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  1. I'm listening to the sound of my hotdogs boiling on the stove top in the other room for being too lazy to make real food. At the same time I'm listening to a podcast from the radio show, "On Being with Krista Tippet," about Embracing Our Enemies and Our Suffering from Two legendary teachers shine a Buddhist light on a classic Christian teaching: love of enemies. Because I'm a big nerd and it's this kind of discussion that somehow helps me stay up all the night to get ready to stay up at all night again tomorrow at work. I bet no one knows what I'm talking about, besides the hotdogs. :P
  2. Remember that time when...

    I remember Odd 18th and I'd be both jealous/envious of two of my friends who were mods and got to partake in causing the complete and utter chaos. I think there was one where many people got claimed into groups/villages by certain mods... And how exciting it was to see who/what was happening in the chat. Good times.
  3. Going on vacation, in the woods, with no technology, won't be able to reply until after the 20th. Have a fun without me. :(
  4. ack!'s away notes

    I'm pretty envious of the travels you have planned. Especially when comparing plans and remembering this weekend kicks off 4 days straight of work (I do 12's, if I'm lucky enough to leave on time)... Even though I, too, have a vacation coming in a little over a week. Have fun! Don't be a skank.
  5. Free as the Fountain

    Suddenly, the man I’ve been watching takes a turn and is facing me at the fountain, down on one knee, a beautiful beachscape background, presenting the balloon like… a proposal? I watch, puzzled, and then it hits me like a bad dream. I grew up a simple girl, in a simple family that got by making due with the bare necessities. That was until high school, when dad remarried and suddenly life and property was presented like some grand show on display. My stepmother at my side, I gained some confidence and learned to love the finer things of life – jewelry, parties, dinners, clothes, and accessories, any of the latest and greatest trends. But while I was living it up, that piece of “simple†never left me. I would tell the story of the crazy things the store clerks would say in their country accents after bringing home bargains from the village thrift store, which I considered their products a garden of colorful roses with a sprinkle of weeds, much to my step mothers disdain. Yet, that’s when I met Pete, the handsome boy down the street who loved soccer, guitar, and listened to his parents. He was great. Always warm and welcoming, cheering me on when I started college, the kind of looks that rarely if ever fit a such a kind, pleasant personality, and so smart, too. I really thought he was into me, and we had a few intimate moments… I mean, we were high schoolers, then in college, and neighbors who practically lived at one another’s houses. One seemingly typical day, I made my way up to the park just past the plaza where I would often sit by the creek bed after a day of browsing and would often meet up with Pete after a soccer game, as was the plan today. But as I made my way nearing my usual bench, I saw two people standing on one of the larger moss covered rocks near the creek bed. Pete? On his knee? What? That can’t be happening. In that moment my heart was breaking, bursting, throbbing, and crackling like wood into cinders. I manage to remain standing, body frozen and stoic, in shock as my expectations of the fun that the day would bring, let alone the future I imagined with Pete, went down the drain. The scene was surreal and the girl’s giddy, tearful embrace touched a soft spot in my heart. It hit me. I knew the girl. She wasn’t exactly a friend, but someone I’d seen around and known at distance for some time. I was friends with her brother through our work at the Zippy Mitch gas station once I left college. She was so quiet, sweet, not a mean bone in her body – that I knew about. How could he? How could she? It the proposal it was beautiful – I had such excitement towards watching her giddy, joyous embrace. My freeze frame felt like an hour, but only a mere minute – I ran. The breeze picked up and water from the fountain splashed my side, and I realize I was still staring in the eyes of my tuxedo mystery man. I smirked and chuckled to myself. That day had changed me so much and the scars were evident here and now. Since then I had come to question people more than usual – their stories, their motives, so that way I could be ahead of the game and see their weakness before they found mine. And I have no way of knowing if I was any good at it, but it’s what I did. Being in a new place always brought out a little more spontaneity in me. Heck, being in this location now was mostly spontaneous. I was ready to give up waiting for someone to show up, but I didn’t want to just up and leave. Without dwelling on consequences, I left my few belongings where they sat, took a few steps along the ledge of the fountain, and stopped in front of the man, as thunder began to boom in the distance. “I have nothing to give you. I have just myself, and to your offer, I accept!†Then I slowly raised a hand and reached out for the balloon.
