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  1. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Things seemed to be going great, Steal lay on the bed snuggled against Yusai's side, just glad to be home and relaxing, but little did he know that was going to be changing... in minutes. He had been so amused at Yusai's reaction to the bed, it being so huge that Steal could have slept corner to corner and still not really reached the ends. Plus it was nice to be able to play kitten for a time.. just enjoying the feel of being near someone else that seemed to enjoy him being there. With a sense of peace starting to lull over him, he inhaled softly and listened with half an ear as the news came on the television. That was when he heard his own name spoken for the first time in a while. Then his father's... then the bank.. No no no no... not this.. please not this.. please.. It was like a nightmare hitting him like a tidal wave. He was drowning. All the bad memories.. all the past. It rushed him making everything around him fade out for a moment. "Um..." Steal said in a tiny voice. He couldn't hide forever. He had to mention who he was, come clean and face the music. Face the feeling of being lost again, in a past that didn't want him. Why... why can't I just be me..? How much can I tell? He could see the room again, a mockery of a happy place. A gilded cage fit for a prince, but a cage none the less. "I had to leave.. They didn't want me, never wanted me. I was broken from the day I was born." He tried to pick his words carefully, but how could anyone understand? He looked up, tears in his eyes. "I.. changed my name.. I .. I wanted something truly free, and... while I was locked up.. I kept asking if anything in life was free.. I could only think, the only way to get something free would be to steal it.. so... so to be free, I had to 'steal' myself. So... so.. Steal.." No, he wasn't telling it in order. He could see that Yusai didn't fully understand. He had to go back.. try again. "I.. I was born.. my dad, he hated how pale I was.. how sickly, how..not like him and Mom.. my mom is.. Felicity Masters.. you know.. the.. the jewelry store. "Felicitations." My dad wanted a strong kid, but.. I was never good enough. They hid me.. no one knew.. they.. they thought I was.. I don't know, Somewhere.. but.. no one looked for me. I was locked away. He hit me...they punished me all the time. I was never..." His words were a stumbling mess. "F-Finally I ran. I.. I broke out.. I just wanted to be free for good." He knew that now that his father would get word of the area he was in, the hunt would start again. They couldn't have their 'precious' son loose now could they? Just thinking about it made him shudder. He wanted to hide again, to run once more, anything but face what would come. "S-sai.. they.. they will hunt me..." He looked up in time to see an image of him on the screen, when he was younger, a small child, a fake smile, but fear in his eyes. His mother and father standing by him, not touching him, not looking at him. It was like they were trying to be a good family, but they wished he was gone. Under those pale cute clothing were bruises and cuts, no one would see them though, no one would know that the child on the screen was in pain, and was being forced to smile. Reports state that Stephen Masters, as well as several other parties were taken to xxx Hospital, and were treated for Hypoxia, as well as other conditions, stepping from the gas inhalation, as well as mental stress. Several witnesses state that Stephen Masters left in the company of another man, who has not yet been identified and it has been suggested that they may be in a relationship. We will keep you posted as the story develops. N-no... no! If he hears about it.. if my Dad hears that I am even thinking about.. no he will KILL me, literally Kill me, not just hurt me. There is no way he will let a son of his... what about Yusai, if he.. what if he thinks I am gross? His stomache sank further and he slid from the bed, eyes brimming, the burning tears feeling like they were scorching him. He staggered from the room, paler than ever. I.. I will be alone forever... no one can love me.. no one.. why do I try.. I.. I should pack.. but.. Prince.. will Sai take care of him? He wont make it on the streets.. he needs.. Oh God, what do I do? "Don't hate me.. please don't hate me.. I just.. I can't take it...."
  2. I Hope History Never Repeats. (Story)

    It was easier thought than done though. Stephen's father was standing in the white room, a room that had been soundproofed to ensure that no one got knowledge of his son's life. Well that was not completely true, there were some that knew of him, there had to be, but they were paid to keep silent, and it didn't do to just let ANYONE know.. so the silent room. Stephen stepped into the room through a small hidden hall, and saw the angry man standing there. Dark golden hair, a stern face and deep blue eyes filled with anger. In his hand was a paper, but on the floor at his feet was a bamboo stick. The young knew that implement well. In this moment training beat out fear and he moved to kneel at his father's feet, his head bowing and hair falling over his face, covering his fearful expression. "Have we not got you all you want?" The man started, his dark suited figure still ridged as he looked down at the teen at his feet. No you denied me everything I wanted... "Still you can't even hand in your work.. you refuse to try. II can not abide this behavior." The man swooped down and lifted the stick, bringing it down with a whistling sound upon the young man's shoulder. It was all he could do to bite back a yelp as the stinging impact raced through his nerves. I don't understand I didn't miss anything. "Still... you .. insist on.. bringing more... trouble.. for ... ME." Each few words were punctuated by more whistling smacks upon shoulders and back. Silence.. Stephen refused to cry out, but tears ran down his cheeks. Still he could not even ask what he had forgot. It seemed they just wanted reasons to be mad at him. When the pain was reaching the point of too much, a message came through on his father's phone. The man looked at it, looked at Stephen and sighed. No words, he just walked away leaving him on the floor. When he was sure his father was gone Stephen groaned. He knew what that message was. A message stating the the work had turned up. It changed nothing, never would he get a comment of "Oh sorry my bad." No instead just silent leaving. As soon as he could, the silver haired boy left the room, heading back to his bed, and laying down. He didn't want to think anymore. This was not the first time, it was not the last either. He was going to be trapped in this loop until he found a way to get out of there for good. He had no where to go though. But he did have somewhere to go this night. He could go out, meet Keetah, who seemed to want to meet him too. He could go see the singing and try to relax, all he had to do, was be sure to get back before anyone noticed him gone.. Not that anyone would know he was missing, unless he was in trouble again. Getting out and in were the real issues. He had to make a plan that would work.
