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  1. PG-13 The Uncharted Land

    Emilina laid back in a tree, her left arm and leg dangling at the sides. Her bright blue eyes popped open at the sound of..trees being cut? She sat up on the branch and craned her neck to see, frowning when all she saw were branches. She stood up and turned, carefully jumping from tree to tree. As long as the branches were close, she had a good chance of not falling and hurting herself. She wondered if it was outsiders, who had come to steal all their goods. She remembered the last time that happened, but vaguely; She was only a child when that happened. She was an island native, and was in a village of sorts. She followed the sound of the noise until she landed in a tree where she could see better. It was just on the outskirts of what appeared to be a camp. She looked at all the hustle and bustle, tilting her head to the side. She then shifted her focus to the female who appeared to be hungry. She looked up from the tree she was in and plucked and bright purple fruit from the tree. It wasn't toxic at all, but the bright color of the fruit often caused confusion. She hesitantly made her way down the tree and slowly made her way over to the female and her associates. Her eyes landed on the woman clothes and strange things that covered her feet. Emilina had been taught to live off the island, and had learned to make clothes out of banana leaves and some cotton plants and dye. Her feet however, remained bare. It was her villages belief that you were never to break your connection with the island, as it was deemed disrespectful to their gods.