian shut her mouth. Her wide eyes looked at her mother as if the fear of God had just been put in her. Penelope shook her head from side to side and took a seat next to Vivian. "Honey, the cross is to protect you from dangerous supernatural creatures… while a lot of them react negatively to silver, the ones your mother and I are most concerned about, are vampires." Later Vivian had been told about her mother's past. While Penelope had grown up in Darkpine Valley her whole life, her mother Verra had originally grown up in upstate California near Mendocino County. Her coven up there had been murdered by a particularly vicious vampire. Apparently, supernatural blood was very sweet to vampires and they made it a habit of hunting down covens and draining them dry. Verra and her mother, Grandma Bessy, were the only survivors. Vivian's Grandma Bessy had died when she was five, so she couldn't really remember her much. Vivian snapped back to reality as they pulled into an empty lot near Carrow Hill. "Whatever you want." Lilly replied and hopped out of the car. Vivian stepped out as well as Lilly grabbed her guitar out of the back. The party was already clearly in full swing. A guy ran over to the car where they were. He was a bit scruffy looking, but it seemed like he knew Lilly. "Ladies! You made it!" His smile was a bit devious looking and it made Vivian feel uneasy, not that she had been quite fine before. Lilly turned to face him. "Just tell us where you want us!" The guy looked like he wanted to make an inappropriate joke, but he restrained himself. "Yea of course, follow me." They followed him to the middle of the group. Lilly leaned over and whispered to Vivian. "Isn't this great?" Vivian glanced over , but immediately looked down at the ground. "I don't know if I can do this Lil'..." Lilly rolled her eyes and retorted, "Of course you can!" She rubbed her amethyst pendant and whispered something under her breath. "Burning flame, Cooling wind, Summon courage from within, I call on all my strength and love, Send me power from above. As I say so mote it be!" There was a flash of orange light between the two girls, no more than the flash of a camera, but afterward Vivian felt an overwhelming fire within her. She immediately looked up and over at Lilly with a bright smile on her face. All that left her lips was, "Wow!"Lilly couldn't help laughing before she asked, "Better?"Vivian nodded, "Much! Let's do this!" The guy came back and stood up on a giant cooler near them. He yelled out to the whole crowd of party goers, "Ladies and Gentlemen! Drunks and Partiers! We got a show for you! Turn your attention over here!" The crowd settled down and all eyes were on Vivian and Lilly. The two girls looked at each other and then just naturally started to flow from them. Lilly started on her guitar as Vivian simply swayed back and forth. She looked out at the crowd, all the people looking at them and figured, despite the courage spell, it would be easier to close her eyes. As she began to sing it didn't take long for her to relax and melt into the song. Vivian had a beautiful and unique voice, it was high pitched and a little raspy, but in an artsy way. Something about her tone was soothing and elegant. As she sang her hands came up, having a mind of their own, her limbs flowed to the music aiding her conviction. She could relate to the words and put her whole soul into the performance. That's when real magic happened in music, when you could tell how involved the artist was to the meaning behind their lyrics. Lilly was killing it on her guitar to match, chiming in every now and then with some backup vocals, but the real mystifying performance was coming from Vivian and the audience knew it. Despite the fact that these were all party goers they stood in silence and recognized the raw beauty of what was happening in front of them. When it was done, everyone was silent and almost not sure of how to react. The guy who had introduced them before jumped back up onto the cooler."That was amazing! right?!" Everyone erupted into cheers. Vivian and Lilly stood in awe and extremely proud of themselves. The guy continued. "I think it's time for more dancing music though....SO LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" He raised a boom box and music flooded out with a quick beat. The crowd around them dispersed and the girls now found themselves in the middle of a crazy party.