  3. I Hope History Never Repeats (Steal Masters' Past) Poor little rich boy. Oh pity me.. feel bad for me, for what does life not provide? Uh, most everything to be honest. My parents hate me, they had hoped for someone much better than me. I am far too pale, I am too 'weak' looking, and most of all, I am not following in my fathers footsteps. He made a fortune young, but I just want to sing and play music. Shame forced my parents to lock me away, so I am like a princess locked in a tower. They locked me in a part of the mansion, away from all others. No one sees me, no one remembers me and the only thing that makes people know I exist at all, is the need to bring me food, and sometimes clean my rooms. I am never permitted to see them though. My name is Stephen Masters, I have long silver white hair, pale skin and I am rather petite, as some would say. I am only 5'3 which makes me more of a shame, since both of my parents topped my high by quite a bit, neither being under 5'9. Heir? No.. I am an error. ~~~ Stephen closed the book he was writing in, and looked out the window overlooking a few trees, and a lot of nothing. He hated the rooms he was in, but he was not permitted to go other places. Three rooms, a tv, a computer and... a whole lot of educational books. Boredom. He just wanted to be free, and the only way to do that was to break out, but even that is risky, if he got out there would be the challenge of getting back in without anyone seeing him. Only he parents knew he was there, and that meant that likely anyone else would have him sent away for trespassing. He would then be homeless. It was tempting, but he would much rather have a place to go BEFORE taking off. Waking across the room he headed to the computer sitting on a desk off to the side, a link to a home schooling site up. He was really only supposed to use the computer for his education, but there were ways around it. Not this time though. ~Ping~ The notice popped up, telling him that there was someone there wanting to speak to him, and that meant either his parents or one of the virtual tutors. A weak sigh of upset left his lips. Stephen, we have been informed that someone has been paying undue attention to your part of the building, please refrain from being at the window so long. ~M Heh, yeah it wouldn't be good if someone noticed him. Thanks Mother. He closed the message without responding, there was no point anyway, nothing he put down would be acknowledged. With a few keystrokes though, he slipped out of the normal computer programs and ended up on a message forum. Leaning back in his chair he smiled a bit, logging on with his screen name. Steal Masters. No one here knew who he was, he was just another teen talking to others, trying to make friends. Keetah: Steal! Hey, you planning to show up to the clubs tonight? You never come, you said you were in the area! Steal: I want to, I really do, but, I am not sure I can get out. Is there someone special playing? Keetah: It is open mic night, people are just going to take the stage and sing a song or two. I would love to hear you. Steal: I am going to try. I would love to be there. Keetah: You better show. It is on the corner of XXXX and XXXX, Stephen leaned back, rubbing his eyes. He wanted to go, he wanted to get out of here. There was a way to skirt down the tree, and take off into the distance, he could make it out of there. He just had to... Shit, forget it he was going to do it. He was going to get out. Tonight. To pass the time though, he started to sing softly, his voice was still his pride but he had to be careful, if someone heard.. he would be punished. ~Ping~ He flipped forward and looked at the keyboard, his long hair falling into his eyes a moment. Stephen, we have informed you time and again to get your work done on time. You have failed to finish your report. Please head into the white room.. NOW. NO! NO! His stomach lurched. What did he forget? He had handed in all his work, what could have been late? Trembling from head to toe he headed into the so called white room. A room lacking all furnishings, covered in some kind of slick material. It was the room of punishment, and his father was waiting there, papers in his hands. "Once more I get notified that you have not handed in your schooling in time. I will not permit this kind of failure. Have you not shamed us enough? Singing.. dancing... and your appearance. You bring shame on the whole family and now you will not even do your schooling.... " Do not cry.. do not cry do not flinch, do what he wants and let it be done.. do not react...
  4. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    It was quite a relief to know that his cat was being taken care of, so when Yusai let him know that, he gave a bit of a smile. He half listened as Yusai and Otto talked about what was going to happen next, then with a sigh fell back to sleep. When they were given the news that they were going to be able to go home, Steal smiled. It would be good to be back at their place again, where he could relax a bit more and just do things that he wanted to do, and not worry about who was going to be looking at what. He would also be able to do something about his hair. He had come to the decision that rather than cut it all really short, he would layer it, using that to kind of fluff up the hair around the missing area. With the natural length of his hair, there was enough to at least camouflage the mess. When it was time to leave, Otto was there waiting for the pair of them, with a nice Mini Van set up. He mocked and joked the whole time about being used as a Taxi service, and kept bad mouthing the cat. "It tried to eat me... several times. I think it plans to knock me down and eat my face.." Steal laughed softly and rolled his eyes a bit. Everyone seemed to react the same way. "Prince has yet to kill anyone, at worse he maims them a bit.." Steal commented as they arrived back at the apartment. The place was so comforting or at least it had been. As soon as they entered Steal was blind sided. His bed... it was gone. A frantic rush of panic ran through him. No bed.. just the sofa.. which was too small.. and..other furnishings. What was he going to sleep on. Steal spun around to look at Otto who crooked a finger at him. Pulling him to the side he murmured softly. "Your going to have to SHARE Yusai's bed now.. it will get you two closer at the least. Try it out for a while." Out loud he said. "Yeah it sucks but the fire department is cracking down about beds in the wrong rooms. It is a single bed room apartment so only beds in that room. Sorry.." Yusai didn't seem to mind or care or was just in his own world, so Steal merely nodded and looked around. Everything else was normal, he was just going to have to... Wait.. going to have to? No this was a gift. It took a moment for Steal to clue in, and brighten up a bit. He smiled and took his stuff into Yusai's room, where another small dresser had been put, and he sat for a moment on the side of the bed. This would be nice. "Yusai's bed is plenty big enough for both of us." Steal walked back out and joined. Prince seemed to like that there was more room, and he was attacking shoes with glee trying to kill the laces. It was nice to be a cat it seemed.. able to cuddle when you want, fed when you wanted it.. yup nice. Steal didn't realize that he had kind of the same style life. He was a bit spoiled at times, but it was worth it for the people around him at times too, he tried his best to be a good friend. "Thanks Otto..I'm glad you were willing to brave time with Prince to help us out." When the other man finally left, Steal slumped a bit, slinking off to bed, where he curled in a small ball off to one side. He didn't want to take up too much space. This was the easy part, the next day he would have to contact his family.. or they would call him. He was unaware that the news had published a story about what happened, and it had some rather unflattering things to say about the child of the Masters' family, and they were not happy with him. The shit was going to really hit the fan soon..
