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  1. Sorry about the sudden disappearance, ladies and gentlemen. I was a bit sick the last few days. Still hurts to breath in all the way due to coughing too much. Anyway, I'll get on this soon enough. Much love.
  2. Dun worry, HH, I'm still going to do that post-apocalyptic RP. Probably going to start it this weekend.

    1. HerculeHastings


      Terrific! I think I've a rough idea of character as well, so I'm ready to go.

  3. One of my favorite post-apocalypse novels is definitely Alas, Babylon. If you haven't read it, you ought to check it out.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking mutations based on surviving were going to be a large part of it, though mutations also caused by other elements as well such as NBC (nuclear, biological, or chemical). But I have a pretty good idea of what the environment is going to be like. As for factions, I'm thinking one large faction that was created with the idea of rebuilding humanity but was corrupted and tarnished by greed and desire turning it into a group hated by most. It's members wont understand the hatred because they will believe in it's cause in their hearts. I wasn't picturing any other large groups, just remote towns constantly harassed by this large faction. I'm also imaging the value of human life to be incredibly high as the human population is so low. So I'm imagining murder to be an excessively worst crime than it is today. Or at least, the loss of life that much more drastic on survivalist towns and camps. I'll probably start typing this up later today and have something I can post either today or within the next few days. More ideas are always welcome.
  5. It wouldn't be the post-apocalypse if everybody knew what was going on without desperation and chaos. I'm having ideas popping into my head far too fast to list them. However, I don't think I'll be doing zombies, as I'm picturing this story taking place decades after humanity is but an endagered species. As for mutants, I don't mind, though not sure entirely how I'll introduce them into the plot yet. But I do have an idea for mutants. I do plan on making the environment non-survivor friendly. Slip ups will be incredibly hazardous to ones health.
  6. Well, when I wing a plot, I tend to wing it. ;p Of course, I'm picturing the environment in my head, and the cause of the apocalypse, as well as the elements and whatnot. I've got a very vivid picture in my head at the moment. So with that done, I just need to devise some factions, groups, survivor restrictions and whatnot.
  7. I think I already have a general character idea in mah head. Insert sinister and maniacal laughter here.
  8. Title says it all. I've got no clue for a storyline, so I'll wing it if and when I get anybody interested. Trust me when I say I can wing it. <3

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    2. shelmii


      I can't get it. It's not workingggggg.

    3. Zombie
    4. Zombie


      Also, fret not deary, I'm still going to do this RP. Just need to gather the free time to start it. ;p

  10. Hey, I'm new.

    Welcome to Surreality. You did well, talking about yourself. You seem to be quite interesting. Hope you get off to a good start! I myself am your friendly neighborhood Zombie! Braaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiins
  11. Greetings!

    Welcome to Surreality, I'm your friendly neighborhood flesh consuming Zombie the Eternal Devourer of Love. I'm fond of long walks through the park, chasing victims, grunting and moaning incoherently. My favorite foods are liver, intestine, and brain. I don't like veggies. Glad to see you here!
  12. ...and it made me frown

    I've a giant blister on my foot and I can walk normal, which definitely means I can't run for a while. (I'll take pics if people like that sort of thing, I dunno why but I myself become consumed by staring at grotesque injuries).
  13. Many greets.

    Aha, HH, I remember you! Coming back with a Bang can sometimes disrupt the space time continuum. I actually recognize TimeDragon888! Everybody should remember Iza, she's one of the nicest people here! Though a bit abusive. ;o There are plenty of those now! Well, from October 2007 until January 2009 I was deployed to Iraq, so I was definitely inactive. And contrary to popular belief, we undead folk don't enjoy biting people, we live for it! Nope, still don't recognize your name. But it's all good, I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't recognize me as Bang. ;D
  14. Many greets.

    You dare believe you can hijack my thread, miss Izanami? Pffffft. Unlikely. There should be a legends usergroups for members who just keep coming back. ;D
  15. Many greets.

    Heya. Definitely recognize your name, but only sorta remember you as well. Thanks. I was originally a 96H, but my MOS later changed to 35H.