  5. Mia had been frantically trying to hide when she first heard the music begin. All of her worries melted away and her head turned to face the direction of the captivating sounds. The musical story filled her ears and without realizing it she had walked over to join the small crowd. She had a similar entranced feeling, like she had experienced on the dance floor, but this pull seemed stronger. This was most likely because her basic instincts weren't fighting against the music like they had been fighting against the dance. She was more than willing to be entangled in the thrilling notes. When the song was over she noticed the talented musician stand up. As if she were snapping out of a dream she looked around from side to side as he approached her. Was he walking towards someone on her left? No, maybe someone on her right? And then he was there, handsomely standing in front of her. His face was mostly covered by the crimson jester's mask, but she had a feeling he was smiling behind it. She was a bit taken aback by the intensity in his eyes. A couple people were staring at them, Mia ignored them though, and her complete attention was on Raphael. She didn't take any steps back as he stood close to her, something about him comforted her. Mia could feel her cheeks flush red as he took her hand and politely introduced himself. "I am Raphael D'Antonio. And who are you, Signora?" He asked the question and Mia paused caught off guard. She found herself more tongue tied and nervous than she could ever recall feeling before. What was her name again? Right... "...Marite Magdelinna Strozzi" She gave a little curtsy, and a nod, with a beautiful smile solidified on her face as she tried very hard to make a good impression. She had almost said her real name, which surly would have gotten her kicked out of this beautiful soiree. Hopefully Raphael had never met any of the real Stozzi clan. Mia's looks were extremely opposite the Strozzi family's olive skin and jet black hair. Her eyes glanced down to her hand which he was still holding and then back up to his eyes. She continued very quickly and quietly, "Your-music-is -absolutely- astounding ...truly mesmerizing." "Ah that... Well people seem to like it." Raphael said with a short nod. "I simply imitate life, which is far more beautiful. Like yourself, Signora." Mia shyly turned to the side a bit and politely replied, "You are far too kind..." Her smile turned to a delighted child-like smirk which she probably couldn't wipe off her face even if she tried. Then as if his first comment was now resonating she intently asked, "So then there is a story behind that song? To me it felt like the notes carried enough emotion to fill a lifetime." "yes... I suppose it does." Raphael said. "But you know... all art has a story behind it. Perhaps someone will make a story about tonight, perhaps about us." "Us?" Mia looked a bit shocked and then delighted by the idea."Are we so interesting that we could fill a whole story?" She glanced up while she pondered a few pleasant thoughts. "It begins with a beautiful song at a masquerade ball...and how do you suppose it ends?" "Well... I think it would be a bit boring to skip to the end." Raphael said, and he smiled underneath his mask. "Don't you think it would be far more gratifying to enjoy the adventure?" "I suppose the mystery of it is more enjoyable...but I haven't had much adventure in my life so far, simply coming to this party has been the most exciting thing to happen to me...well...ever, really." Mia looked around finding herself once again amazed at the masquerade in progress. She then focused back on Raphael and leaned in close to his ear and whispered. "Tread carefully; I'm not sure my heart could handle too much suspense." She smirked a bit silly thinking herself very bold and clever for a moment. "Oh but I like to take things slowly." Raphael said. "If you enjoy every moment then life can feel like an eternity." Every time Mia thought her comments to be quite clever, Raphael retorted with a bit of shock and awe. She enjoyed that. For a moment she had forgotten that this would probably be their one and only encounter, she had let herself day dream a bit about being able to pursue this relationship any further than tonight. Mia found herself forming an attachment to Raphael surprisingly quickly. Their conversation was so easy, and comfortable, she noticed herself being much more open and witty, both in her language and posture. Then the reality came back to her, she remembered her status, her real name, and the fact that if he knew who she truly was he might look at her with disgust. Mia didn't know of Raphael's humble beginnings, she assumed he was always accustomed to this privileged life just as everyone around them was. The real truth behind the matter was incomprehensible to her now, but in a couple hours she would understand. Mia had no idea how truly out of place she was or how dangerous this situation could turn. Her current worries were so insignificant to the big picture. Mia was adorably and beautifully naive to the darkness and predators around her.
