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  1. Surreality Themed Profile Event

    Salamence, I love you <3 I need a Salamence sig
  2. R [OPEN to all ] The Cotton Club - 1920's

    Wilson could tell he made her feel uneasy, he didn't blame her, he gave off that vibe to himself, he sat and thought to himself when she left back to the girl he murdered, or he felt he murdered her. He tapped on the bar and rubbed his eyes, he was honest with himself, he didn't have a choice from this client, it was either him or her, and some of the guys Wilson would take with him if he did not take the mark. The money for her screamed do it Wilson. When the waitress wrapped her arms around his, shoulders, he smiled. "Well, thank your boss for me I could use some company...sorry about that chuckle, I have been under some of stress lately, and thoughts have been rather tedious as of late. You seem to chase these thoughts away and it made me laugh." Wilson felt her leg rub against his pants leg and he blushed but than coughed it off. He heard her question and thought of what to say, so he told the truth. "I'm a bounty hunter, and i don't like it but it keeps me from starving and it keeps a roof over my head. Do you like your job? I imagine waiting on horny males is kind of lame point huh?" He sipped his coke and smiled loving the taste. "I wonder what they put in this, to make it taste so good, who knows." He drank a bit more. He was happy he could have someone to talk to. He than saw the man who drank the gin get up and leave. "I think that was my fault, I believe he didn't want to be noticed or something along those lines, in this place everyone knows you or will eventually find out who you are...Hell this whole town does that...unless you aren't worth it." He had found himself rambling and most likely boring the young woman. Still no memories plagued him so he was still feeling good about himself, he would do this more with this waitress or some other one, or anyone to walk to.
  3. *Dances like he is purple* Oh yeah I graduated too somehow...I think it was because I was a former member...
  4. R [OPEN to all ] The Cotton Club - 1920's

    Wilson Snapped back into reality, when a tender voice reached his ears. "Yes, ma'am you have any coca-cola? If not just get me some water please thank you, sorry about today seems to be a dream day for me. Must be tired." Wilson attempted to reason with himself more than her, He looked over at the other guy she was talking to before, he seemed to be watching the group of men, Wilson dealt with people like them before, some of them loudmouths, and others like him killers.It made no difference to Wilson, it all mattered if you were a mark or client, and the occasional informant. Wilson ignored his thoughts for a moment and looked up at the women, she was pretty and had plenty of sex appeal or the act she put on led Wilson to believe it. He watched the guy and saw look as if he has seen a ghost. "I'll pay for his gin too, he seems like he needs it, you can tell him it was me or not it's up to you. How much would it cost for you to sit down and have a drink here at the bar, you look as if you need it as well." Wilson smiled. The memories were taken over the smell of her, Wilson had good senses, he could hear well, smell well, and see just as okay as the next guy. He could smell her and she seemed pleasant to be around, she chased his memories away, he suddenly chuckled looking like a crazy man, but he didn't care. "Sorry about that, you broke away my daydream, and I don't care much for it." He checked himself for his wallet and was glad it was still there you could get it stolen when you least expect it. He took some cash out and a tip for her as well, he slipped the wallet back in his inner breast pocket. When he felt the napkin he remembered his hit. He sighed and looked to her to escape his memories or anyone. Then again Wilson was not a talkative type.
  5. ...and it made me frown

    Thanks...I appreciate that and I hope it never happens to you guys...if you ever need my aid pm me and we can cheer you up or we can be down together : )
  6. R [OPEN to all ] The Cotton Club - 1920's

    Wilson rubbed his eyes and yawned, he needed some sleep and according to the info, he had time before.his mark could be touched let alone hit, that he knew before he came here, the info he received was where he. could be hit. A couple of days, Wilson smiled and realized he could sleep easy or easy as his kind of folk could sleep. Which means he could sit around and listen to the music of The Cotton Club. He noticed the waitress talking to the man at the bar. Wilson liked his clothes, he wore a three piece suit, with oxford shoes, the suit was gray and the shoes were black. His Fedora gray as well fitted with a black band and tie. His breast pocket held a linen cloth, the napkin he received, he hid that in his inner breast pocket of his coat. He stood up and walked over to the bar and sat down. "I wonder if they have any non-alcoholic drinks here." Wilson suffered from a sweet tooth. He tapped on the table and waited for someone to ask what he wanted. Tonight he would order water if they did not have anything non-alcoholic. His memories took him back to that night. ​As Wilson climbed the fire escape, he reached her floor, and entered into the hallway. His plan to get in was to knock and say he was delivering her Flapper shoes from the tailors. He shut the window back and proceeded down the hallway. To his surprise no one was standing in front of the door.
  7. Handel Rinaldo Lascia Ch'io Pianga
  8. ...and it made me frown

    Humanity makes me down, whenever someone is down I try to comfort them and usually succeed but whenever I am down, no one comes to my aid, what are friends for if you are the only one doing half the job...
  9. I did errr? I mean that guy must be awesome! : P, welcome to The SR
  10. *walks in* Hey Korinara, pleases to meet ya, who is your friend xD?
  11. Video Games General

    "Sonic 3 and knuckled complete" Enerjak showed me this hack of the game, that is my fav...errr looking forward to Arkham Origins and will be getting PS4, Also ack! Classic Sonic all the way in Generations xD
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    Of course, or I could mean the other Frump King around here...
  13. Hello

    Not that story tell them the story that you told us...sure it makes no sense but those things maybe funny to us!
  14. R [OPEN to all ] The Cotton Club - 1920's

    Wilson came to meet his informant on his next hit, He had found places like this to be easy informing spots, he sat at the booth and tapped on the table. Looking at the faces of them around him, just quick glances he could tell who they were and what side of the law they were on. He may have a had no show tonight, or his informant had bad luck and they caught on to him, it did not matter to Wilson, he would find the hit sooner or later. He thought back to his last job. He did not enjoy it, even though she was terrible and a long rap sheet. She had money to throw around but it did not save her. The lights began to dim, and Wilson heard Madden. He applauded and stood up. The same emotionless face, he glanced at the girl who seemed new, or seemed new to Wilson, she was pretty but he did not have to time to court women. He sat back down after he looked around to survey the area. Which took him back to the memories that plagued him. "Pardon me mister, can I sit this down here for a moment." She said sweetly, Wilson nodded and gave a shy smile, the girl smiled back and sat the tray down, she fixed her uniform up to make her look a bit more sexy, Wilson blushed, surprisingly all the things he's seen this made him blush. He's seen many things too many things. The waitress waved a eccentric wave to him and picked the tray up. Kissing a napkin she laid it in front of Wilson. His informant found him oddly. He had gotten what he came for, now he would wait a bit before he left. Wilson wondered if that last job was worth it, his mind seemed to be filled with guilt. Wilson was dropped off at a apartment complex, his mark was listed to be here, some woman who stole from one of his clients, broke men and other things considered "Unlawful", he did not like the job already when he first heard that she was a woman, but he was having a tough time financially and this client you afford to say no to. She was also dangerous and responsible for some deaths on her own. He had garrote wire for her and pistol and a towel for her goons. Wilson first walked in the alley of the apartments, to climb the fire escape.
  15. I'll be a gangster like Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition...except I have no children or a wife for that matter...