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  1. Fauna Almanac: The great Pleoxeem

    Picture: Height: 2.3 meters. Lengte: 5 meters. Weight: 7 tonnes. Maximum age: 50 years. Diët: Carnivore. Habitat: Desert. PSI: 12,845 Intelligence Level: 36% Fear Factor: 89% Taxonomic ranks: Eukarya > Animalia > Chordata > Thermic-mammalia > Carnivora > Thermic-Canidae > Calvariam-ruptor > Pleoxous. The great Pleoxeem is one of Fross' most fearsome predators within the desert habitat. This creature is extremely slow but very deadly, this big animal can hide itself in sandstorms when those are near, to ambush a prey at once. In the most chases, with its intense PSI it can amputate its prey's leg or arm. Then it will only be a waiting game until it falls on the ground. The great Pleoxeem is a Thermic-mammal which means it can regurate its body heat so precisely, unlike anything seen on Earth. It simply goes back after dinner to its hiding spot and lower his metabolism drastically to keep himself cold. The great Pleoxeem's main weapon are its teeth. It is at all times advised to keep yourself at least 10 maters of distance when still beast can still breathe. It doesn't matter how weak it has become, if he can still open his mouth he can always strike for a last kill. Because of this animal's heavy weighted bone structure to keep balance with its massive headgear. Next to its powerful jaw, the sandstorms on Fross are a very welcome extra for this creature. He's big enough to be nearly the king of its entire habitat on the only exception of the Ashae. ------- Don't look at the ratings the game spore put there... the animal isn't fast for those who play the game and judge the animal by that fake score. On Spore GA I can edit that in the adventures I create, and that's also what I did. Next to that, criticism is welcome, but trolls will not be fed. I've tried to do a little research, so mistakes are possible ofcourse. And as last, if anyone wants to RP, feel free to message me or (rather) add my skype of course. I'll respond as fast as I can and I'll give a little preview of the next animal that I'm going to focus my attention to :3 ------- Next up: Anganows
  2. Roleplay (Female characters only)

    @Raine Bell Yes, the information about the character and the exact location where we RP will be decided here as well. Once we're having the character I'll show the locations (The colonies) I'll let you decide c: I'm waiting the see your character xxx
  3. Roleplay (Female characters only)

    @Raine Bell We both have a character of course we both make ourselves. Looks, race, personality, for your character, your choice :P But it would be helpful for me in a RP to know with "who" I am RPing as characters. I can show picture of mine, explain her a bit in a nutshell, and so can you with yours ^^
  4. The Fross Fairy Empire (Introduction)

    @ack! Yes, and I appreciate that ^^
  5. The Fross Fairy Empire (Introduction)

    @ack! I'll let you know if I have any questions, but at the moment I don't have any, the site is very easy to work with and I'm happy with that. At least words like 'Synopsis' or 'Excerpt' aren't used. Nothing to figure out using google, compliments for that c:
  6. The Fross Fairy Empire (Introduction)

    @Seanzilla Never tried Table top RPGs but I know in my past I tried to make my own strategy games on paper xD I'm mostly occupied with Spore Galactic Adventures. I'm re-creating Planet Fross on Spore as detailed as Spore let's me. I can show a few screenshots if interested ^^ A small group of Peaurayde ambushed by a Kamaches. A Dalisthon hunting a Giboux triocular. And a Fross Fairy that tries to learn her pet some tricks. What RPs do you prefer to RP? o:
  7. The Fross Fairy Empire (Introduction)