  6. Mia stood in her room. Her arms lay gently folded across her chest. The curves of her face were all scrunched up in deep thought, eye lids shut. Tap, tap, tap, her left foot paced up and down on the rotten wood floor. She had done something wrong and was contemplating doing something else which was far worse. Her pursed lips finally parted letting out a long sigh and her facial features returned to their original beautiful forms. Her eyes opened, staring over across the room at the possession which had started this whole problem in the first place. The breathtakingly gorgeous silver gown hung on a hanger which was fastened to the door to her room. Mia recalled the experience from before. She saw herself standing in front of the garbage pitt at the back of the Strozzi estate. A couple other servants bustled around her, but none of them were paying her any attention. A man stood to her right; he seemed annoyed as he gazed down at her. Mia clung to the dress and looked from the beautiful satin garment back over at the disgusting garbage pile. "Are you going to throw it in?" The man asked, he was impatient as ever. "Um...I..." Mia stumbled to find the words as she kept contemplating. "Maybe I should try cleaning it first. Yes I'll just try and get this stain out. That will make the madam happy." Mia elaborated to try and cover up the real reason why she was supposed to be burning the dress. She took a couple small steps back half expecting the man to stop her. Her eyes quickly glanced up at him with a hint of fear in them. The servant didn't blink twice though; he simply shrugged and then continued to set fire to the pitt. Mia took this opportunity to turn tail and run. The man glanced back at her swift exit, "Strange girl..." he muttered, before continuing his task. Back in her room Mia still stared over at the gown. She had finally made up her mind. Inside the castle she had overheard that the Strozzi family would not be attending the party. With Aurelia in the condition she was, the other two family members had more important business to attend to than drink and be merry. So no one at the party would know the gown was stolen. Furthermore, because it was a masquerade she could hide her face and essentially be a noble lady for the night without anyone knowing the wiser. Yes, it was a perfect plan. Mia walked forward and ran her hands over the fine gown. There was a ping in her stomach that kept reminding her she was doing something wrong. She wasn't hurting anyone, but she had stolen a gown. In her defense, they wanted to destroy the gown simply because the sick Aurelia had tried it on once! If disease was spread through contact then Mia surely would have gotten sick when her mother died. Why waste such a beautiful gown on the fear of others whom are ignorant to the affliction. No, she hadn't stolen the gown, she had saved it. That was what Mia repeated to herself over and over again. To justify sneaking into the that was a bit tougher. There was no good way to explain away this situation. She was a girl, a young woman, whom had hardly explored her city, let alone even venture out to parties. Mia had lived in poverty her whole life and the idea of a Medici masquerade was just too hard to pass up. She had never really experienced a rebellious period growing up, and with her new freedom to make her own decisions, she was testing out being quite bold. This was her night to explore her mischievous side. In the morning it would be done, she would destroy the dress and simply continue living with her grand and glorious memories of what it was like for one night to be elegant and noble. She took the gown off the hanger and began to disassemble its parts. First the white petticoat, next the satin skirt, but how in damnation was she going to get this corset on properly? This morning it had been the baker's wife whom had fixed her corset. She fastened it around herself and then turned her back to face the door. She hooked a snitching string around the knob of her bedroom door and stretched out to the side. Mia hadn't expected the technique to work quite as well as it did. Her waist compressed quickly knocking the wind out of her. Her vision went blurry for a second before she regained control. She looked down at her waist which looked even smaller than this morning. "Perfect!" She exclaimed, before reaching behind to unhook the string and tie it up tight. Next she adorned her arms with the matching detached sleeves which secured around her upper arms. As she took the final fabric off the hanger out fell a mask and necklace. Mia stared down at them in awe. She had no idea they had been hiding inside the costume, but as it dawned on her, how else would she have acquired a regal mask for the party. This was quite the happy predicament. She secured the mask to her face and then adorned the necklace. Mia didn't have a mirror in her room, but she felt elegant. She threw a brown cloak over her to conceal her dress, and pulled the hood up and over, hiding in plain clothes so to speak, and then she headed out. It took longer than usual to get across town to the nice section of the city. Mia was trying very hard not to be spotted by anyone. She stayed in the shadows and was very careful not to be seen. Finally when she arrived at the Medici estate she tossed off her cloak in a back alley and quickly made her way to the front entrance. The guard at the front seemed to be absent mindedly day dreaming when she tapped him on the shoulder. He looked down at her and nodded. "Invitation?" He asked and put out his hand. It was simply a formality because clearly by the way she was dressed she belonged here. Mia pretended to look all around. "I am dreadfully sorry I must have forgotten escort had to go on ahead of me. He must have my invitation. Silly me!" She said with a smile, she was hoping her absent minded girl act would work. The guard smiled down at her a clearly distracted by her beauty. "Of course miss, this way..." He then opened the door and allowed her to pass. Mia quickly made her way inside before the guard could change his mind. The from below flooded through Mia's ears.The sight of the ball quickly rendered her still. She stood at the top of a majestic stair case. The ambiance of the estate was breathtaking alone. Her eyes then cascaded down