  5. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal's rest felt sweet, as he snuggled against Yusai, the dreams running around his head leaning more to the sweetly romantic. Not just flowers and rainbows, but a more deep feeling that came from being with someone who was his best friend as well as the one he loved. Maybe that in part was why his body had reacted as it did when he slept leaning against the other man. Part of him enjoyed the thought too that the people in the hospital thought he and Yusai were married. Perhaps it was a kind of common law thing, but they had still not solidified anything.. In the halls the nurses were chattering about what the one nurse had seen in the room, and slowly the others walked past, glancing in at the pair in the bed. One made a comment about bringing in a larger bed, or moving two together and letting the pair share the room. The nurses were in part swooning at the idea of a cute pair in the room. It wasn't everyday you got something like that to gaze at. One of the giggling nurses knocked softly on the door, bearing with her a bag of Steal's clothing a slight blush on her cheeks as she walked in and put the garments on a chair. "They will be here in a bit with Mr Masters' files and.. um.. medications and stuff. She glanced at the younger man's flushing brighter as she indeed saw what the others were talking about. With a soft stammer she left the room rushing back to tell that she had been there. It was something like a game now, to steal glances at the room and add to the story that was building. It wasn't long though, before Steal was waked and asked to get dressed for a test, the paler boy staggered a bit, nearly falling over as he dressed in his clothing finally settling on just putting on his pair of briefs and the robe again. It seemed no one minded at the moment, as they guided him down the hall to the MRI, where they lay him down on the table and slid him up in the giant donut whole shaped machine. It seemed things would be fine, but the noise that came from it sent a screaming headache through the younger man's frame. It was a terrible bass sound that had no real beat to it. It just hurt to hear it at the moment. He wanted to squirm out but he was strapped in, and told to stay still. I want out.. please.. I want out... The scan kept going and by the time they let him out, he felt like he was going to be sick again, slumping down he covered his head with his arms. By the time he was back in the room he felt like his head was going to fall off, and Yusai was already on his way for his own scan. The room he was in though, was the same as Yusai's and the beds were moved close. He crawled onto one and curled in a half ball waiting for the other man. When Lunch came Steal didn't touch it, and just slept. When Yusai came back, Steal remained asleep, and stayed so, until Otto returned. The bartender had been at their place, taking care of the cat for them, and he was still concerned about what was going on. How long would they have to stay and how bad were the test results for them to not let them leave yet. Steal woke up, and looked at Yusai and Otto, a bit surprised to find himself cuddled close to Yusai again, the beds connected. He murmured softly and tossed his arm over the other man once more before truly noting that Otto was there. Instead of a look of shock though, Otto just shot him a grin and nod. Well it was good to be on the positive side of a look again. Steal smiled a little, but it hurt his lips instead he just wriggled against Yusai more, pressing as close as he could. Heh, if he was not able to do anything naughty he could at least enjoy the feel of the other man's body. Mm... yup blanket covering him and no one but Yusai to know what he was doing. Steal blushed a bit and wished it was the other way around though, Yusai pressed against him.... or more. Damn what would it take for Yusai to catch on and make some move. He had done everything he could to let Yusai know it was okay, but still nothing. Maybe.. did he have to get Otto to ask him if he was interested at all? That would be hard but it would at least let him know if he was still wasting his time.
