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    + 30 Seconds to Mars, Gears of War, Supernatural, drawing/art, video games, music, Rping, writing, Jared Leto, 1D, Tumblr, and my iPod <3 My life summed up in a nut shell.

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    I am quick and prefer long posts
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    Marcus Razen Jericho Lecter

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  1. Haihaihai! :)

    See, like I said, I cannot be the only cannibal here -Omnomnomnom- If I am going to be sacrified to this Great and Terrible Sean, at least make it a memorable and explicit one. I cannot die a glorious death, and mind you my heart shall be ripped out and my soul plundering the isles of Hell. But I shall be back. They always come back. -Evil laugh-
  2. Haihaihai! :)

    Hello c:
  3. Haihaihai! :)

    She's proclaimed many toys in her dungeon so I am sure we can roam about ourselves c; [insert evil laugh here] KITE, HI! (Which is what you told me to call you, I am unsure of your preferred nicknames here.) Yeah, I was coerced into this when we were texting each other one day and she lured me in, gave me a sedative, worked her magic and, well, here I am! Thank you, it wasn't hard to find this place (given her directions and all) and warm up to the new scenery. DOCTOROCTOGONAPUS HAS STRUCK AGAIN, ALAS WITH A MIGHTY NEED! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG!
  4. Haihaihai! :)

    Oh that's okay c: He's finally over, huh? I am glad you finally get to meet him, hope you're having fun and enjoy it :3 Oh I am sure with my witty perseverance and sarcastic demeanor I'll eventually find a group of buddies, but in due time ;A;
  5. Haihaihai! :)

    Ooooo, see, I think you'd have to fight ice on that one—and she's very barbaric! Nice to meet you, too, though :]
  6. Haihaihai! :)

    Hey Ice-butt! :D I was wondering when you were going to pop your little head in and give a little surprise. Haha they're quite the characters from what I can see already :3
  7. Haihaihai! :)

    I am sure we all have our moments. I mean, don't we all just go cannibal at some point in our lives? Or is that just me? Back to the basics I presume, and green as grass from the looks of it :3 I'm sure I am going to have a pleasant time, if my soul hasn't been consumed by then, otherwise I'll be a sole survivor for the time being. Good thing mommy taught me not to trust strangers.
  8. Haihaihai! :)

    That's the best kind of people, and she's particularly known for that. I should've guessed as much! A sneaky and cunning one she is.
  9. Haihaihai! :)

    Why hello! c: I was introduced to this site roughly this week by a dear friend of mine, Ice, whom is also registered here! I was assured that this place is lovely with welcoming and friendly people, and I knew to trust her word on that. As of who I am? My name is Kate but I've been given (and offered) many nicknames/aliases such as Synile, Vyn, Vaelyis, and various sub-nicknames that branch from my name itself (Kit-Kat, Katerz, Kate-Nater, etc.). I don't mind which one you'd like to call me, it's really all up to what you feel is simple and easy to remember (I am comfortable with any one of them)! I am a very outgoing, eccentric and sarcastic person (hopefully that isn't much of an issue), and I don't do as much writing as most would presume, role playing is like a side hobby of mine if I am not drawing, play video games, or going to work. I've always been more interested in long posts and fantasy related role-playing—even though I've been trying to move forward and look around at other options. I also have had some interest in role-plays that revolve around fandoms, video games, movies of the likes—particularly anything that I am familiar with! But, if you want to know more about myself? Well, that's pretty easy! I am a superb Supernatural fan (I binge on it when it seems unnecessary), play one too many video games (I own an Xbox 360 S with various 30+ video games but my favorite video game series are Gears of War, Dead Space, Skyrim, Resident Evil, and some of the Call of Duty games), watch a lot of television (currently working on Criminal Minds while gushing over my favorite shows), and I draw during my free time c: I am not a professional artist (I don't assume or think of myself as one), but more along the lines of an experienced artist since elementary school and have been doodling, sketching and doing concepts since I was at least 11. I am not shy about my work, so if anyone would love to see my artwork I can happily provide links here on this site and welcome you into my world of imagination! I do various works of fantasy (dragons mostly), abstract, concepts, and works of random alien-like dragons if you will! Sometimes I will break from my comfort zone and try something new while yearning to improve as an artist. I listen to a lot of music. It's my way of immersing myself into a world I feel comfortable with and it helps with my writing and art. I listen to various genres, mostly consumed by rock, alternative, pop, classical/instrumental, soundtrack (movie or game scores), some rap (hip-hop/rap), and the likes. My favorite band is 30 Seconds to Mars and quite frankly I always listen to them and wind up quoting their lyrics or fusing them within my pieces (mostly) :D I could babble more on who I am, what I do and provide a novel, but I wish to keep this short and simple unless you want to know more about myself! Basically that is me summed up in a nut-shell c: I am hoping to get to know some of you fairly well, meet some amazing people on here, and possibly grow a little bit more in a role-player and immerse my inner writer side. Thank you for stumbling upon this little welcoming thread of mine and introducing yourselves :3