from the beautiful architecture to the see of elegant beauties in masks below her. In all of her wildest dreams Mia never imagined she would ever look upon a sight such as this. She took a small step down, and then again. She seemed afraid that her next step might be her last, as if this night was surly a figment of her imagination that would disappear any moment now. It was glorious. All the remorse she had felt about the dress and attending the masquerade disappeared and was replaced by overwhelming joy and anticipation. This was what her life had been leading to; she just had no idea until this very moment. She stood momentarily appreciating all she could see. As she made her third shaky step down Mia began to notice that she was catching the attention of people below her. She saw some glances and then some talks, glints of skepticism thrown in her direction. Had she been found out already? As she finally made her way to the bottom of the stair case she realized the looks were not of disgust or disapproval, but what she could only assume was desire. This was more shocking than the other assumption. What she didn't understand was that some of the onlookers desires were more hunger than sexual. She gave a sheepish smile to some of the men closest to her and continued forward. Mia found herself on the outskirts of the dancing. Everyone was so beautiful and elegant, it immobilized her. She was caught up in the excitement that she stood clearly mesmerized. She was so enchanted that she didn't notice the man whom approached her on her right, though even if she had been paying attention his slight of foot and quiet decent were almost unnatural. "You look like you want to dance, is a beautiful girl like you really unaccompanied right now?" The man said and extended his hand to Mia. She was shocked out of her stupor and a bit nervously looked him up and down. He was very handsome in a classic Italian way, at least from what she could see. Slicked back dark hair, a long and clean shaven face, pale skin, and what seemed like crimson eyes, but that last part seemed strange. The cast from his dark scarlet red mask must have been altering the appearance of his eyes. Mia was hesitant, but this was her moment and she knew it. "Yes I am quite alone and would love to dance." She finally relaxed a bit as she took his hand, but on first contact the icy cold skin shocked her a bit. "Sir you are freezing..." She spoke in a confused whisper, but the man replied quickly and without missing a beat. He pulled her in close just as the began and with a grin he replied."Then I suppose you must try to warm me way or another." Before she had time to respond or more preferably slap him for the brazenly forward and inappropriate remark they were already caught up in the dance. Despite her rude partner Mia quickly lost herself in the intensity of the music. The steady dark beat began slow and she felt herself melt into the atmosphere. Her dance partner separated from her and put his hand out palm flat facing her, she placed her palm on his and they circled around each other as was customary. He gently steered her when they switched directions eyes locked the whole time. Some of the other ladies were trying very hard to keep up appearances and only show a little enjoyment. Then again they were all very used to this routine and had probably grown bored with it. She spotted out of the corner of her eye, one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen, his features so feminine. This didn't slow her dance but she did look on with a bit of an awkward face, until she realized it was merely another girl, but dressed in men's clothing. How odd. Mia then smiled to herself and continued to dance as she thought, how brilliant, that must be much more comfortable. Mia was obviously full of joy. Her beautiful smile stretched from ear to ear with a little spark of mischief and light expressions of laughter emanating from her. Her dance partner took the cue to twirl her around a bit more, but nothing too bold yet. He was testing her, seeing what she found enjoyable. Mia was acclimating well, the more they continued the more fluid her movements, it was almost as if she were being put under a spell. Forgetting for a few moments who she really was. She could live this moment forever and be content. He led her to the middle of the group and let her spin around a couple times on her own. Her gown was shimmering beautifully in the dim candle light of the ball. If people weren't paying attention to Mia before, they were now. Her partner abruptly stopped her and pulled her in close. There was a moment where he leaned in so close she was afraid he might try to kiss her. Her nerves got the better of her and she froze like a deer in headlights. The man skipped her lips and instead leaned into her neck. She could feel his icy breath on the tender skin of her bare neck and then her collar bone. She jumped back from the sudden display and looked quite unnerved. She looked around as if she might make an escape, but he pulled her back with an abnormal and easy strength. They continued their dance, but he was clearly in control. Her heart beat was racing, she was scared, but at the same time something about him made her want to stay. It was a strange feeling that she would not be able to understand until the night was through, the alluring effect of glamour. She felt calm again as she closed her eyes and let him lead her to the song. Some of the people around had slowed their own dancing or stopped completely just to watch the two of them play his game. It was a story of cat and mouse through dance as they glided along the floor. Mia had never felt more lost and yet at the same time alive as in these moments. How had she lived so long without this? It seemed like her everyday life was an eternity past, and fading away quickly. When the song concluded Mia's eyes opened in a bit of shock to see him so close to her and towering over her. He simply wore a smirk that looked like a physical form of victory. Mia took a couple uneasy steps back before she peeped out a quick, "Thank you" and curtsy to accompany it. She pushed through the circle around her to make her way quickly to another area of the ball. Surprisingly the man did not follow on foot, but his eyes traced every move she made.
