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  1. Oh golly, I'm sorry! I've been a little busy with school, but yes I am here and the roleplay is still down to go. I wanted to see if anyone else would post their thing first, but I guess I will! :^D
  2. Gaea's Amateur Hour

    So sometimes I try to draw, and I enjoy posting those attempts! Because hey, everybody has to start somewhere. Mediocrity is a blessing in itself. So here are some pieces of art I created that I like. latest drawing! this is a mime oc of mine. some messy doodles of other recent ocs my sad attempt at a comedic comic my tablet broke, so lately I have to do a lot of traditional stuff. I enjoy filling pages up with markers. Soooo.... yeah. I'll probably post other stuff when I draw it. I'm borrowing my friend's tablet right now.
  3. Hi Nervous I'm Dad

    Hi Vulgarath! I'm glad you decided to join. You can relax though, you don't have to be so scared. You are totally as cool as a sunglasses emoji.
  4. That's alright! I've got many irons in the fire at the moment as well, but I'll do my best to drop in periodically. However, at the moment we should work on the setup of the thing. Specifically, characters. I've also come up for a pseudo-explanation for the themes of the costumes. The test product that causes it is a series of sugary drinks. All coming in matching labels, and color-coded for flavor, the company was trying a new marketing scheme where each bottle had an customized slogan on the bottle. Cheesy things such as "It tastes like a dream", "Feel the spark", or "Love fever". Each character who had the drink had a specific slogan, which later becomes the theme for their magical personas. Someone who had the love fever bottle would have a cupid style outfit and powers, tastes like a dream would lead to an outfit that would be pajamas themed with a power related to dreams, etc. Without further ado, here's the character form. Name: Age: Personality: Background: Original Appearance: Magical Persona: (How your character changes after getting infected. Hair colour, ridiculously short magical girl skirt, weapon, special abilities, etc. you should probably include a vague idea of the negative symptoms your character goes through, and a potential monster form if they ever come to that) Theme/Slogan: Other:
  5. Knew I was forgetting something. How about this: A well-known company recently released a new test product, a popular sugary drink, into the city very shortly before the epidemic started. Not everyone who consumes it contracts the condition, but everyone who has contracted the condition had the drink shortly before their symptoms started to appear. Albeit a cliche, the endgame is to investigate the source of the disease, the company who is trying to cover it up and discover how to stop it before the characters lose their minds altogether.
  6. So a summary of the basic plot so far. The characters try to stay healthy but individually end up catching the disease, begin hallucinating and fighting other magical girls and magic related 'monsters' that are fighting to contain them, and during the entire thing they are struggling to remain sane, find some sort of cure and not mutate into freaky anime monsters. Does that sound good?
  7. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [Hope this is an okay place to jump in! :^0] It was at this moment that the bandit known as Frank was feeling, as usual, rather overwhelmed. While his coworkers brandished the usual swords and axes, he had drawn the short straw yet again, and had been forced into the front of the surrounding circle wielding nothing but a measly dagger clutched so tightly his knuckles had gone white. For the fourth time that day, he found himself wishing that he were someone else, or at least, somewhere else. These feelings weren't because he was a coward, he absentmindedly told himself instead of focusing on the battle at hand. He'd admit he was a coward, but anyone would be scared in his circumstance, and he found himself worrying on whether or not he and his cohorts stood any chance against the intruders. He knew that his boss, Zaza, would be fine. Probably. Frank had always admired his leader, he thought that Zaza had great intentions, albeit not being the nicest guy around. But who could spare niceness when Balthur still terrorized the land? No, the beast tamer's actions made sense, which was at least what Frank told himself, even if he didn't quite believe it. The audible crunch of Xion's hand brought Frank back to reality, as well as gut wrenching fear. He had never liked that Xion. The other bandit had always made astronomically rude comments about the rune like scars on Frank's face, which was a particularly sensitive subject to the man. Frank had never liked being a bandit much either, but the guy had never been cut out for other work. What he wanted to get into was sorcery, but being a self proclaimed magician in training didn't seem to be a very profitable career choice. Gazing over the intruders with fearful eyes, Frank couldn't resist taking a hesitant step back, cautiously allowing some other, much more bloodthirsty bandits to take his place. He told himself that naturally he would still be prepared to attack, but how could Balthur be stopped if he just carelessly threw his life away? He willed himself to shrink up and be as unnoticeable as possible, trying his best to slink into the back of the group.
  8. Ero, of course! And what a cute marine dude. Nothing like big guys with a feminine side. There should be an emphasis on the technical side of it, of how it's a disease. They develop strong negative symptoms such as hallucinations and paranoia. Maybe those who have contracted it see it otherwise, believing that the healthy have been cursed by an evil entity and that it is their mission to 'cure' the healthy by spreading the virus. An easy antagonist could be the company who accidentally caused the spread, they attempt to quarantine the illness, which involves fighting and containing the magical girls. Masks and fullbody suits used to prevent catching it could easily be mistaken by hallucinating sick people as evil monsters that they must fight to defend love itself.
  9. Wstfgl, the question is, does he reject or embrace his new makeover?? Solyeuse, wonderful!! By the way, do any of you guys have ideas or feedback on anything the plot needs? I'm uncertain if the premise so far is enough to remain sustainable.
  10. Hi guys!!!