  6. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal felt weird when Yusai left, it had been like he was seeing someone who was lost in the past, which would make sense since that likely was exactly where Yusai was. There was nothing else Steal could do but close his eyes and wait for the next day to come,then possibly the day after that... or however long it was going to take for things to work their way to rights. When the next day did dawn, Yusai didn't appear in Steal's room, so the young man slid out of bed, and decided to make his own way there. Assuming he could find the room of course. The hospital was not one Steal had ever been in before, being that they had driven a while to get to the area, they had of course been taken to the hospital closest to the Haunted Manor rather than being taken back to their local hospital. The downside was that Steal was hopelessly unsure of where to go. His first stop was the nurse station, where, unfortunately no one was located. With a sigh of frustration he then turned to the halls and just started walking and peering in the doors. In some of the rooms were people he had seen at the event, and most were starting to look well, though one lady still seemed to be pretty riled up. She kept looking around nervously and even gave a little whimper when she noticed Steal looking at her. The fear he saw in her eyes was enough to make him back away and move forward down the hall rather than linger a bit. He didn't want to get her anymore upset. More rooms, more people who were not the ones he was looking for. In one room a teenage girl peered at him, and started to giggle wildly when he left. He wasn't sure what that was all about. Unlike Yusal, the thought of his backside showing from his gown was not something that had crossed his mind. Oblivious of the thought he kept walking down the hall, until he nearly collided with the young nurse who was leaving Yusai's room. Steal gave a weak smile and spun around to let her pass, inadvertently giving Yusai a lovely view of his bare backside. Steal seemed to live in his own world at times like this. Rather than feel shame, or even being aware, he just waited for the nurse to leave and moved into the room. "Uh.. h-hi.. I.. well, you left so sudden..." Steal stammered, padding over to the bedside. Turning around the room he looked for a chair that he could sit in, again not aware that his robe had no back. Times like this, modesty would have been a good thing. Not finding a chair left Steal with only one option, to sit on the side of the bed near Yusai, which he did. He climbed up and rather than sit, snuggled against the other man's side, much like a child or lover would. "I.. thought you may be mad at me.. or something like that. Are you?" He asked softly, nuzzling against Yusai as much as he could without doing any harm. "You left so fast, I guess you were thinking about things.." Steal closed his eyes wondering for a moment as to what the cross could have meant to Yusai. It had some meaning and even the voice he could have swore he heard had said something like that. It puzzled Steal though. Trying to keep up with the thoughts running through his head made him feel sleepy. Yusai would want to eat, and Steal didn't want to go back to his own room, so he just cuddled up, going silent and letting the other man eat. Just doze a bit... just.. rest. Soon someone would realize he was not in his own room.. that he didn't have the oxygen or meds anymore and they would hunt for him, but until then he just wanted to be close to Yusai.. ((sorry it is short. TnT))
  7. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    The questioning had gone on only a short time but to Steal it had felt like a lifetime. He felt himself getting more and more annoyed yet somehow managed to keep his temper. Finally when he felt like he was going to lose his temper, a wave of nausea hit him like a brick wall, doubling him over and causing a high whimper of pain to leave him, moments before he lost what had remained in his stomach of dinner. That though embarrassing was nothing to the other response from his body, as he felt his bladder let go as well. Shame was not the word for his feelings. The officer seemed shocked as she left the room and rushed to get a doctor, and by the time the doctor got there, Steal had slid from his bed and was trying to make his way to the bathroom. The doctor, seeing the pale young man on his journey barked out something to the nurses while grabbing at Steal's arm. "Where is Mr. Masters' Oxygen? Crap get it in here right away." He was gentle as he started to speak to Steal. reassuring him that nothing was wrong with him due to what happened, and that he would soon be on Oxygen and being properly monitored. By the time the Doctor coaxed Steal back to the bed, the sheets were being changed and the Oxygen was being wheeled in. The young man was still murmuring softly about being sorry for what happened, not aware that it was a possible side effect of what had happened to him. Sickness, loss of bladder control, memory loss... even his shift in behaviour. To him it was all just a shameful happening. A short time later Steal was in the room alone, Oxygen in place, blood drawn and silence descending. It felt terrible to be alone, he would have rather the officer remained. Turning his head into the pillow he whimpered softly. What had gone on in the house? He had seen things, heard things.. but they were telling him that others were brought in as well, something had gone wrong but he had failed to get proper details. He tried to piece things together in his mind, they had mentioned some issues happening with the other couples in the building, that people were seeing and hearing thngs, that some of the rooms were not set up right and that as a result almost everyone there was now in the hospital. It didn't excuse what he had done though, hurting Yusai was not something that he could pardon. The officer mentioned that he had bit Yusai, but he could hardly remember any of that, he just could remember solving problems, and the air feeling thick. He had been getting a headache, but he hadn't really been thinking of it, he had just wanted to have a good time. Then something happened, it was like.. he had been a shadow in his own body. Steal shook his head a bit, wincing at the pain it caused. He was not going to talk about that to anyone. No way, from what he was hearing no one would believe it anyway. As he felt himself falling into depression someone came to the room. Steal turned his head slowly and tried to smile as he saw Yusai. After recounting what he knew of what happened and the treatment he had gotten, he felt tears slide down his cheeks. He felt terrible, no matter that Yusai told him not to. Still feeling Yusai's hands on his made him feel a bit better. "Cross... yeah it.. they said I was holding it when they brought me in... not sure where it came from." He swallowed thickly and reached over to open the bed side table drawer, holding out the intricate cross that he had. ".. Yusai.. I remember.. They.. the doctors said it may just be lack of oxygen.. I remember.." He squeezed his eyes tight. "Someone with a lion.. and the words.. 'Take care of 'em, ey? 'E's a good one.. and give 'em... that.' I know .. I know what the doctors said but it feels like it was real." He opened his eyes slowly expecting to see Yusai looking at him like he was insane, but not to see the look of sorrow that he was faced with. Yusai looked like someone had told him that he had lost his best friend, and.. and maybe he had. Could the person he remembered be someone Yusai knew? If that was true, than what did it all mean? "Yusai.. I..." He started to speak then clamped his lips shut as Yusai, holding the cross just got up and walked out of the room. Steal held his hand out a moment, then dropped it back to the bed. Yusai would come back if and when he wanted to. He had taken the cross though, and seemed to have been holding it like it was a precious token.