  7. The Midnight Court 5:45am The first signs of morning began to creep steadily past the broken window shutters of the hobble home. Marite Magdelinna Lanza lay asleep in her self-made bed of tattered sheets and hay. Her mind drifted through beautiful dreams of flowers and meadows, rivers and valleys. In her mind the sun was setting. Her eyes gazed down; she could almost feel the blades of grass on her feet as she slowly walked. Her hands outstretched on both her sides gently caressing the high blooming flowers all around her. Her vision came up and she glanced at the mysterious and vast meadow she found herself in. The image wasn't crystal clear like in reality. In her dream world it was almost as if she were moving through a painting. Soft lines and blurred colors danced all around her. Her attention moved farther up to the sky as the sun set and the giant other worldly moon took its place. The flowers seemed to melt away into the ground and she was left staring up at the night sky yet surrounded below in darkness. There was a muffled noise from behind her. She didn't understand why, but her mind quickly flooded with fear. It was impossible for her to will her sight to glance behind. The muffled noises grew louder, and more concerning, nearer. As she stood trembling the noises stopped. Mia began to relax until a voice quietly whispered into her ear. "You don't deserve these pretty things, you deserve nothing..." Mia turned around to see her mother standing inches from her and without another word she simply disappeared into fog, drifting up into the night sky. Suddenly she felt a strange sticky sensation on her feet. How had she not noticed this before? Mia looked down to horrifically find her feet and all the area around her drenched in blood. As she began to panic and walk backwards now her white dress was stained red, as well as her hands. She stumbled back and fell down. Her body sank slowly deeper and deeper into the blood soaked ground. Try as she might she could not escape until finally she took her last gasps of air as her face was submerged into the dark red liquid. 6:10am Mia awoke on her sheets slightly damp with sweat. It took her a few moments to get her breathing under control, but once she had she was able to take in the beautiful morning around her. She could hear baby birds chirping outside her window and the smell of fresh baked bread was just starting to waft in from the bakery attached to her home. She stood up quickly with a sigh of relief and examined herself and her 'bed', this would not do. A smile graced her face as Mia walked over to the window on her left. She cast open the shutters and dim morning light flooded into the room. The home was small, just this single room, but that was all Mia needed. She had moved into here recently after the death of her mother three months prior. She was experiencing a new sense of freedom now without her mother's rules to abide by, but also a lot more self reliance. The move had been quite easy for her, her previous home wasn't much bigger than the new room, but it had been a proper home with a small kitchen and fireplace. This new home was a small room attached to the back end of the local bakery. She managed to acquire the room rent free as long as she handled simple morning chores at the bakery such as bringing water from market and sweeping before bed. She even received stale bread for dinner after the bakery closed at night. The arrangement often seemed too good to be true. Mia had her suspicions that the Baker's wife had other reasons for keeping her around. Specifically, possibly, for her son Fernando. He was in his mid twenties and unwed. The man had a very pigish face, large protruding ears, sizable nose, and a double chin from clearly too much bread. The Baker family had been unsuccessful in acquiring any sort of marriage proposal that was advantageous for their status and his mother simply gave up trying to find one. The Baker's wife had set her sights to the future, it didn't matter the status, she simply needed to find her son a beautiful wife to produce beautiful grandchildren, whom then could make a better marriage. Mia fit the bill. Mia stood in front of the window for awhile admiring the new sun. The warm beams made her copper hair glow with fiery gold hues. Her moon-like grey eyes glistened as she viewed the new day with the wonder and excitement you might see in a child's eyes. Her eyes closed as she took a deep breath of morning air before turning back around and hurriedly fixing up the place. She tidying some of her few belongings on a rocking chair in the corner and then set out some fresh clothes to wear. She looked back at the window making sure there weren't any on gazers before she let her sleeping dress fall from her shoulders to the ground. Her ivory skin was revealed to the daylight as Mia took a few moments stretching her arms up above her head. She got out an elegant cat like stretch before adorning her lower half with a white frilly, trouser-like garment that came to her knees. Next she threw a large white long sleeves chemise over her top frame. After that came a brown sleeveless dress and finally she loosely secured a dark brown corset with off white flowers around her waist. Mia ran a brush through her long hair quickly before turning abruptly to leave. Just as her hand touched the door knob it swung open all on its own. Staring back at her from across the entry way that lead to the bakery was her lovely landlady, the baker's wife. The short rotund woman looked Mia up and down sternly. Mia gave a sheepish apologetic smile and tried to get a word in, but before she could say anything the baker's wife had