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  1. PICTURES OF YOSELF There it is, finally an updated picture x.x
  2. PG-13 [Private] White Sands

    He took hold of her soft hand, enjoying the feeling of her skin on his. Sigmund helped her up and stood like that for a bit, staring to her a bit more than he wanted, lost in those eyes that stared back at him, lost of words and thought. Before he could say anything about it, she interrupted. “Ice cream sounds like a great idea but I actually don’t have my wallet with me right now. I can pay you back when we get to the hotel later. You said you were staying there right?†Sigmund nodded and let go of her hand using the moment as an excuse. "Yes I do, Belinda, and don't worry about that, if i minded any cent I spend it would just be uncool, don't you think?" He grinned as he joked off his way on her proposal. "I planned to pay it for you anyways... if it's not rude" Sigmund scratched the back of his head and gave an apologetical look in case he screwed up by looking too cocky, but she surprisingly changed the plans, and decided to make it a meeting for a bit later. Sigmund smiled and agreed with her. "Im fine with it, see you later then!" He replied and while she left to prepare herself he stood looking at the beach. "Strange how this turned out..." The boy muttered to himself, surprised indeed for the turn of events, and without wasting any other second, he aimed to his apartment, picking up his stuff and to get ready for the appointment. ---------------------------------------------------------------- After changing his clothes into a pair of blue jeans, gray sandals and a half open shirt dark blue shirt, Sigmund stood and wait on the lobby, sitting on a couch near reception and watching the people passing by. When he finally spotted Belinda, Sigmund stood up and waved at her with a smile on his face, in all honesty, he considered the possibility of this bieng just a joke or that she could simply forget about the meeting.Belinda told him the reason why she got late to the meeting and asked him where to go, before answering that, Sigmund answered. "Weird... why would be difficult to choose what to put on? You look pretty enough for that to matter don't you? At least so i thought..." Sigmund didn't really understand but neverminding the answer he quickly proceed to reply her question. "Oh! As for where to go... I'm pretty flexible when it comes to where to go, it doesn't matter as long as you have a good time, doesn't it? So I think anywhere you feel more comfortable is a good place." He grinned as he started to stretch, wearing off the stiffness from being sit for so long.
  3. R In The Time Of Gods

    Likaas stalked the girl silently from the top of the trees covered by leaves and branches, lowering his breath and movement sounds to the minimum, like hunting a prey. The survivor from last year wanted to test two things, one was her natural skills, would she be able to survive or had any talent at all by herself? She didn't look strong, that he could tell, but strenght wasn't all they needed against what was coming. He could tell she knew the basics of survival, that much, he felt a bit dissapointed though, since that was all this girl had in favor. The other factor he wanted to test was her detection skills. He could tell the girl did felt unsettled, so... might be a good thing? He wasn't sure if she was frightened by his presence or the situation, but either way, at least she seemed to have keen senses, as she took good precautions without leaving any stupid openning. Judging that time was passing and yet no other people entered the forest, Likaas decided to make his appearance. "You" A voice soft as the wind made it's way to the ears of the girl. Likaas's presence was half concealed as he jumped down from the three he was watching the girl. He fell on her sight, not close enough to be attacked in case she panicked, also not hidden to appear more as a person like her than a menace, he did though might look just as an illusion at first. "Are you a sacrifice?" Likaas stared right into her eyes, if she lied he would notice. He waited for an answer, stying still, as the half concealed effect passed and he looked more and more like a normal person in front of her.
  4. Mycaruba!

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  5. PG-13 After Beta: Discussion

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  6. PG-13 After Beta: Discussion

    A .Hack game isn't a bad idea either, we all are familiar with that universe after all.
  7. PG-13 After Beta: Discussion

    Maybe Final Fantasy? To keep it simple i mean
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  9. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

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  11. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    Mine is the only survivor of the last year, or so he thinks, his intentions will remain hidden for now -w- He specializes in hunting and stealth~
  12. PG-13 After Beta: Discussion

    Few people has played the PS2 games xD
  13. R In The Time Of Gods

    Quietly, someone was watching from the woods, wielding a handmade spear made of wood and examinating the situation from a prudent distance, hidden inside an innocent looking bush. The mysterious person watched all the process with interest; the priests, the ceremonial prays and how the girl arrived and was left on her luck... just like the others that last year. "So, the time has come once again..." He thought as the familiar scene developed in front of his savage eyes. Once the priests left and with his senses completely focused on the newcomer, he jumped up and with an unnatural stealth skill he climbed the tree that was conveniently close from his hiding place, leaving his spear behind and well covered just in case things went wrong. His plan was simple, he wanted to look at this year's candidates from up there, in order to have a better view and at the same time, hide his own presence more efficiently. So sitting in a branch, with his body concealed by the leaves and the fur he was wearing, Likaas waited for the rest of the children. Memories of persecution, bloodshed and fear came back to his head, images blocked by the denial of something so horrid, so brutal and so painful, that not only made him shiver at it's only mention, but also forged the hunter he was nowadays. This time, he didn't plan to run though... he would slaughter the creature and avenge his friends, the Chosen from last year. The kid's eyes glowed with determination, as his resolve overwhelmed his fear and the shivers instead of showing fear, showed his excitement to see that messenger of Hades once again.
  14. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

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  15. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    Mmmmm.... and how old the sacrifices can be?