  8. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Everything had happened so fast. Why though? He had just wanted to have a nice day, a fun time with Yusai and all of this stuff happened. His head hurt so bad, his face..felt like it was on fire, and Yusai, oh Yusai looked terrible and it was his fault. When the other man came over to him and took his hand, saying his was going to pass out Steal reacted instantly, holding Yusai's hand and cradling his head, still weeping. Then he saw them, a man and a boy, both standing a bit away from them, Steal blinked a bit, his eyes blurred and teary but they didn't vanish, at least not right away, the man, holding a lion toy smiled and murmured something. "Take care of 'em, ey? 'E's a good one.. and give 'em... that.." Something seemed to shimmer at Steal's free hand and he curled his fingers around it not looking. The boy just smiled a little and waved his fingers taking the man's hand and walking off. Yup, he was loopy with pain. He hugged Sai's head and just closed his own eyes, letting the darkness take him again. Better that way than to feel the pain. **** Hours must have passed, Steal and Yusai were taken off to the hospital. The people in the hotel had a hard time explaining what they had no proof of. What had happened in the room. Had it been some kind of lover's quarrel? Both men would have to be questioned to find that out. The other parties in the hotel were packed off and sent home, refunds to be processed. **** Steal woke in the antiseptic smelling room, not sure where he was. He was alone, under a plain sheet, bandages on his head and his nose feeling stuffed with cotton. The pain was less though. Someone was sitting in the room by his bed, with a note pad and a sympathetic look. "Do you recall what happened?" Steal looked around before murmuring a negative. "Did he hurt you?" That set Steal off. "NO! Sai wouldn't not willingly... I hurt him.. I hurt him.." He dissolved into sobs turning his head into the hospital pillow. The sound of writing. "Are you sure? He said he hurt you.. But he didn't know what happened either." Steal remained adamant. "No, it was my fault. Something weird.. I don't know why.. it wasn't.. I didn't have control." ~~~ In the other room Otto sat by Yusai looking down at him with a mild frown. "Seriously Yusai, what the hell happened? Shadows, strange sounds.. and than you end up here? Are you sure it wasn't some kind of.. drug thing, the kid using drugs and spazzed? It is happening more and more often now. I know he is a good kid, but strange things happen." The bar owner rubbed his hand over his eyes. "Nah, I guess that isn't so likely, he cares too much. Shit, but what does this all mean? He was holding the cross you gave Richard! The one matching yours. How the hell did he get that?"
  9. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal felt terrible, his control of his own body had completely left him, and now he had no idea what was going to happen, other than that Yusai was likely to want to kick him out of the house after whatever was going to occur. When Yusai pushed him away after the intruder's behavior Steal was a bit relieved, it was good to know that this other being was not going to get anything he, himself was not going to get. Strange that was his first thought, but it was. Then things plummeted really fast. Yusai was apologizing for what he had done when the being inside of him snapped and went feral. Clawing, scratching and mauling ensued, followed by the other biting Yusai. Steal the whole while screamed silently wanting to make it all stop. He wanted to say he was sorry, but it was not happening, all he could do was weep silently inside, pleading for it all to end. When Yusai struck him in the face, sparks covered his vision, and the being backed off just enough to ensure that Steal himself got to feel the pain, laughing in his head the whole while. Nice, good of this thing to share the pain with him. Now if only he could free himself. Nope not happening, a moment later he was a passenger again, struggling against the tightening grip. Then Yusai ended the struggle for all of him, Thunk.... Darkness.... He had no way of knowing what hit him, as he tumbled away. The other being did though. With a howl it's shadowy form withdrew from Steal staring angrily at Yusai, not liking that it's fun had been thwarted. It knew that someone else had stepped in and told Yusai what to do and it was not amused. Throwing what could only be called an other-wordly tantrum it tossed things about in the room before withdrawing. The lights came back up, and the camera feed turned back on letting the workers see Steal laying unconscious and bloody, his head bleeding (which as any head wound, looked terrible.) and both males with bleeding noses. ~~~~ Did they get in a fist fight? I don't know, but someone better let them out before they sue the hell out of us. ~~~~~ The voice that had spoke to Yusai murmured softly. "I am sorry, it was the only way, he wasn't going to let him go." It was a time before Steal finally woke again, in agony. He let his eyes open slowly before the whole situation poured onto him in a rush. Scrambling back into a corner, the younger man pulled his knees to his chest and bowed his head. "I.. I.. didn't, I .. I didn't want to.. it wasn't me..." The words tumbled out, amidst tears and trembling. Yusai was bound to hate him now and he wasn't even able to control himself.
  10. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    The room key had been found, and all he had to do now was escape the room. Oh joy! Steal couldn't wait to put this little horror behind him, but it seemed things were far from that easy. First Yusai dropped the key, not really a bad thing but a delay if nothing else, then when he was going to unlock the door the power went out. Sure Yusai had looked a bit worried when he had gotten back on his feet, but the pat on the back was enough to tell the younger man not to make a big deal of it. While waiting for the door to open Steal turned away from Yusai, only to see a man on the other side of the room, or rather a man shape. It looked adult, and it seemed to be beckoning him with one finger. Yeah, as if.. Steal was not going to head that way, he couldn't help the startled yelp he let out though. This whole ordeal was getting really really creepy. The figure seemed to know he wasn't going to move though, and it started to move on it's own toward Steal, the grin on it's face larger the closer it got... Darkness... sudden as a gun shot. It was like someone was breathing in his ear now. The feeling of someone putting their arms around him and holding him close, hands roaming his body. Perfect... yes I will take this... The words rang in Steal's ears but he was not able to say anything, it was as if he was paralyzed, or worse, watching everything from his own body, but someone else was now taking control, all sense of self being pushed to the side with the force of the sudden crack of energy. He felt himself turn around, and move toward Yusai, and could only watch in horror as his own body pressed close to the other man, the lights turning on just as sudden as they turned out. "Oh, I was so afraid.." The voice simpered, wrapping his arms around Yusai and nuzzling his neck. "What are we going to do.. it seems something happened to the key too, look it is melted in the lock." The one controlling Steal's body started to croon softly moving to straddle Yusai's hips even as the other man was still seeming frightened. "Oh hold me.." What are you doing, stop it.. Yusai won't like that! Hah, yeah right.. you are just too chicken, but no worries... soon enough you won't be there anyway... just like the last kid to be in this room with me.. it took his brother killing him to stop me that time.. and I am certain your friend would not do that to you.. N-No! Stop let me go! Get out of my body! The silent internal struggle was pointless, not only could Steal do nothing, but now the cameras were blown and the key melted, until someone came to check no one was letting them out, and worse.. even if they did they would have no idea that something else was hitching a ride.
