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  1. Shanedan!

    I'm new, I don't remember anyone :D Welcome though :P
  2. A Simple "Hello".

    New to RPing Kaizuka? Welcome by the way, I'm new around here too ^_^
  3. Bow to your Student! (lololol)

    Thankies ^_^
  4. Bow to your Student! (lololol)

    Thanks Hahaha ^_^; I hope I enjoy it as well. Will do, Ack~
  5. Bow to your Student! (lololol)

    As am I (hopefully), thanks hehe. Why thank you Soly ^_^ Perhaps we do, perhaps we do not. Thanks for the welcome. I do admit I can sometimes be affably evil, and other times just rather affable, so there's that :P Anywho, any RPs that any of you gentleman(and woman) might suggest for the two of us? Doesn't seem like there are too many recently active ones in the student section.
  6. Another version of my character storage. I hope this is the proper place to put something of this nature. It may take me some time to update this, but yeah haha. For any who do stop in, send a PM if you want to comment on a character, please don't post replies in the thread itself. I cannot stress that enough ^_^;
  7. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Hi love, also thanks for showing me this site, seems neat. Glad to have you here, and I think I'll be joining you ^_^ Also, everyone seems so friendly o.o
  8. Naw I'm mostly entirely kidding haha. So I was kinda referred here by my girlfriend, Celaira and it's looking pretty interesting. I'm still glancing about the site to check the place out. Been looking for a second RPing sanctuary (of sorts) for quite awhile to stretch my wings further. I have an interest in all things unique, and prefer the fantasy genre, though I do tend towards several different fandoms (particularly Naruto and Bleach). I like dark and gritty tones and deep character development/interactions. Heh, I always have a bit of trouble with intro posts to be honest, but um I hope to enjoy the company of this community and see where it takes me ^_^ The student system is rather interesting and certainly a good way to gauge skill and the like. Also to make sure that people get their basics down even when they're new, though I myself am not. I have been RPing for about 5 years and I've absorbed styles and good habits like a sponge over that time period, though as with everyone I probably have some less than satisfactory tendencies here and there. My favorite elements of RPing are as follows: I love to scheme (sooo much) and playing a villain is something I avidly enjoyCharacter creation is a craft that I somewhat consider myself a master of, though I also remain a student to learn and further my skillsWorld Building and collaboration (both during and before the RP is begun)So yeah there are those hehe. Anywho, not sure what else to say as I don't tend to get too wordy when it comes to introduction posts --I save that for the RPing hehe. Oh, last note. I am an Overlord. One day that may make sense. I await your responses to meet the lot of you ^_^