put up her hand to silence her. "Mia, my girl, this just will not do." The woman walked around to her back. "tsk tsk tsk. not at all" Mia attempted to turn and face her but the woman shoved her forward into the wall. "Put up your hands." "What?..but.." "You can not go out there in front of my Fernando without this blasted corset drawn properly..." Mia obediently put her hands up on the wall next to the door as the Baker's wife began to re-cinch her corset. As she tightened the garment Mia felt her lungs compress as some air was forced out of her. Her already small waist was made even tinier and her beautifully formed breasts were forced up creating an enticing amount of cleavage. When she was done Mia stood back up properly and turned around for the woman to see. She definitely looked better, her figure very alluring and sensual. The woman nodded at her handiwork. "Much better." her tone was very matter of fact. Mia quietly questioned, "May I go collect the water from market now?" The baker's wife looked up with a small frown as if Mia had rudely interrupted her thinking. She shook her hand shooing her out of the room. "Yes yes silly girl, but make sure you say good morning to my son on your way out." Mia was polite and simply curtsied and nodded. "Of course ma'am" She then quickly turned and dashed out of the room. Mia smiled as she greeted customers in the bakery. A couple people offered her a good morning which she delightfully replied back. She was finally through the shop and at the front door when she saw Fernando standing by the water pails. His eyes were irritated and glazed over; his demeanor could be best described as grumpy. Mia looked him up and down as he was unaware of her presence. It wasn't that she was only un-attracted to him, physical looks were something she could easily get past, but Fernando was also simply dull. She couldn't see a future with him at all. Mia took a little breath in, or at least as much as her corset would allow, and proceeded over. "Good morning Fernando! Isn't it a beautiful day?" Mia's lips curled into a beautiful smile as she approached him elegantly, her hands clasped together in front of her. Fernando scoffed at first, but then he glanced over at her and his eyebrows rose. "The day is bleak, it's much too early to be out of bed...mother insisted though. You are looking quite nice." He stood up a little straighter as if he could look impressive somehow. Mia ignored his comment about the morning and simply continued polite as ever, "I was just about to head out to market and fetch some water." Her eyes darted down to the buckets at his feet and back up as if she were asking for his assistance. At first Fernando appeared to look confused, but as the idea dawned on him, he quickly snatched up the buckets and handed them to her. "Oh. Yes. That... of course." He grumbled. Then as she reached to take them from him he continued, "I could accompany you to the market if you wish." A cheesy grin spread across his face not hiding at all how clever he thought himself. This was not something Mia wanted to deal with this morning so she took the buckets and began to walk backwards. As she walked she hurriedly came up with excuses. " Fernando... I would not dream of troubling you with this. You look exhausted still, get some more rest instead. I will be back in a little while." Mia hurried away down the cobblestone road before Fernando could argue. Instead he simply shrugged his shoulders and headed back inside the bakery. "I should get some more sleep," He mumbled to himself. 8:00am Mia had returned from market with her water pails full. She had happily delivered them to the Baker before running off to her other job across town. When she had begun to understand the baker's wife's intentions she had immediately looked for another job. If she could muster up enough money to pay her landlord's rent, then she wouldn't feel as bad turning down Fernando's proposal. She now stood outside her second job. Carved into the front door of the large home was the name Strozzi. Mia stood outside and looked over the facade of the estate. It was massive to her, the gorgeous architecture was breathtaking. She took a step towards the main door but stopped when she heard someone call her to the right. Mia turned to see a woman poking out of a side door to the estate. "Girl are you crazy? The help does not walk in through the front door! Come here!" Mia looked back at the front entry way and then quickly walked over to the side where the other woman stood. The woman moved so the Mia could walk inside and as she did the door was gently closed behind her. "What is your name child?" " Marite Magdelinna'am..." She gave a little bow, but the woman didn't wait before speaking. "Ah, yes yes. This way, we needed new staff to deal with the sick girl." "Sick?" Mia questioned. "Yes, sick. Miss Aurelia Strozzi has grown quite ill. Poor thing. The Condottiero didn't want to risk any of his trusted staff getting sick so we will be needing your assistance until she passes." This news didn't make Mia feel very well at all. Only a couple months ago she had watched her own mother go through the same thing. At least she knew what to expect. They walked through the tiny hallways and up a couple flights of stairs. Then they passed through doors which lead into a much wider and grand hallway. The woman closed the door behind Mia. Mia now understood that the confined web of hallways and stairs that they had been walking in previously were the servant's chambers. This area must be the actual estate. As they walked down to the far room Mia was entranced by the suits of armor and wonderful paintings that adorned the