  11. The future is ours.. isn't it? Steal looked at the note and gave a bit of a shudder as he hummed the tune. A funeral dirge, though a pretty one, but it was still a dark form of music. "Chopin" He murmured softly after continuing a few bars. If it was music notes it was likely he was intended to play it on something, there had to be a piano around the room somewhere since that was what you were supposed to play that particular tune on. Looking about, he finally noticed a quite small piano, which looked to be sized for children, though no less functional for the size. "I am thinking this is related to the death.." Sitting down on the floor with the toy piano in front of him he started to play the Funeral March, not needing the music for the first bit, since he knew the first few bars, though it was a complex part to play, the next bit he managed to follow on the notes, feeling bad for any others who would have had to try to play it. There had to be an easier way intended, maybe if they couldn't play it they had to do something else? Maybe playing it was not intended and he was just being a show off? If that was a case he should feel ashamed of himself for doing such a thing, and he slowed the pace of his playing, finally ending mid tune and flushing. "Uh.. Guess that was not what was intended." ~~~~ "Hmm, looks like the kid in the play room can play piano.. not bad. Still they are close to getting out.." "Yeah the pair leaving the basement just hit the fans, and look like they are climbing out of their skins." "Whoa, not good we have a panic alert in the red room.." ~~~~ Steal left the piano and looked at the box again, checking to see what was the mechanism in it. It appeared to be a crying angel. "Sai, didn't we see another angel like this in the toys? It may be the way out if there is something in there." He dropped to his knees pushing the toys aside again looking for a small angelic figurine. There had to be something that screamed exit. The crying though, he could still hear some crying interspersed with some laughing now, a deeper sound. Yusai wasn't hearing it, so maybe he was just going insane or something. The crying and laughing was making him feel rather sick though, like there was trouble heading his way and he had to watch out. Push it aside.... don't think of the sounds, think of something nice, like Yusai beside you hunting for an angel. Who would have thought that was going to be something they were doing. This time Yusai found the angel first and when Steal noticed it in his hands he laughed softly. "Yeah that is it, and it has a crack in it. I think ... yeah that is a key!" He leaned over and tapped at the crack making more of the key show. "I think we finally found our way out, it sure looks like a room key."
  12. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal winced as he finally got his arm released, rubbing a bit at the marks on his forearm, marks that looked an awful lot like fingerprints. Small fingerprints. What in the world. He sighed and shook his head a little, before looking at the crack in the wall where Yusai had bashed his fist. Holy hell was that a turn on! Strong.. so very strong.. It was all he could do to control the urge to leap into Yusai's arms and make-out with him. Wait.. Yusai would freak out. Damn... He hated that he wasn't able to act on his urges. That sucked so bad. He shook his head slowly and paid attention to the key again. A key to a lock, and no attached clue. What would be the meaning of that, there had to be something to tie together. Could the ragged state of the bag be part of a clue as well? The theme of the room seemed to be traps. "Twins in the room, one died... a hole in the wall, key in the hole." He tried to put the thoughts together into one string but it didn't make a lot of sense. Yusai was looking at the toys, could they be part of it? Was the snake in the hole significant? Steal started to pace slowly, fighting to make his thoughts work together. Soon Steal found himself on his knees digging through the toys as well. Bears... train, cars... wait! He found himself moving faster as his eyes locked on something that had to be useful. Lifting a box in his hands, Steal made a sound of joy. A box.. which had a hole for a key! "Banzai!" What a stupid thing to say! Still Steal found himself a moment later leaping into Yusai's arms and giving him a big kiss on the lips. "We got the prize!" Okay it was not a prize, it was a locked box, but it felt good to find things. It felt even better to be able to kiss the other man, he was almost clinging for a moment. He wanted that moment to last forever, even if Yusai was likely confused as hell. It was all he could do to keep from moving to doing something else. His body sure as hell wanted to. Warmth flooding from head to toes... and pooling somewhere else too. He was sure he was flushed to the roots of his hair as well. ~~~~ "Ooookay..." "Yeah... I think the little one got a little too happy about the box." "Hnn, closest thing to team work we saw all night, seems the other are getting pissed at each other." ~~~~ Steal flushed finally parting from the other man, not wanting to though, it kind of felt painful. FInally when he had caught his breath, straightening his clothing he found that he was able to hand Yusai the box when asked for it. "See there is a small keyhole, if you open it we can see what comes nex..." The faint sound of a child crying was coming from the hole in the wall. It was eerie sounding, and really faint but he was able to notice it "The... hell?" He moved slowly to the wall, and knelt down listening intently. As he did he noticed that the crying intensified. "W-who is there?" The voice came through the hole in the wall, causing Steal's heart to jolt. No reply came though when Steal called back softly, just more weeping. Steal looked at Yusai, his eyes a bit wider, pupils huge. "S-sai do you hear that?" ~~~ The members of the team in the control room looked at each other in confusion. "I didn't put any sound feed in there like that... no one did, what is making that sound?" ~~~ Steal backed away from the hole in the wall and moved back to Yusai's side. He didn't want to go near that hole anymore. He just wanted to make it out of the room now, and back to where others were, or somewhere that didn't feel as creepy. He knew he had seen a kid earlier but it seemed even then no one else had taken note. Was the kid a ghost? If he recalled there were not supposed to be kids in this place, it was an adult event, due to the nature of the rooms and such. He took a deep breath and murmured. "Just.. open the box and let's move on, I don't know if the crying or whatever is supposed to be part of this but if it is, we will find out why soon, right?" The younger man moved closer to Yusai anyway kind of pressing to his side, his warm form kind of invading the blond's space but he didn't care anymore, he just wanted to stay close to the one he trusted the most, and anyone watching be damned for it.
