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  1. ((OOC: Heyoo! I'm really new to roleplaying in a forum so please offer me any tips and tricks you have! If I do something wrong tell me as soon as possible. I hate being the last to know if there is an error in my information or spelling. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to this!)) The loud resonating beeps of the alarm clock is all that could be heard in the young high school kid's home. The mother was off doing whatever protest was supposed to be caught on television and the father was working in his boring and frustrating bank job. As some time rolled past with the slightly hypnotic beeps she finally smashed her palm down onto the button. Long raspy groans and yawns swirled throughout the still air in her home, eyes crusty from sleep. Too bad summer was over. The girl sat up, rubbed her eyes, stretched her arms till the joints popped, and stood up as slowly as a person probably could in all of man-kind. Though, this doesn't really tell you who this girl is so let us backtrack a bit. This so called young girl was Moumita Molpe Soyinka. Apparently being adopted to an American family made her parents freak out a bit about her heritage. As if she even knew what her 'people' were like. Regardless, her silly name had over the years become Mou rather than some offering up to where she was born. If you had to place her style of dressing anywhere it would be somewhere between boho chic and 'I picked all these items off of my floor in a dark room'. Other than her lovely complexion and style Mou's height was something to ogle at as well as she stood at a whopping six feet tall. But rather than ramble on all day about her silly looks let us move into more important issues! Just like every other time Mou had to go to school she showered and flung on some clothes. Nothing special really just some jeans, a sweater, and an old scarf tied loosely around her hips. Well those and her scuffed up ratty old sneakers from the year before. Ahh recycling, am I right? With her clothes and hair done she went onto the rest of her routine until finally it was time to head out. Bag hoisted up on one shoulder and sunglasses on Mou began the slow boring trudge to the school she'd come to...Well, not hate exactly but defiantly not love in the slightest. Squeaks filled the air of the mostly empty hallways as she passed by room after room. Which was hers again? Oh it was right here. Not wanting to draw too much attention to being late she shuffled in and sat at one of the remaining seats, bag smashing a bit loudly into the wall as she tried taking it off. Wince. "So sorry about that," she sighed, cheeks tinged softly with a red color to show off her embarrassment. Of course she couldn't get through the first minute of class without causing a mini seen. "I'm Mou by the way--" the girl interjected softly to the teacher. At least she would get partial attendance for the day... right? ((OOC: Oh I don't feel terribly positive with this post but I am really rusty with this whole thing. Sorry guys! I'm really hoping to be a bit better really soon!))