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  1. A Simple "Hello".

    Heyo, Ice! Nice to meet you. I'm doing well, how're you? Hiii :3 Hopefully that pile of school work you were under has lightened quite a bit! Yoshua and I were looking at Chandur so, hopefully we'll be joining that within the next few days! Friendly communities are the best communities! Also, Tri, how do you guys get those big pictures on your profiles? And the statuses o_o
  2. A Simple "Hello".

    Well, if you wanna get together and talk about a plot, my inbox is always open~!
  3. A Simple "Hello".

    Welcome, welcome Kaizuka! :D I'm new as well, though not to RP. If you want, we can discuss a plot idea to get you familiar with the ropes of Roleplaying. What kind of books do you like to read?
  4. Bow to your Student! (lololol)

    Heh, thank you ack! <3
  5. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Friendly people ftw, I say!
  6. Bow to your Student! (lololol)

    Welcome, welcome, Yoshu! :3 Glad you joined~!
  7. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Thank you very much for that information, I definitely will. You're perfectly right about the trust thing xD Hii :3 I like your avatar! <3
  8. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Haha, alright then. Mm.. I meant to post in the Discussion earlier, whoops! Soon. Pfft hehe. This community seems really cool, I'm already glad I joined.
  9. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Ah! Thank you guys! I appreciate your welcomes, and it's nice to meet all of you! ^^ ...I'm not sure how I should feel about this. T-thanks?
  10. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Well, I appreciate the welcome, as well as the offer for help! :3 As it stands now, I'm not really sure where to begin, as it doesn't seem like a lot of people are active right now due to school. So, I'll probably end up submitting one of my own ideas to the Students Roleplay section instead of joining another one. I can do that, right? Or do I need to post somewhere else first?
  11. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Hey, I'm Celaira! You can call me Cel, Cela, Cel-chan, Cela-chan, or you can come up with your own nickname for me (obviously others have, heh). Anyway, I've been RP'ing for about... 9 years now, mostly text based in origin. In all the time I've Roleplayed, I've found that I tend to prefer high-modern fantasy RP's. In terms of other genres that I like, there's: Dark Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, and Steampunk. However, even with all those listed, I'll try anything once. Something I've noticed in RP culture since I began my journey amidst the vastness that is imagination, is that there seems to be this "war on one-liners" mentality wherein short posts are bad, and long posts are good. Now, while I agree that extremely short posts--one-line--may not always give something to reply to, sometimes that's all that's needed. Sometimes it's not. For me, it depends on the character(s)--both mine and my partners'--and the given scenario or setting. I'm pretty long winded when it comes to this subject, as such I'll move on. I love world and character building. Creating a world, its species, its cultures, and everything in between is so much fun for me. Sometimes I make worlds and just post them up for people to play in (this most predominantly happened on Facebook, which I have since deleted). Creating believable characters, or one dimensional characters that I can develop into three as time goes on. Ah, I guess I have to cut this short, dinner time for me. If you have any questions, by all means, ask! I love answering them.