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  1. Hi Nervous I'm Dad

    Hi I'm nervous. I mean! My name isn't nervous, but I'm really anxious right now. My name is Annabelle. You can call me Anna, or Vulgarath the Destroyer of Worlds, whatever you prefer ♥ I haven't roleplayed in a while, and man I just wanna have fun. Look at this emoji B) that's me. I have 27 fish and a dog. They don't live in the same tank! I mean, my dog doesn't live in a tank. He doesn't breathe water. I'm 16 years old! I like to draw and I really like flowers, but I can't draw flowers. I'm pretty sure I'm a girl. I'm open to most kinds of roleplays but I'm really scared of blood and needles! I'm not afraid of aliens though. If you are making an alien roleplay, hmu. It's nice to meet you all, even though I'm not physically meeting you all. Okay, blastoff. B) B)