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  1. [ Well since everyone is in an epic boss fight it would be weird to just magically appear there so.. I think I will just have to have a good ole drink with kote here =P!]

    Roselyn finally made it into the town of Nottingham. It was in all truth smaller then what she thought is was going to be. The town looked a bit depressive in her eyes but what would she know of a town she just came to? Roselyn was tired from the trip and she wondered if there was an inn nearby. Usually she would have loved to just camp out in the woods somewhere but she was feeling like getting a drink and decided to look for an inn. 

    Roselyn was dressed in a dark cloak that hid most of her body and whatever else she was hiding. Her tail was uncomfortable in this cloak but she did not want people to think she was with one of Balthur's henchmen. She sighed softly remembering all to well of what had happened when Balthur came into power. The only thing Roselyn could not hide were her dragon like eyes. But this is why she kept her hood up over her head and hoping it would cover most of her forehead and parts of her eyes. But hiding herself like this put her in a slightly irritated mood as she was part of a noble race. 

    While she was walking around in town she finally came to what looked like an inn. She looked up to read the sign and was happy that she was finally here. She then stepped inside and took a seat at the bar. She looked up at the barmaid and spoke to her softly. "I would like the hardest liquor you got here and whatever you have for food." she said as her stomach growled.  As a Dragonborn Roselyn had a huge appetite and knew that she was going to burn her money tonight. 

  2. A PORO?



    (If you are higher than I am, I'll hate you)

    Also Hello, I guess.

    I am the mightiest Poro alive @_@!!! 

    Yes I do play league :3! Last season I was gold 5 now im silver 5 Dx!!! I am saddened by this deeply @_@! And hello to you as well :3!



    First of all, wowww that sounds interesting. But if we die we're kinda out of the roleplay, aren't we?

    Secondly, OMG spoilers! Haha I haven't watched that far ahead. But I really love SAO's songs.

    Thirdly, forgot to mention! If you want to shop around for roleplays do go to Roleplay Discussion, and you can create your roleplay ideas there too! And in Student Roleplays you'll see something known as Shadows of Chandur. It's a Mini RP that's open for you to jump in anytime, so take a look!

    Omgosh I am so sorry for the spoiler @_@! I thought you were up to date since you asked if I were @_@! And thank you I was looking around last night but I was so sleepy I was not able to jump right into anything @_@!



    This (and what server do you play on?)


    As HH mentioned the two of us are Scholars, so feel free to approach any one of us if you have any questions! I do my best to feed the Poro every ARAM match so you can count on me to be pretty friendly. Yup yup. And yes, do join Shadows of Chandur if you like fantasy RPs!

     I Play on NA server =)! I will make sure to ask if I have any questions thank you :3!

  3. Hello FluffehPoro! That's a really adorable avatar you have there.

    You like murder mystery roleplays? Hey that's something new! I've never been able to write a proper murder mystery cuz I'm not smart enough. ): And it's a genre I don't see often!

    Anime-wise, I've watched SAO and Shingeki no Kyojin (duh). You're watching SAO 2 now, I suppose? And Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus? I'm just eager to gush over the opening song with anyone. >.>

    But anyway yeahh! As mentioned before, I'm one of the Kindly Scholars and you can feel free to seek me out if you need help around here!

    Well in the Murder Mystery im usually the first person to die XD I think it is fun lol! 

    Yes I am watching SAO 2 it is soooo goood right now @_@! I cant believe Deathgun guy was from the original SAO server! Its so awesome @_@! And I have not seen Book of circus yet I need to @_@! I might watch it tomorrow when I have time

  4. Hello new person, and welcome!

    If you have questions, you can direct them to the Kindly Scholars (that's HerculeHastings and TriOctium) or just ask 'em here. We're a welcoming bunch, in general, and we'll be happy to answer! Some of these answers might even be legitimate!

    Have fun. IT IS COMPULSORY

    Thank you for the welcome :3! I will make sure to ask questions when needed :3!

  5. Hello everyone <3! I am new here and I am a FluffehPoro D< Fear me D<! I may be small but  I'm Kawaii and Kawaii power is stronk D<! 

    Alright so I guess I will tell you about me :3! Im not very good with intros so I might just post a bunch of random things about me. 

    So I will start by saying I have roleplayed for 8 years, although it was always off and on so I might be a rusty here and there and I am not to good at grammar but I try @_@! The roleplay's that I like are as follows: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, and Murder Mystery. And I try to write as much as I can each post, but like I said I am not that great >_<!

    Besides Roleplaying I love Anime :3! And I like to draw and do graphic art =)! Im not really good at drawling or graphic art but hey you dont have to be good to enjoy it lol. My favorite Animes as of now are as follows: Naruto, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, Freezing, SAO, Attack on Titan, and Kuroshitsuji. I  have wacthed a bunch of animes that I cant even remember them anymore @_@! Im a very forgetful person and have some memory issues. So if you just should be a picture or something I should remember it :3!

    Im not sure really what else to say but this: I hope I can make friends with all of you ^^! I hope I will enjoy my stay here and get to roleplay with all of you! I am a very kind person and I love to talk and have fun so.... Meep :3!