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  1. A Simple "Hello".

    To be honest, I don't like eggs.. If i did, I'd prefer them boiled. They're somewhat interesting. XD
  2. A Simple "Hello".

    Thank You, Celaira. I really appreciate the offer.
  3. A Simple "Hello".

    That would be delightful. But, I wouldn't want to cause you any trouble. I'm sure i can pick it up by scanning some old ones.
  4. A Simple "Hello".

    I would say so. And, Welcome to you as well. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  5. A Simple "Hello".

    How do you do, everyone? As you can see, this is my first day here. One thing i'd like to share is my focal interest. Reading. For that is the main reason of my existence. I don't think i'll progress much. Participating in role plays are somewhat new to me. Well... I just might be good at it, actually. So, i'll quit doubting myself immediately. Anyway, It's a pleasure to meet you all~.