    Ohhhhh! Well I will keep that in mind for all of my demon related needs. Sorry, yes, please don't flirt with me!! Chibiusa aside, I am actually a minor. Thank you guys for all of the compliments though, omg!! I'm flattered... I like to think that I'm pretty cute. Afraid not Ero, I'm a huge sucker for the classic Sailor Moon series, but I can't stand the animation style of crystal.
  11. Oh golly, I didn't know! I know that feeling all too well, the last RP group I was in just fizzled out. Radical that you would be in on this, though!! Also if you were to join, consider giving a brief idea of what kind of character you would want to use! :^D So that we can plan themes out ahead and among other things. Stuff like personality, thematic elements in their magical persona, powers and maybe an idea of how the side effects go bad in their character. For an example, I was thinking my character could be an anxious kid with angel/occult themes, who ends up taking the magical thing too far and comes to the conclusion that the magical kids are the holy chosen ones or some other religious nonsense. For weapons I was thinking either a flaming sword or an enchanted looking staff that they end up smacking people with instead of casting any spells.
  12. So I see that there isn't much open action going on in the student section other than the mini-rp, so I thought I'd start a thread, get into the loop a little bit! :^) So what I was thinking was a story idea I had at one point that I never did anything with. The premise is that either through a computer virus sent from a bizarre end of the internet or through a popular candy/sports drink brand, certain individuals get 'infected' by a virus that causes unfortunate side effects. Mainly, they become magical girls. It becomes branded as the magical girl disease, with side effects being that victims start sparkling, their hair changes color, and they undergo glittery transformations into peculiar magic frilly dresses before wielding colorful over-sized weapons and overzealous attacks with names like ~*~*Love Dreamer Miraculous Healing Storm*~*~. But not necessarily 'normal' magical girls, the side effects could also include mutating into monsters and out of control powers, whatever it is it's over the top, bonus points if it still manages to be super cliche to the magical girl genre. The overall idea that I was thinking of that it would be incredibly contagious, the disease features several stages as side effects appear very slowly, before a highlight phase where everything seems good and magical and "everyone should want this!!!" before the next stage kicks in, the side effects grow out of control and it starts to linger on the edge of psychological horror. They also may start hallucinating and attacking random civilians who they mistake for monsters? I wasn't sure if I wanted to add that, looking for some feedback. Certain characters try to avoid becoming infected, and if they do contract the disease, they might deal with trying to: stay sane, defeat their magical enemies, and avoid the company who released the product, who is now attempting to capture and contain any evidence of their product's side effects. Also, I say magical girl as an umbrella term so that people get the idea of the genre I'm talking about, the characters themselves could be any gender. A lot of the concept is still under development, though. Would anyone be interested in joining or collaborating on this?
  13. Hi guys!!!

    Thank you everybody!! Yeah, Cleo's my usual nickname, though I try to avoid it when introducing myself. When people hear it verbally, they always end up calling me Chloe. Who's ever heard of Chloepatra? Uni-cycling is relatively difficult. Thanks for the help Scholars! I'm good so far, I reread all of the rules at least three times before joining, haha. I'm sorry for such a boring introduction! I'm bad at talking to people, even on the internet. Trying to improve on that. @Sono, thanks, but if I ever needed help on demon summoning I would just go to my mom. They're a witch. :^D
  14. Hi guys!!!

    Hi! I haven't roleplayed in an awfully long while, so this forum looks like a good place to satisfy the craving. My name is Cleopatra, I adore drawing and coming up with stories. Hobbies include unicycle riding, sleeping, and spending an unhealthy amount of time on the computer. I was homeschooled until just last year, and I am now a junior in highschool. In my experience so far I tend to prefer casual fantasy, usually a good paragraph or two will suffice. Anyways, its nice to meet you all, and I hope I become an active member of this community!! :^)