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  1. Oi.

    Heyo, I'm mreloquence. I joined the site because vplx or "vlpx" wanted me to, and I was relatively interested. I have 3+ years of role-playing experience on MMO's and the like. Only a few forums though, regrettably. So I was hoping I could get together with some people and have a jolly time. Or not. But if not then that fuckin' blows. Anyway, I have several character ideas and I'd like to try role-playing out on this format. Looks like it'll be fun.
  2. Oi.

    Hey, everyone. I appreciate the growing size of the welcome wagon. Now it's more like a welcome chariot. Anyway, I'm relatively new to forum role-playing, so as far as genres go... I typically like to build upon universes that have already been created. Typically video games, and do role-plays in settings like that. Also yeah I'll be sure to ask you guys some stuff if I have any questions. P.S my 4 year old suicide inducing skype name is epicfaceguy343 I can't change it please send help
  3. In Cold Blood

    The lone Breton mans slightly-pointed ears perked up in curiosity, as he heard the commotion coming from the unfamiliar tavern. He contemplates ignoring it and moving on, but the growling in his stomach reminds him what he had been seeking out anyway. He let out a sigh, the chilled autumn air cutting quickly through his cloak and hood. He reluctantly stepped into the light of the tavern, ears immediately driven wild with the sounds of boisterous patrons, drinking songs and the silent cursing of a disgruntled bartender. "Certainly an eclectic crowd, tonight." he thought to himself as he pushed past the noise, towards the counter. He approached the bartender, about to order before hearing the bellowing, gravelly voice of an old Nord adventurer, a few chairs to his left. He listens to the man, and raises an eyebrow, remembering the lightness of his coin pouch and emptiness of his stomach. Besides, Edwyn always was one for a little adventure. He sits on a stool, leaning against the bar as the man finishes his "speech". His curiosity piqued, he lazily raises his hand. "I'll join you." he says nothing more, turning his attention back to the bartender, simply happy that the mans voice had silenced the commotion of the rest of the tavern.
  4. In Cold Blood [Discussion]

    Hey, guys. I've recently been introduced to this site by vlpx n' stuff, so I'm going to be in on this relatively soon. I'm going to build myself a welcome wagon in the meantime. All aboard. P.S Werewolf ties in my character, so I'm callin' the dibs as it were.