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  1. Looking for role-play people

    I'd like to get involved in some role-plays. I'm comfortable playing: realism (I think exploring psychological and social elements is cool)very low fantasy and sci-fi (vampires, zombies, sentient AI, alien encounters, superpowers, etc. happening on modern-day earth)seedy urban gangster shit (ex. "clueless person accidentally crosses the Yakuza", "characters have to rescue their friend from gangsters")parody/comedy (ex. "real people interact with a Mary Sue/Marty Stu", "characters upload their consciousnesses to 4chan/Tumblr/Facebook/RedTube a-la The Matrix", "characters buy a sex toy and realize it grants them magical powers", "role-play in the style of 'My Immortal'") Erotic roleplay is cool, but non-erotic is also cool. I'm a mediocre writer I'm pretty concise and like to do a paragraph or two at a time, and I'm open to role-plays with students and graduates. I enjoy developing characters over time, as opposed to writing a character for a specific role-play. I have two very different characters at this time: an eccentric goth-type man and an upper-class woman who is a socialite and adventurer. Their bios can be found here. They have a vague "canon" but it's very flexible, if that makes any sense. Just because Seth, for instance, is a normal guy in one role-play doesn't mean he can't be a vampire hunter in another; however his personality and appearance is a constant. I used birth years instead of ages, because if you want to role-play with a younger or older version of Emily or Seth that's totally cool as well. If you have any ideas you'd like to explore with me, reply or PM. Even if it isn't something I mentioned above, just throw it at my face and see if it leaves a dent.
  2. butts

    I'm a professional butt-toucher. However, not a proctologist.
  3. I bought a car for $500

    Seth chuckled awkwardly then replied, growling "My fucking leg is asleep". The sensation was starting to come back to his leg, and by "sensation", it was "every sensation". Getting worse typically means it's about to get better, right? Hopefully just a few minutes of this torture, then he would be okay... A pair of police cruisers with lights and sirens could be heard in the distance; they got closer and passed the house, then turned up the next side street. It had been very boring in the 'hood lately and it would make Seth's night if he could catch some drama. The sirens stopped a few seconds later, there were a few "boops", and Seth was fairly certain where they had stopped. The Terrysons don't always get drunk, but when they do, the cops typically show up. Seth had no pity for them either, as they'd been an intermittent nuisance for him since he moved to the neighborhood: he moved there and they brought their fist-fights into his yard. At first, he tried to talk to them the day after, being as inoffensive as possible. They immediately went the fuck-you-I-won't-do-what-you-told-me route and Seth gave up and decided to only communicate with them on their intellectual level. They continued to fight in his yard, Seth yelled at them. They tried to fight him. Seth got a gun and told them to leave his property. Similar events continued for almost a year until Seth finally put up a privacy fence. Seth felt his leg returning to normal and he slowly lay it down against the bed. It still tingled fiercely, but there was drama to be seen and it felt fine enough to limp to the empty bedroom to watch. "I'm gonna watch drunk white trash interact with police. Wanna come with?" he asked.
  4. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Is it the number 11 ?
  5. I bought a car for $500

    Seth smirked, showing his teeth slightly, and replied "Nike: just do it..." Maren could walk around naked at any time if she wanted to. That's what Seth did, and why all windows had...well except for the bay window in the kitchen, but that was nothing a robe couldn't solve. Seth cringed a moment as he repositioned himself onto his side while suspending his asleep leg. It felt very annoying and he was anticipating the moment the sensation would pass.
  6. I bought a car for $500

    Seth was simultaneously trying to slowly unbend both his legs while keeping the asleep one off the bed. He could fold into feline, semi-yogic poses and remain comfortable for a while but somewhere between a lack of conditioning - even mild agoraphobia isn't exactly conducive to keeping a steady gym schedule, though he tries - and possibly age, unfolding had become difficult over the course of years. Would he settle down and finally just accept sitting and lying like a normal adult? Nah, just continue complaining and become terrified at the possibility that he someday wouldn't be able to code while sitting on the couch leaning on his elbows over his crossed legs, or casually squatting on a chair when sitting would absolutely do. It was distressing to think that eventually he may lose his ability to do the Cossack dance. Through his discomfort, with his legs finally straightened, he looked over and replied, "That would be boobs." It was a Freudian slip, perhaps from a lingering high, but he was okay with it. Her confidence was contagious, rather than intimidating: he would never refer to himself as "smokin' hot" and actually thought he was a solid "4", possibly a "6" on a good day. Then again, Maren wasn't a Sports Illustrated model-type herself who was 5'10", simultaneously a size 0 with huge boobs, glittery blonde hair, and abs fit for bouncing a quarter off of. She seemed delighted being average-height, curvy, and auburn-haired, with a face more cute than exotic She wasn't perfectly inside the ideal and Seth thought she was perfectly attractive as she was, and perhaps she thought the same of him because of, not in spite of, his scars, the pooch of flab on his otherwise flat belly, his slightly crossed eye, wide hips, and the multitude of other areas he felt were aesthetic sins.
  7. I bought a car for $500

