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  1. And I declare this spot as a place to post your Chaotic Ripples character. Things to keep in mind: Character's ageCharacter's genderCharacter's personalityCharacter's goalsCharacter's background/life storyCharacter's RippleCharacter's weaknessCharacter's appearanceFeel free to add a themeFeel free to add a visual aid for your character (( AKA a picture ))Keep in mind that not every character needs a Ripple
  2. Chaotic Ripples

    (( At the moment I am currently looking for people to join this roleplay I am forming known as "Chaotic Ripples". Chaotic Ripples is about people who have these artifacts known as Ripples which cause them to gain certain abilities and powers but at a price. And during this era where Ripples are becoming widespread, being either artificially created or ancient Ripples being found. So, thus during this Ripple Rush your character encounters friends and foes alike trying to either make sure the Ripples are in the right hands, being used to their potential or just going completely mad with power using them. Also, before we start, I want to make a character posting page so that I know who is joining the roleplay.)) (( My personal rules for this roleplay include: No character deaths unless you speak with someone and they are ok with it.Explicit romance should be done off screen or in a PM somewhereDon't throw a fit if your character loses a battle against someoneMake sure you have funThere are tons of Ripples out there, be creative!)) (( So we will hopefully begin once people start posting in here asking to join or joining, thank you! ))