  13. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal frowned at the note, then looked up again at Yusai's utterance. He had found something, and as Steal went to see what it was, he couldn't help but hear the sound as well. Creepy... nah, that was much too calm a phrase for the sound that had come from the doll. "Guh.. that gurgling is sickening.." Steal murmured. He then took note of the large hole in the wall. There are rules to things like that. One huge one was to NEVER stick your hand into something dark. "Wish they had given us a flash light.." It was obvious that they had to get something from in the hole, but was there a way to do it without putting themselves at...risk? If this was really a game was there actually a risk to be had? Better safe than sorry. Steal looked at the doll on the floor a moment, then smirked a little. "Heh.. lend us a hand dolly!" He pulled the large doll over and stuck it's arm in the hole, triggering a sudden barrage of hissing and movement. Something was in there. With wide eyes Steal looked at Yusai. "Hissing.." ~~~~~ "Oh come on! That was no fun kid, you were supposed to reach in yourself!" One of the others slapped a hand to his forehead. "I didn't anticipate someone dodging by using another object.. crud." "Don't worry, it's not done yet, someone still needs to reach in themselves to get the key." ~~~~~ Steal grit his teeth as he pulled the doll arm out, looking carefully for a sign of bite marks or anything. Clean... He looked at Yusai's worried face and smiled. "It's okay, if they were live, or dangerous they would have bit into the doll first. The plastic is soft enough it would leave a mark." How did he sound so calm? Steal thought a moment, remembering playing with spiders and snakes in his backyard. His parents hated it.. when they remembered he was alive. No good kid would play with that stuff. Hah! If they could see me now. Steal winked at Yusai. "Into the hole I go!" He thrust his hand into the dark hole, feeling.. first movement, but it was cold, plastic, but it was moving. Mechanical snakes of some kind? There were a few of them. and he had to really reach to get past them all. "Uh.. um, something is back here.. a bag.. I can just barely.." He squinted his eyes tightly shut as he strained, finally reaching the bag with the tips of his fingers. "Got.. it.." As he pulled back.. the trouble started. His arm would not pull back. It was stuck in the hole. "Huh?" He tried again but it was like something was holding him in place. "Sai.. I think I got stuck... can you give me a hand here?" He was starting to worry but for all he was worth he kept his words calm. Sai though, he would likely see the mounting panic in his eyes. ~~~~~ "Hey, do the snakes pin people in the hole? Or are they just for a fright? Seems the kid's arm is stuck." The man who had set the trap shook his head. "Nah they just move, the hole is big enough he should be fine." "Doesn't seem that way, keep an eye on him, he may need help.." ~~~~~ His arm wasn't coming out. Steal kept taking deep breaths, working to stay calm. Releasing the bag hadn't done anything, his clothing didn't seem snagged. It was like something was physically holding him there and would not let go. "Sai.. this is bad.. I really can't get my arm out.."
  14. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal had been reading the paper when Yusai mentioned looking for their inner child. Hmm, he had not really thought about something like that, so as he looked around he read parts of the paper out loud. "It happened on a summer night, twin boys playing in this very room. No one knows which of the two had thought it was a good idea to play cowboys and indians, but one had, and the result was terrible. One boy, shot in the head with an arrow, the other hysterically trying to help his sibling. No one had come for hours, and when they had, the youngest of the twins lay dead, and the other quite insane." Steal shuddered at the thought, placing the papers down as he looked at the old toys. Some were cute, like the lion Yusai had picked up, and as he listened to the older man's voice he felt the sadness. He only wished that someday Yusai would share with him stories of Richard, and finally put the dead to rest, or at least share the burden. He couldn't be the one to ask though. He let his eyes drift and took in the sight of the huge doll, human sized, much much too large for the twin boys to have played with, actually the size of a human boy. Why would someone give something that large to a child? A play sibling? They had siblings. Steal opened his lips to mention that when the pile of toys around it shifted, and several tumbled to the floor. He gave a yelp, jumping visibly, but... no other than being startled he was not scared. He had expected something to happen. "Sai.. wha.." He pointed to the pile of toys, waiting for the other before getting closer. *** "He didn't cry. Points are still not up. Jumped pretty good though. Who set the toys to fall?" "I did, worked well too, not too much of a mess, easy to clean." *** Steal knelt in front of the toys and lifted out what appeared to be a smaller doll. "Inner child?" He asked softly, as he lifted the small boy figure from the floor. It was a child doll that looked very much like the pictures on the wall of what must have been the twins, but it was crudely made, as if made by another child. "IF, and big if, the story is true, then maybe the one made this for his brother. or rather , of his brother." It was a sobering thought, of someone who didn't want to face what happened. He gave a sad sigh, and placed the toy on the paper before reading more. "Innocence lost, sadness gained. Still you seek to regain the lost memories. Don't fight it, look where the light least shines, and the secrets often lay hidden. Come inside." Cryptic. Steal frowned at the thought. "Where secrets lay. Light doesn't shine. Could they mean something like skeletons in the closet type secrets? No light there." He looked at Yusai and tipped his head to the side. "Do you see a closet?" *** "What the hell?" the shrill voice came from the closet, hitting the speakers and the ears of those watching loudly. "NO way, no fucking way!" it was followed by the sound of someone running for the stairs, taking them fast. "I am not doing this!" One of the men in the control room started laughing. "If he had looked closer he would have seen it was a toy spider. Seriously like we would put a real spider that sized in any room."