wall. "This is Miss Aurelia's room." The woman shoved some fresh sheets she had been carrying into Mia's arms. "Change her bed, empty her chamber pot, fix it up nice, and keep the sweet thing company. If you need me I'll be back down in the hidden areas." Mia nodded and squeaked out a meek, "alright" before she was left by herself. She then entered the room. The overall feeling in the air was just depressing. Aurelia lay in bed with the sheets pulled up high. Her skin was tinted a bit green and her lips looked icy. The girls jet black hair was strewn all about untidy and beads of sweat trailed down her forehead. Mia noted how similar she looked to her mother. It wouldn't be long now, only a matter of days. There were two other people in the room, but Mia thought it best to immediately tend to her duties. She placed the clean sheets down and began to clean the room. One was a man, probably in his late forties. Despite his age he appeared to be very strong, tall, and fit. His grey hair only made him appear more respectable. His features were dark and sharp. He glanced over at Mia, but then continued his conversation as if she didn't exist. "As you can see the situation is quite unfortunate." His voice boomed out to the woman who stood by Aurelia's bed. Mia noted her immaculate beauty. She had raven black hair that matched the sick girl beneath her, but her's was pulled back into a tight bun. She wore a gown made of swan's feathers atop her golden skin. Her eyes stared down at her sister drowning in sadness. "Have you contacted the doctor I told you of... the Sicilian?" She questioned and looked back at her father. "Yes, but he won't be able to get here in time. She will be gone by the end of the week." His reply was cold, almost irritated. The woman reached her hand out a few inches from Aurelia's face. "NO!" The Condottiero's voice commanded and the woman retracted her hand quickly looking back at him. "It's already a tragedy that I won't be able to set up a proper suitor for your sister at the Masquerade the Medici's are hosting tonight. I don't need you getting sick as well. You've already proven to be barren to your husband, so many disappointments Octavia." She didn't seem mad or upset by his words, instead she coolly replied, "Perhaps he is the one who is sterile. I haven't heard of any whispers about his whores producing a child." This brought a smile to her father's face. "Yes, well, I assume you would have that taken care of even if you had heard a rumor." Octavia returned the smile. "Father, you presume too much." Octavia then sauntered over to a gorgeous silver gown that was hanging by the dresser. Mia looked up and momentarily stopped cleaning. The Condottiero spoke once again before Octavia had a chance to touch the gown. "Your sister tried it it's most likely infected. Such a shame, it cost me a small fortune." His cold eyes then looked to Mia. "Girl, take this gown to the garbage heap. Have it burned." Mia looked shocked as if he had just asked her to jump out the window. The Condottiero's face looked even more unpleasant than before now. "Can you hear me or are you daft? I said take the gown and leave!" "Yes sir, of course!" Mia replied and grabbed the gown before quickly retreating from of the room.
  8. Name: Octavia Strozzi de' Cellini Age: 22 Mother: Celine Baldovinetti Strozzi Father: Giambattista Strozzi - Condottiero of Florence (War General) Appearance: Personality: Octavia is cool, collected, and methodical. Her temperament is almost impossible to anger and paired with a cold and ruthless mindset. She has no regard for life besides the well being of herself and her sister. She is the perfect chameleon able to hide her devious intentions and hidden agendas. Most people see her as a rare and elegant beauty, but only her father and sister have seen how black her soul really is. However, she doesn't act out of a love for violence and discord, her actions are precisely calculated to further her families social status. Biography: Her beauty from a young age was topic of discussion which caused her father to view her as a prized possession. Octavia and Aurelia are the daughters of Giambattista Strozzi the Condottiero of Florence. Because her father produced no sons, Octavia was trained in strategy and diplomacy. She was always treated as an asset rather than a daughter receiving only instruction and knowledge from her father, but lacking greatly in love. She was sought after by most prominent men because of her beauty, eventually her father chose the Duke Antonio de' Cellini as her husband because he could further their family's status most. Octavia was more than happy to be used as a family pawn. However, she was unable to produce an heir in the first four years of marriage which is a cause for concern and the mood in her new powerful home is turning for the worst. Her husband in recent months has been known to have frequent affairs and Octavia is in need of a plot before her husband creates a bastard heir.
  9. Name: Aurelia Strozzi Age: 17 Mother: Celine Baldovinetti Strozzi Father: Giambattista Strozzi - Condottiero of Florence (War General) ​Appearance: Personality: Because of her sickness Aurelia appears to be docile and quiet. Before she became ill however, she was viewed as a very stubborn and entitled child. * spoilers - post vamperism* Aurelia is very volatile and temperamental. She expects to get what she wants when she wants. The word "no" does not register with her. She is an extremely violent creature with insatiable blood lust that can only be controlled by her older sister. She experiences mood swings between being a bratty teenage girl and an uncontrollable monster.
