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  1. butts

    Butts. More like Buns.
  2. Oh Hello There

    @rubberrazors -- You're like silicon razors now! I totally remember you :D @Lavende -- I'm always up for rp, pm me if you'd like to discuss some sort of plot line!
  3. Oh Hello There

    Hello hello to you all~ I haven't been up to too much recently but from the time I sort of faded out of here I've finished school and am just working full time as a CSR/Graphic designer. Huzzah. Other than that I've been pretty fantastic. I'm just looking to get into an rp or two. I like fantasy and scifi along with modern/urban so if any of you are wanting to rp let me know and we can bounce some ideas around! How have you all been?
  4. Oh Hello There

    Heya, I've returned from a many years hiatus? Think of it as a hibernation. I hope to start some RPs with you all and re-submerge myself in this community. I'm never very good at introductions.