    Seth narrowed his eyes and looked playfully confused. "Was my hair that filthy, heh? It's out the door, at the end of the hall, opposite the stairs." If she were to go there, Maren would find a fairly large bathroom, with original 1920s claw-foot tub, free-standing sink, etched mirror medicine cabinet, and a defunct gas heater set in the wall, but a retrofitted modern toilet. The walls and floor were white tile and there was a skylight. It was surprisingly well lit by a combination to original and retrofit fixtures, acceptably clean, yet not decorated beyond a vine plant hanging in the corner. Seth felt fairly comfortable but one leg was starting to fall asleep. "Hold that thought..." he said then sat up, looking uncomfortable as he rose to a slouchy kneeling position. "Oh Jesus fuck..." Seth said under his breath at his hips reluctance to extend, then said to Maren "fuck getting old, I'm not ready" before flopping down on the bed beside her.
  8. I bought a car for $500

    Sometimes Seth could speak eloquently, but he usually hit a wall when nervous - which was often - or feeling like he was being judged. Fortunately, Maren seemed to be doing neither right now, and he was more distracted from his own awkwardness by her story of her friend. His expression was one of concern and he said, "That sucks for your friend, hopefully they got out of there...". For Maren, it was probably something she was used to knowing, but it derailed Seth's train of thought from safe words to some obtrusive memory that always seemed to say, Oh hi! Did someone say myyyyy name? and its summoning begged for drinking and crying. He focused on her touch on his face, the music, her face, and the warmth of her body, making every attempt to stay in the present.
  9. I bought a car for $500

    Seth looked up at her and smiled nervously before breaking eye contact momentarily, as though Maren might judge what he was about to say, " crazy as it sound, I dom'd in a club years and years ago. It took me a while to get used to people s-s-screaming and telling me to stop. That I would stop and then they'd get mad. Because they wanted me to keep going. I eventually programmed myself to ignore that and listen for the 'slow down' or 'stop' safe word...I got someone to dominate me. To find my own limits and I realized how important it was, 'cause I found I also one of those vocal people, even if whatevers was happening was are pretty important. I'm actually pretty 'pistachio', as they say. But I appreciated the harder stuff for the sensation and novelty, and as far as stuff I did to other people: well, emm...I wouldn't do it for free just for fun. It's why I didn't do that for long...other than I r-realized I hate touching people and hate working with the public. That's part of why I dropped pre-med as well." It may have been the most consecutive words he uttered the whole night, and so emerged his very slight stutter and spastic speech cadence. He was hyperaware of it, to the point it was exaggerated in his own mind, but among other reasons it caused him to avoid speaking at-length whenever possible. At the same time, even as a child, when it was more noticeable, no one had ever considered it problematic enough and his parents would rather reprimand him than ever admit their son had a mild speech problem and could benefit from speech classes. Only "retards" took speech classes, and it was preposterous to them to place Seth in the same category as "retards". Of course, that never stopped his mother from accusing him of being a "retard" when he was doing something she didn't like.
  10. I bought a car for $500

    "Yeaaaa..." Seth replied, "I'm comfortable in both roles. Is there anything definitely off-limits...and do you have a safeword?" he then asked. As Maren ran her fingernails along his cheekbone, he closed his eyes momentarily to mentally absorb the touch. His ears were pierced with three simple steel rings and a scaffold bar; the first of the three rings sat loosely in the piercing, as it had been stretched years ago. Gauge your ears, they said, ​it will be so cool, they said. As Seth got older, the people with stretched ears stayed roughly the same age apart from the occasional artist or musician. Though he didn't turn 25 and go clean-cut, there was a strange code of professional and mature appearance Seth abided by. It was part of the reason he stopped dying his hair; the men who could pull off gothic blue-black hair stayed roughly the same age and there were only a few celebrities and musicians who could wear it well past 30. I have better things to do than fucking sit around dying my hair and cleaning fucking dye out of my new white fucking tile grout, Seth had come to rationalize over time.
  11. I bought a car for $500

    "Have you ever tried bondage, or sensory play?" he asked, interested in what her answers might be. Seth, himself, was into light kinks - right up Maren's alley - plus a few extras. Including his experience from their last encounter, he was glad to know she wasn't the type of woman to lie there like a dead fish. She was engaging, sexually, and he appreciated some dominance in a woman. His role in life, as viewed by others - as a man, as a tall man, and one built a bit more than average - was expected to be dominant. Sometimes he wanted to surrender control, if for no other reason than he got bored of dominance.
  12. I bought a car for $500

    "I feel bad," Seth said flatly, but obviously joking. "Might as well..." he then said with a fake tone of reluctance before kissing Maren on the cheek. He scooted back and sat on his heels, resting his chin on his crossed arms over Maren's hips. "So, do you have any kinks?" he asked. It was sort of random and out of context, but it was what popped into his head, so he said it.
  13. I bought a car for $500

    Seth wasn't prepared for that...he involuntary made the Something Is On My Face-face while Maren licked his nose. "Alright, that's it," he threatened playfully then shoved her down on the mattress and pinned her wrists. He leaned down and first licked her nostril as he had previously intended not to, then her ear, then her neck if she let him get that far.
  14. I bought a car for $500

    Seth pressed his forehead against hers, enough to gently push her, and sniggered quietly. He wasn't sure if it was a legitimate way to win this particular game or a way to lose, but it seemed like a good idea to lick her nostril. It would be the ultimate distraction, but also could be off-putting - he didn't know her like that - so he stuck his tongue out to lick her cheek. He wanted to kiss her, but wanted to be a jerk-ass tease a bit more at the moment.
  15. I bought a car for $500

    Seth nuzzled her nose lightly in return and said, "You play The Game by trying not to think about The Game." He tilted his head back with a small movement and jutted his jaw slightly forward so his vertically-oriented strip of beard would poke her chin. Take that you not-Game-knowing wide-hipped not-kissing-game-losing nice-titty-having girl.