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  1. Hi there

    Welcome! I'm pretty inactive and not much of a welcoming committee, but I hope you enjoy your time here nonetheless. It seems like a good place to get into roleplaying if you're new.
  2. Store most of my bios and whatnot on Charahub, though it's by no means an exhaustive archive. I'm making and scrapping characters all the time. This is more so a roleplaying preference and plot ideas thread. If you have any questions or interests, feel free to shoot me a message. Overview: Will do 1x1 or group roleplays of varying sizes. Basically any genre, depending on what the plot is. Communication is a huge part of roleplaying for me, so if you just like to take it a post at a time without planning too far ahead, you'll probably get annoyed by my constant questions. I tend to write a fair bit, so if you dislike reading lengthy replies you probably won't have a fun time roleplaying with me. I'm still a little iffy at writing sci-fi and combat scenes. I'd love to learn, though. I'll tolerate romance as a small element of the plot and am fine with any gender pairing. Platonic relationships are great. Romantic ones just bother me if they're not well-developed/seem forced. Shenanigans My favourite genres are... - dark/horror - fantasy/supernatural - sci-fi (plus steampunk, biopunk, cyberpunk, etc) - action - adventure - anything based on a fandom I might be part of (mostly animes, games, and books; ask for specifics) - animal stuff sometimes Plot candies: - blood 'n gore - complex plots - multifaceted characters/character development - psychological suffering - politics - worldbuilding - strangeness and humor - the super brief and occasional fluffy/feelsy moment to offset all that Plot Bunnies In various states of completion. Open to ideas and changes. The City Project sci-fi, horror/dark, dystopia, tragedy, action || group or small group Theme: End Of An Empire by Celldweller Shanties mystery, suspense, horror || small group Theme: Drunken Whaler (Copilot/Dishonored version) Seasons fantasy (low?), action, adventure || small group or group || name subject to change Deathknell Castle fantasy, mystery, horror || group Psychoswitch action, modern, sci-fi ish, mystery(?) || small group or 1x1 Resurrection Men Dark, action, 19th century, maybe supernatural or horror || group or small group Hitchhiker modern, gore/horror, thriller || 1x1
  3. Incursion [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [Hope it's alright if I just casually jump in here. Also, my intros are always derpy and long. Sorry.] Mallory was waiting for the city bus when a tremor nearly upset his balance. Bristling, the boy's hands lunged for the bag strap that crossed his narrow chest and gripped it. His eyes snapped towards a stop sign that suddenly keeled over with a metallic clang. An earthquake? No, no. Earthquakes didn't happen over the span of a few seconds. Reluctantly letting go of his material comfort, Mallory used one hand to slide knocked-askew glasses back up his nose. "Belphegor, do you know what-" the teen glanced over one shoulder only to find his knight in shining armour passed out on a nearby bench. 'Knight' was an exaggeration, and 'shining armour' was an outright lie. The figure slumped on the bench was a tall one, awkwardly contorted into a resting position with a pillow tucked under his skull. His formal attire was as rumpled as the mop of pale hair on his head, from which curled a pair of ram horns so uncomfortable looking that Mallory wondered how Belphegor could possibly sleep as often as he did. "H-Hey!" Mallory's voice quivered. He could hear his own pulse-- or maybe it was more tremors. "Bel! Wake up!" The gently snoring male stirred. One sleepy blue eye opened, followed by the other as the summoned creature sat up and rubbed at the shadows accumulated under them. His spine suggested a slouch. "Master?" Belphegor blinked at Mallory; green eyes regarded him from behind glasses. They clashed violently with the boy's ginger hair. "What kind of knight naps on the job?" Mal wanted to know. "Also, please stop calling me that. It's...weird." He flinched as another tremor rocked the pavement. His summoned knight gave a tiny shrug. "You're worried," Belphegor intoned, and before the scrawny schoolboy could protest continued. "Don't worry, sir. If something tried to kill you just now, I'd definitely get off this bench and stop it." Mallory laughed nervously. "Okay. Right," his gaze flicked down the street to where the city bus would normally appear. There was only fog.