  10. Name: Marite Magdelinna Lanza Nickname: Mia Age: 20 Mother: Marite Francesca Lanza - In her younger years Marite Francesca was an Italian courtesan. She was the entertainment of the finest royals of the Italian court. However after she became pregnant with Mia, at the age of 19, her family disowned her and she was forced to sell all of her fine jewels and noble gifts to support her child. When the money from that ran out she became a common prostitute. Mia was constantly reminded of this as she grew up it was a point of guilt her mother made her feel her whole life. Marite Francesca passed away 3 months prior to the beginning of the story due to disease. Father: Unknown - he was an extremely rich foreign merchant speculated to be from England and was never told of Mia's existence as far as she knows. She is constantly told her skin & hair comes from him. Appearance: - moon-like gray eyes - height 5ft 5'' Personality: Light hearted, curious, and whimsical. Mia finds beauty in the everyday mundane and is someone who you can tell is simply happy to be alive. She tends to bring joy to those around her easily and brightens up the room. Mia is a girl who has no filter on her thoughts and tends to think out loud. This causes people to view her as strange and a daydreamer. She does have an overactive curiosity which can sometimes get her into trouble. An annoying quality of hers is that she will incessantly apologize too much when she is nervous. This trait was ingrained into her by her mother, whom was constantly blaming her for the state of their life. Biography: Mia spent most of her life taking care of the home where her and her mother resided. During the day her mother had her do all of the house chores and twice a week she would accompany Mia to the market. Every night her mother would head out to the local tavern to "work" and Mia would be instructed to stay inside and let no one in. This lead to her having absolutely no social life. Her only interactions with other people were at the Market. In these times, because of her age, Mia should have been offered off as a bride already, but because of their low social status Mia's mother had never made such attempts. Recently Mia underwent a drastic life change. When her mother passed away Mia experienced a new kind of freedom and slowly became more and more outgoing. This started with spending time among the cities populated areas and discovering small flowering areas. She was enjoying her time exploring and discovering all the beauty that the city had to offer her. Mia was still being very careful though and not venturing out at night. In the more recent weeks her money had run very low and she was forced to find a job as a maid at the Strozzi family estate tending to their sick daughter Aurelia Strozzi.
  11. A boy tentatively walked into a dark gym entrance. The main door was made of solid wood beams which creaked open as they swung open revealing a dark and dismal pathway. He took a gulp as he cautiously walked forward into the chasm. As the darkness engulfed the young man he looked back behind him giving his final goodbye's to his fellow travelers. Jellybean sat across the road at a cafe watching the whole ensemble take place. She slowly sipped a soda through a long and twirly straw as she watched the newcomer challenge the pokemon gym. Jellybean was taking her time, she had heard this was the toughest gym in the region and wasn't going to take any chances rushing in. Sure she could go ahead and challenge the leader and lose on the first try, come back later with a better strategy once she knew what she was up against. But really, what was the fun in that? No, better to sit outside and examine the caliber of trainers who challenged and lost. There was a roar that tore through the ground and shook the earth around them. Jellybean's table and all surrounding furniture and civilians were shaken in a moment as something powerful inside the gym unleashed it's attack. Jellybean stood up leaving the drink on the table. She stared straight ahead with a fiery gaze. The drink on the table slowly wobbled and eventually fell to the ground because of the subsiding tremors. The boy came out, his face almost white, carrying the body of a Starmie in his arms. His companions circled around him and then the three helped carry the unconscious pokemon to a center near by. That was enough for Jellybean. She sauntered forward stepping into the daylight in front of the gym. The sun highlighting her red hair which was pulled back into a high braid. Her bright green eyes glanced down at her waist where her six companion pokemon balls rested on her belt harness. They would do. She walked past the recent losers and headed into the dark abyss. In the dim light all that was visible was the sway of her black cheerleader pleated skirt and her lime green sneakers as they echoed through the hall. Admist the darkness there was a bright light which emitted a Dratini from inside. A rival trainer called out for Jellybean to halt, but without missing a beat she flicked her wrist and an Espeon beamed forward. There was a bright pink light and shimmering sparkles through out he darkness before the adversary was called back. "Good boy Shiva." Jellybean spoke quietly as the espeon returned to her side. His bright neon purple eyes glowed as they continued through the darkness to the gym's center. Finally the pair stopped and a spot light illuminated them to whomever was around. Jellybean raised an arm to shield her face. As she squinted and adjusted her eyes to the light she dusted off her black tanktop which bared the pokemon elite four logo. Shiva hid behind Jellybean as she confidently spoke out. "My name is Jellybean Whia and I challenge this Gym!"
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