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  1. Unchained (.//hack or SAO style rp)

    As with most of my plans, they're open for debate. I prefer to have everyone happy with a theme or setup before I actually start an rp
  2. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Zephyr stretched out his wings and with a single motion leapt into the air away from the charging beast and it's master. He hovered overhead, his emerald eyes watching the ensuing... Battle? Negotiation? The action below. He couldn't tell exactly what was going on, who were the good guys, who were the bad? He shook his mind free from the polarized thoughts and made a dive for the girl who had been restrained. Dropping to his feet in front of the bandit that held her. Good or bad, taking a hostage was a cowards tactic... "I'd let her go if I were you..." He unsheathed two daggers from their holster on his belt, pointing one of the sharp blades at the man. His eyes narrowing as he watched for his next move.
  3. erm... hai?

    You could still share ... Just sayin'
  4. Unchained (.//hack or SAO style rp)

    1. In-game. Any information for characters outside of "Void" will be learned during play. 2. I'm open to the idea of outside-of-game play, although currently I'm looking more to have the players trapped inside, with potential for exceptions. 3. The way I have it worked out in my head is that "void" will have a number of different worlds. Each world will have their own styles while staying true to the original theme. Fantasy, steampunk, colonial, anything from elves, to faeries, to airships... The options are all there. 4. I knew I should have put that in... I'm intending max level to be 60 currently, but with most people only having played for a few weeks I'd like most players to be low-moderately leveled. Again... Some exceptions may exist. All of this depends on feedback... But I do have a core theme im trying to stick with.
  5. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Zephyr watched as a number of bandits appeared, swords and axes in hand as they encircled the group. He was shocked and irritated that the man had practically shrugged off his initial attack. He clenched his fist and stood upright as he shouted. "I care because every animal inherantly has free will! Allegience should be given not forcefully taken!" As Zaza continued speaking he backed away, emerald eyes locking onto the others. His teeth clenched as he saw a bandit snatching the girl by her wrist. He threw his hands up defensively and stepped to the center of the action. "wait... Balthur has returned?!" Utter shock laced his words. Truth be told he had no clue who Balthur was, but was hoping to diffuse the situation long enough to figure out exactly what was going on.
  6. It's only been one year since the Perceived Reality Integration and Synaptic Signal Manipulator, also known as Prissm, was released to consumers. It was heralded as the most lifelike virtual reality system to have ever been invented. It was originally used for a cheaply rendered, half-added game called "Everland" that barely scored 10 million players worldwide, it was also used for it's interesting method for surfing the internet. Two months ago an ad for a new game to be released on the Prissm system swept the world, news outlets and social media was in an absolute uproar. The new game, "Void" had over 1 million pre-orders less than a month after the initial previews. It boasted the most realistic operating engine, multiple worlds with diverse mechanics. The maker of the Prissm system and the creator of Void have been working hand in hand for this project and have promised that it will be nothing like anything the world has ever seen. -------------- Okay... That's the general concept. I know many roleplays have followed this concept. But I'm hoping with the right group of people this can be an amazing roleplay. I will post my own character profile soon, also bear in mind that I will be posting for plot and NPC'S. ----- Profile guidelines. Name - Age - Character level - (preferred range 1-20) Class - Personality - (in depth, or as simple as chaotic neutral) Please include a brief bio. ---------- And as a final note before posting this. Don't be afraid to ask questions and give input... I'm excited to play with you guys
  7. erm... hai?

    Hi raine, thanks for the greetings... And oooh oooh... Birds and bees. Both are evil, do not trust them!
  8. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Large black wings carried the slender form through the air, tucking close to Zephyr's body as he dove through a cloud. The moonlight that had previously illuminated his body was hidden behind the cloud. He had been circling the gathering of people below for a moment. Emerald hues watching as they had a sort of standoff, but seeing the newcomer sitting atop what should have been a wild beast made up his mind. He plummeted towards the group, his eyes locked onto the large man subverting his will into the saddled beast beneath him. Thirty feet, time to line up perfectly. Twenty feet, extend right leg out to make contact. Ten feet, this better work... "Let him goooo!!!" Zephyr screamed as his foot made contact with the man's head before flipping around and landing on the ground between the creature and the others, his wings folding up behind him as he glared at the man through dark brown hair.
  9. erm... hai?

    Thank you all for the warm welcomes!!! 1 - does crunchyroll work on smartphones? 2- *hugs ice and licks her face* you don't taste like a stalker. But feel free to stalk away. It's very nice to meet you 3- I have a kik so if anyone should feel the urge to message me through another platform, that's always an option. XIIIZephyr. Easy enough right? 4- and sono *smacks him with a rolled up newspaper* this is my spot now... But you may rent it... For the low low cost, OF YOUR SOUL!! And finally... Hi Sean!! And on last thing... Where do I post my roleplay concept, I know it s to go under student, but what about the recruitment?
  10. erm... hai?

    No... Hadn't even heard of that till now... Makes me miss having cable :/
  11. erm... hai?

    You're talking about in alfheim? If so, no... I've already finished it.
  12. erm... hai?

    Don't know if I have any Zephyr predecessors here... But I'll glad oh check it out. I prefer fantasy based. I love all types of shows and Animes. My most recent influences have been .//hack and Sword Art Online. I'm obsessed with zombies and survival style RP's. And before you mention it, yes I've seen the "Ghost in the system" roleplay or whatever... I'm wanting to start a rp kinda like it... Just more .//hack-ish ...
  13. erm... hai?

    Lol. Good to hear it. And thanks for the welcome. :3
  14. erm... hai?

    I've been roleplaying for years. But mostly in aol chatrooms so it's fast paced. But I wanted to try something new. For now I Think I'm gonna lurk like some creepy stalker who just bought you a drink ... Ya know, sit in the corner and creep everyone out... Yea, that sounds about right. *nods*
  15. erm... hai?

    Thanks mystic! Glad I found these forums ^^