    @Seanzilla Haha xD Someone asked me that and I drop here the questions people have asking me so they won't have to ask those question if they had one of them :P You never know if someone has a question x3 If anyone has a different question I'll simply answer them :P and I'm glad to be here. It's fun to post things and the only RP site I found where you can say how you prefer to RP. That was one of the main attractions to stay on the site. Greets FrossFairyEmpire.
  8. Need to tell something about myself? o: Ok, I'll do it. I've been working for 7 years now on a massive project called "Project Fross" It began very simple when I was 13... I editted a Winx Club character with the wings of the Pokémon Giratina and it grew out to well... what the Fross Fairy Empire is today. I'm researching lots of scietific facts and a lot of different subjects to fill all holes the story of Fross might have. Here are some Questions people asked me about my work and some about me, I hope you'll have enough information x3 Few questions people asked me: ~For 7 years? How'd you do it? with school and work and such things.I've quit school because they weren't able to give me the work I need to do. When I quit I've been researching everything I wanted to know of my niveau. School held me back in my knowledge. ~Men extinct? How can they survive?There has been a scientific research for that which I will explain in detail on a place that is appropriate.Maybe through Skype, you can add me there, don't cam or voicechat, just the regular chat: darkfairysamantha. ~How long will you keep on working on this project?It's a lifework... so I hope that I'll keep on working on it forever. That I'll have the opportunity to do it. ~Isn't it exhausting to ask 5 animals from yourself? I saw it on your deviantART and it's not only the animal, it's including a short biography.Yes it is actually but people that know me well knows I am a busy bee all day long. There's not a single moment in the day that I do nothing at all. I've done that enough in my period of depression, now it's time for work to be done. ~Why do you only RP with female characters? Do you hate guys?In real, I don't really 'hate' men. I'm heavily androphobic. It's a fear of men. That's why I protect myself against an anxiety attack.It also appeared that my lack of trust in men made me misandry, while is a dislike /hate towards men. In my situation it's a dislike, living with hate while it's 24/7 around me might cause major mental problems.To avoid that, I accepted that they are around, but I don't like it. I prefer them gone. ~Why haven't you uploaded in a while? Quitted?No I haven't. It's my internet connection that's holding me back, in fact I'm already up to 200-300 animals including their Biography to upload.All unique in their own ways. ~I don't like it.1. It's not a question.2. What are you doing here if you don't like it? ~What research are you doing?I research the evolutionary process, I research space, finding out how geological things work. Pretty much everything to explain all unexplained holes of Planet Fross. ~Do you do other things beside researching and your Fantasy world?I watch movies, mostly horror but also comedies, sci-fi sometimes an action movie.I love to walk outside, but when I do I need to listen to music to do more things at once.I watch series like married with children, GTST, the bold and the becautiful, Seinfeld, Friends, iCarly, How to Rock, Victorious, The Addams family, Scrubs and many more.And I love to sleep. Never forget that one.Love to sleep. ~Do you want to go to your planet?If it was possible, yes but I keep fantasy and RL seperated to avoid becoming something like my mother who actually believes in Werewolves, vampires and unicorns. (No kidding)I know it's not possible and that it would never be possible. But you'll never know, the universe is so enormous, I believe that there has to be other intelligent life as well.Well... 'other' intelligent... I mean that there has to be intelligent life. ~You deep are you willing to go in your details?As deep as possible, I even have an idea to remake the (pre)history for the last time.From the first Supereon /Eon on Fross to the smallest ages of big happenings.Here's a small sneak preview what the first Chapter is about:Supereon: PrecambrianEon: HadeanEra: CrypticThis will be about the forming of Fross and her neighbor planets.The story will probably become about 118-125 pages long. (All Ages counted what Fross has faced) Marry me?Sure, here are my wedding vowels:Chicken soup, bread with cheese, a soda, three beers, doritos, kebab and ketchup. ~Need any help with the Project?I'll first need to know you a bit better if your intentions are to help me with the project.I need to be honest, help is very much appreciated. I just need to know who is helping me. Any questions? Like to RP? Message me and I will respond as fast as possible.
  9. Roleplay (Female characters only)