  6. Sooooo. My weekend didn't go as planned for here. I have work today (12+ hr shift) but am off tomorrow (for most of the day), so instead of keeping you hanging even longer, I wanted to at least say it won't be today. Sorry! :( And to be perfectly honest again, part of my delay this weekend was merely needing to develop my character since it's been so long since I've done this, I've got minimal things to pull from. So sorry for that, but hope everyone is still on board since things are just getting started.
  7. Special talents meaning like you're a top notch athlete, incredible musician, best selling writer, craft-maker, smooth talking manipulator, good at mechanical/technological skills, dancer, drug smuggler, any extreme in positive or negative personality traits or technical skills that an individual could actually have in real life. Hope that helps to clarify. You're more than welcome to join! Make a post as soon as you feel like it. I'm going to submit a post by the end of the day since it's 9:20 AM here, just woke up, so if you want to jump in sooner or later, whatever works. :)
  8. What is it? So this is a Realistic RP. It can include special talents or skills that are realistic so long as the character doesn't posses a ton of them, or they can be talentless or limited in skill, because that is more realistic. RP is still listed under the student section if you're looking for it, my error. I'm open as far as the direction of the story line -- can be romance, spy, mystery, gang, medical, typical life, etc., no greater than an [R] rating. The title is also subject to change, I really didn't know what to make it. Here's the link: Who can join? Open to whomever, no more than 2 others to join. Short 3-5 paragraph posts preferred, but I'm not going to be a stickler, do what feels right for you. Someone can take over as the man introduced in the very beginning or add a new character. Timeframe? 1 post every 1-3 days as a minimum is fine. I think many people don't like moving that slow, but if more time is needed let me know, I work a full time job and I totally understand. Just throw out what you think and we'll take it from there. Questions? :)
  9. OOC: Realistic RP, no more than 2 others to join. Short 3-5 paragraph posts preferred, but I'm not going to be a stickler, do what feels right for you. Someone can take over as the man introduced below or add a new character. 1 post every 1-3 days as a max is fine. Fin. It takes a special man to stand out in front of a public, landmark fountain, wearing an all black tuxedo in 90 degree Fahrenheit heat, 80% humidity, grasping a hot pink balloon by a short string while the sun blazes down on the concrete lawn and upward onto to pale, moist skin. Or is it a desperate man? An entertainer about to start a show? Someone confident who has a plan, or just lives by his own rules? A poor pawn being set up in a prank, or for money, or as a surprise? One who has lost his way, or maybe ran away from some big event he’d had enough of? Many people take a glance, or stare, or walk past like he’s part of the landscape, nothing to mind at all. Of course, I’m one that stares, observes, and questions the story that has him standing there, 20 feet away, a focal point in my view of a sea foam ocean. Thank God for this breeze. I breathe in deeply the mixture of fresh sea air and street fumes and soak in the sunshine as I sit on the ledge of the fountain behind me, then sigh aloud at the looming storm clouds at the horizon. My eyes wander around the periphery of where he stands. I take my right hand and tug back and forth at the front of my yellow peasant style blouse, airing out the sweat rolling down my chest and stomach, then adjust my legs on my concrete seat, hoping the sweat doesn’t soak, too badly through my pale blue shorts. By small bag and water sits beside me, cell phone inside has been quite for an hour. As a visitor in this town I thoroughly enjoy using my time to take in the sights and watch people going through what I can only expect is a typical day. But as interesting as the view is with its natural elements and the people who travel through it, I’m growing more and more tired of waiting, wondering if this will be the time they show, or just another disappointment. Edit: So I thought I was defaulted to student, but after posting this I see I've been added as graduate, so thank you very much for not making me start over, sorry for the error in posting it under student, it can be moved and my boyfriend is begging me to move on for dinner so thanks and bye.