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  1. rp final fantasy style rp game.

    i know but put it there for a reason so people could pick something they would like, i asked several other people what kind of rpg based game they would want, and those are the options.
  2. I am making a game where it has a universe. please vote, which ever one wins it will be the universe. also please give your honest opinion. Edit: ugh i knew final fantasy was going to be picked @_@ oh well, i was hoping for something original.
  3. Zero notices a women with pretty emerald green eyes. As she makes her gesture zero quickly but care fully slides between the desks, but accidentally bumped one of them with his leg causing it to move a little. Zero lets out a sad hopeless groan hoping to get to his desk faster. After finally 8 seconds later Zero settles at his new found desk, he takes out a pencil and a pen just to be safe, also taking out a piece of paper that he bought from a local store. Zero now sits at his desk trying shove his things inside his desk, finally after 3 attempts of getting it inside they fit very nicely in his desk. Zero hears the teacher's voice. "w-who me?" (I don't want to get in trouble...) Zero sheds a tear on his right eye but quickly rubs it away on his hand and makes a small sigh preparing himself for class.
  4. Hey Korinara it is nice to meet you! it is nice to have a new member in Surreal ^.^
  5. Zero walks into his classroom looking for a teacher, not know who he is he timidly goes to the back of the room and waits for a person to speak to about enrolling in this class. Worried so much that sweat would pour from his four head and made his skin clammy, thoughts were flying and bouncing around in his brain, (i hope i look nice, make sure to speak politely, no slang, make sure i have all the necessary things for class.) as the last thought shot through his head, zero nervously but slowly picked up his binder and opened it to see if he had the right equipment. in the binder were 4 pencils, 3 pens,,, 2 blue pens, and 1 red pen. he placed the 2 blue pens and the 1 red pen with the others. before he could close his binder, it slips from his hands and dropped on the floor as if poor zero had not have enough bad luck all day but now his binder was damaged on the first day of his class. Zero quickly picks up his belongings and scurries back to his corner, just standing there in his black shirt with a pocket holder, white and black shorts with a black and white belt, and black and red Nike shoes. Zero dreaded the thought of thinking about how others thought about him or how he dressed.
  6. Hello

    Hmmm i do not know maybe i could it seems kind of stupid but guess i could give it a try. I mean the story itself is just random nonsense. :lol:
  7. Hello

    you mean the story i told you about how i made up some word and learned that it was an actual real word? Then people started calling me the "Frump king"? that story?
  8. Hello

    well i was bored, and i was typing random stuff so i typed "Frump King" in side and that was when i was doing something different as a natural reaction thinking that i had already finished the necessary applications to join the website. i got stuck with the name, so here i am with this ridiculous name. hahaha i kinda deserved it.
  9. Hello

    Hello my name is Frump king (there is a funny story behind that actually) but just call me "Enerjak" or "yoji". I have Role played before with my brother Jmb1 i will try my best as a student and graduate successfully. :) if you are reading this thank you for taking time out of your day to read my humble little post.