    At first 'little' information is different for everybody, so I'll give information which is 'little' for me x3 I've been creating the Empire for 7 years already and I've created lots of things. If you're interested in the things I've made /busy with it's in this link: To achieve this I had to do a lot of research and still researching a lot now a days. It might not seem lke much but I've subscribed all animals and plants in details, and most of them are evolutionary plausible to exist. :3 I'm also creating a Geological time scale which will be based on the time scale from Earth because it would be too big and too much for me to handle on my own. To know about Fross, well, just a few simple things. -Fross Fairies are very peaceful creatures in general, their personality will be different per person and through their race, but they'll act peaceful when you do, they have 1 trigger. Never talk positive about men, Fross Fairies are naturally born with an extreme form of misandry, asking question is ok, but when talking against their natural behaviors about men might even end up in angering they entire colony (if you're in the middle of it) -Fross' nature is a very harsh environment, I'll RP my characters and the nature if we're walking through it. A sign of warning though, Fross knows many ambush predators and my character will not always detect them, sometimes even be fooled by it. It'll end up by injury or even death. You'll never know what to expect. -The first 31 days of spring is Fross' mating season, that'll be over circa 4 months from Earth from now on if you begin in the Colony Velkyria, if it appears you don't want such a thing, it's advised to move to a different colony once spring begins. You can't stop natural causes, but you can move individuals. You can also stay of course but some single Fross Fairies might hit on you. -Fross is natural, there's nothing much chemical allowed so, it's the opposite of Earth. What I expect? I don't expect much because well, you can do whatever you like to do but every action comes with a reaction or even a consequence. The smartest things are just to do what you like to do but beware of the consequences they are harsh. Just remember that asking questions is never illegal, Fross Fairies will always answer and help you if you need anything, try not to prejudge anything, if it appears that you were wrong and accidently broke a law of Fross, they only ones that can help you will be the most polite and smart Fross Fairies that might consider freeing you, but those are hard to find in a colony of circa 500,000 Fross Fairies. I see that you have a threeway tie and I can tell you that you can find all of them on Fross x3 Fross is (of course) a fantasy /natural sci-fi world where life never stops. To survive as an adventurer on Fross is very hard but it counts a countless amount of different adventures. On Fross, there's a lot of love, but their way is different than Human's way. Their love is more simplistic, but it knows a way deeper and more intimate form of romance then anywhere found here on Earth. While going on adventures, you can always choose other genres as well. I guess that your choices will decide the genre it will become and like you said before. Fross opens a gate for a long time development. That's exactly why I've been creating it for such a time, I like RPs for longer development. I see you RP with medium /long posts. I RP with short posts and mostly through a chat. I hope you're interested in such a RP, and you can always add my Skype for the RP. It's also where I RP with others x3 And who knows you'll meet other characters there from others, SLs can cross each other :3 My skype is: darkfairysamantha If you're interested, if you'd rather want medium to long posts, I'm willing to try but don't expect it to be great because I'm not used to it But I can always try. If you still need any information, or tips/hints just ask and I'll answer. If not, tell me what character you're wanting to RP, then I'll tell mine and show you which Colonies there are to begin. Greets FrossFairyEmpire.
  10. Roleplay (Female characters only)

    @Raine Bell Fine with me, let me warn you, same here with disappearing but my reason is my internet connection. On a lucky day I can be glad that I have 120 kbs of internet around here. So... it might take some time for me to be able to answer posts as well. Need to have some pre-informatie about the Fross Fairy Empire? Then you can know a little bit what to expect x3
  11. Roleplay (Female characters only)

    My apologies for my late answer internet problems. @Raine Bell Yes I'm still available x3 You can also do more of them if you like to, "Beginning" has been RPed lots of times. It's meant for people that haven't RPed with me before on Fross to find a bit out who they are, what they are, how they became etc, etc. It'll also help me to get to know you. ~Knowledge is power~ is what I always say x3 So, tell me what you think of that idea of doing more of them over time c: @Solyeuse It's ok, your life, your choice xD Just wondering if someone was interested, if you like to give it a try later, you can always come back and ask again. If you want it later or don't want it anymore, I don't mind :P
  12. Roleplay (Female characters only)

    Those will be Female as well and don't worry, I can for a response :P Only creatures that are able to be males will be animals with a different intelligence then Humans have, the ones who still follow their instincts. (Animals) Have you seen the SLs I've written? o: I hopw there's one you like if not, I'll wait for your idea. Greetz Fross Fairy Empire.
  13. Roleplay (Female characters only)

    I hope someone likes to RP with me :3 You can find preferences on my page and here are a few RPs I've come up with x3 This link includes 6 SLs: This link includes 5 SLs: If you saw the links you'll see that that are many things I've come up with :3 If you have an idea, I'd love to hear it, just PM me, but if you like one of those I've come up with I'd probably be thrilled to RP them with you, just let me know through PM <3 Most people can be busy with school, an internship, work or whatever but I don't mind. I have all the time and can wait for a response. I might ask once (or twice maximum) a week if you're still there. Just to make sure you're still coming online. If you need more information or whatever you can always ask I'll always answer the questions once I looked on this page. (I hope once a day) and well... I just hope to have a good time RPing with people :3 And at last I'd like to explain why I seek Female characters only. I have Androphobia and Misandry and I don't want men haunting my fantasy. It's really, really a very harsh subject to talk about but I'll answer questions when asked. You get further with question then prejudgments. Now that I've told about it, I feel like I need to be able to give answers as well. Only fair thing. xxx FrossFairyEmpire