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  1. Incursion [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Luke was rather worried, he didn't have much of an idea why he was worried, apart from the general worry inducing state of things. He just couldn't understand why the woman would want go back into the fog. Still he peered out the small window in the reception to his apartment complex, the woman's brother peering right along side him. Gilbert had reluctantly followed him inside as well, though he was making it quite clear that he wasn't happy with that fact. Gillbert kept on mewling and pawing at the door, driving Luke nuts. "Will ya stop that! Try to read the situation for once!" said Luke Gilbert merely turned his neck towards him, "Fiiight!" it said. "What do you mean fight? You did see that thing out there !?" said Luke, with a rather exasperated sigh. "There's no way we can stand against something like that, its impossible I tell you" However Gilbert merely kept looking at him, with what Luke thought carried a hint of accusation. "Fine! I know we can't just leave someone out in the fog. But look we cant even defend ourselves. What do you think a spindly man and a cat thing do against those monsters" he said looking pointedly at Gilbert. "Caat?" said Gilbert with weird kind of wheezy cat laugh, after which he began to quickly swell into a large amorphous blob. As he began changing shape Luke got a sense of what Gilbert was doing, and in order keep the reception intact, opened the door and pushed the still growing blob outside. Within in a matter of seconds, Gilbert had changed shape only this time he was in the shape of T Rex, a miniature one the size of a SUV. Luke merely gaped, " Oh.."
  2. Incursion [OPEN Mini-RP]

    "Gyah!" Luke grunted, be thrown off balance as something fast and human sized rammed into him. The impact threw sprawling to the ground, due to his physique lanky and thin to the point of emaciation. "What the hell, that really hurt ya know!" he said, though he realized the accused wasn't really listening to him. It was events like these that made his dislike for going outside grow in the first place. Luke wasn't going to let the woman go just like that of course, however before he began his rebuke he saw it. It had these glowing eyes that pierced through the fog, it was quite obvious that they were not earthly, neither was the rest of its body. The entire thing teeth and all seemed to be straight out of a horror movie, it was all Luke could do to shiver at its sight. Gilbert had taken place in front of him, his hackles raised, hissing fiercely. Luke would have been touched if he wasn't quite so terrified. It was the woman's scream that managed to shake Luke out of his fear. Or maybe it was the gigantic talon that suddenly dragged the monster further back into the gloom of the fog. Luke for all it was worth whimpered and scrambled back on his feet. "I-I think its better that the two of you, come inside... " he said as he gestured for the brother and sister to enter his apartment complex.
  3. Incursion [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [here we go! hope its alright] Luke would have prefered to be inside the warm comfortable confines of his little studio, but as he stared into the empty depths of his refrigerator; it was quite clear that he wouldn’t have any choice in the matter. Although his little room was rather spartan by most medians of judgement, it was exactly the kind of environment that he needed to thrive. After all, the less distractions he had the better output he'd have as an author. He sighed, the very thought of going outside made Luke feel tired. His stomach growled in protest, and it made a very compelling argument. His editor was always hounding him to take care of his body, he was also hounding him to get a better house. He had ceded to the wisdom of the first request, however the second , not so much, although he had more than enough money, a large house would only be a pain. What would he even do with all the extra rooms... “Gilbert I’m heading out for some food, wanna come?†he said, pointedly looking at the beachball parked in the middle of his room, clearly at odds with the rest of his room. The ball exploded into motion on the mention of food, growing outwards into what seemed to be a large doughboy with a large silly face in the middle of its stomach. “FooooooD!†it said, in that strange sing song voice that it had. “Yes food, now come on, and change into something a bit normal, will you!†he said, as he slipped on a track suit. As he stepped out of his studio, Gilbert followed on his heel, deciding to take the form of fat tabby with mottled brown fur. He made the journey to the ground floor rather quickly his stomach urging him into a more expedited pace. Without a care in the world he, walked into the fog that covered the outside, maybe he would have been more careful if he owned a telly, but he didn't, so he wasn’t..
  4. Ahoy!

    Yeah he is yawning, and now dont pamper him to much(He wont listen to me then T.T). Also Hello and thankies!
  5. Ahoy!

    b-but he's so adorable! daaaw!
  6. Ahoy!

    Thanks a lot! Now I know who to pester with questions *wink*! Yeah, I really think that details really bring the worlds to life, although so do the characters! Im totally eager to start... in fact I was reading just a few seconds ago... Also last but not least Thank you <3 for the warm welcome! Hello! And Thank you! EEK! *frantically looks for places to hide*
  7. Ahoy!

    Ahoy! Hugs to all of you! now with that out of that way let me get to meat of the introduction, shall we... I got introduced to RP'ing a few years back(four most probably) in a cute little sub forum, and that was pretty much the limit of my RP'ing. However I decided to branch out and find someplace that centered solely around RP, and hence here I am :P . My preferences are for RP's are rather flexible and am down for anything as long as its interesting, though what I like the most are worlds with a lot of detail. Though I think I have a preference for RP's with at least a bit of Sci-fi/Fantasy in them. Personally I love cute animals(that includes babies, even humans ones), I hope to adopt a puppy very soon . I also absolutely love reading again mostly in fantasy and sci-fi though sometimes I deviate. I just finished the Ravens Shadow trilogy, rather enjoyed it (OwO). So there you have it , my really short elevator pitch of much friendship! ....Hope it works //crosses fingers