  15. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal had just got himself cozy when a loud knock on the door had him sitting up looking around in a daze. Where was he? Oh.. oh! The haunted house! Steal reached over and shook Yusai's shoulder as he knocking sounded again. "Sai.. gotta get up. Seems we are late or something.." He rubbed his eyes and slid out of the bed fixing himself up as well as he could. They had to get to the main room for whatever they had to do. Two hours had passed really fast. "Dinner I guess..." He waited until Yusai was on his feet and he opened the door. If anything the halls were quieter than before, dimmer and gloomy. It was as if the whole place was shrouded in mystery, it felt strange. The main hall which had some fairly good lighting was now dim as well, and there was a huge table. Already there were other couples sitting there, a mother and daughter, and two man woman couples. It made for something of a balance. Steal saw his name on a place card and he sat down, looking at the other people. One of the men was yawning, as if he too had been wanting to take a nap, but there was no chance for that now. A severe looking woman walked to the table followed by a well dressed man, and dear Teddy. "Welcome all of you, tonight you are all up for a special treat! You will be taking on the rolls of paranormal investigators. At each placing you have a nice stack of papers, showing the stories of the manor and what has happened here. The notes correspond to different rooms and where you will be expected to visit at what time. We have it set so you will not be in the same room with another couple for more than a minute or two. She then walked over to each place to make sure they knew where to go. "The two of you will be heading into the play room on the third floor. The notes will tell you what happened there." Steal frowned a little and opened the folder, lifting a page that showed the image of two rather cute little girls. He showed it to Yusai and let Teddy show them the way to the play room. ```` "You really want to win this bet, sending the twink to the kiddy room first." One man started to laugh as they brought the images up of the room, all decked out with children's toys and large dolls. If someone had a fear of dolls this room would do them in fast. Standing to one side of the door was a human sized doll that may or may not have been housing a person. The room had a few little speakers in it, to pipe in the sound of giggling and crying of kids. "Even I would be hard pressed not to cry in that room, and I know it is a trap." One of the other workers nodded rapidly, keying in info for a few other rooms, watching as the large red haired woman made her way into the cellar, looking rather peeved.
  16. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    A sleep protest had sounded really good, and being held by the strong arms of Yusai had felt so right, but the scream, that terrifying scream. What in the world had made that sound and why did it echo so terribly. He had to at least pretend not to be all that frightened. Not all that easy being him but he put up and effort. Girls.. yeah the other team had girls and maybe they would be.. maybe they were the ones screaming! Yeah that had to be it. Steal relaxed slowly and eyed the bed again. Hmm, maybe he could manage a nap.. He slid back onto the bed and burrowed against Yusai, his slender form fitting nicely beside the other man. A small nap, no one would mind that. He let his eyes shut and murmured about how they would be much better at this than the other groups. Still there were nagging details that were really eating at him. The child, the scream... medium, someone who was supposed to talk to the dead, and the fact that this was listed as a real experience, not for entertainment. How could someone ensure that there would be anything remotely real? Plus those outfits. "Mm, this can't be real.. must just be a really sappy game..." **** The hall was cleaned, a large table set in the middle of the sitting room. The staff had set up a few cameras, some lighting and ghost hunting materials, along with computers. This suddenly seemed more like the setting for a ghost hunting show than a hotel. Sure the outfits were the same, but the atmosphere was more tense. "Okay everyone I have the details. The guests will be of course helping hunt the spirits, in their teams of two. We will monitor them from here. First we will let them have a good meal, then set up their areas and scheduals so no one overlaps in the same rooms. Have we ensured that the rooms are the safe place? No cameras there, since everyone needs some privacy but wired everywhere else." A man marched through the room pointing at screens and yelling orders. Maybe this was not going to be a traditional haunted house after all...
  17. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    (I KNOW I replied) Steal glanced around not at all sure where the boy had gone, had he even seen it? Ugh, maybe it was a trick of the light? It didn't matter anymore though, since other people had come in, and it seemed that Yusai was done signing in. Steal waved at the new couple, who seemed to have to double take when they looked at him. Was it really so shocking that he was there? Steal felt baffled for a moment as he watched Yusai head toward him. Then it clicked. They were a couple, and this was likely a couple event. Likely they had thought that Steal would be a girl, since Yusai was so very very manly. "Mine!" Snapped a greedy voice in Steal's mind. Calm the hormones there. He took a deep breath and waved at the couple again, before heading after Yusai and the butler. Hmm, he should have been paying attention since they had a bit of a lead on him, but a few bounding steps took him back to Yusai's side. The hall lighting was a bit gloomy, the lights not all on, and the few that were, were tinted and shuttered like old oil lanterns. It made for a good effect and one that Steal found a bit charming. He peered around, looking at the doors they passed, until they stopped at the one that was obviously intended to be theirs. First floor, 28th room. That was a LOT of rooms. When the door opened Steal actually backed off a step. It was huge, but it was also darned creepy. First there was a King sized canopy bed, which was great, draped with a gauzy material around it, making a bit of a sanctuary, which was needed for sure. The pictures on the walls were creepy as all get out. Steal cringed as he noted one of them was a rather famous print of the decent into hell. Who the heck could sleep with that in the room. There was a fire place, and in front of it was a Oujia board. Like he was going to use it in this room where he was supposed to sleep. He inhaled sharply and turned to Yusai, his mouth opening and closing silently. He did not want to complain but a room like this was likely to give one nightmares alone. The carpeting was blood red. "Uh, interesting..." He tried to force a smile as Teddy closed the door, leaving the pair of them, with just one comment. "You will be expected in the main hall in two hours." Steal sagged a bit when the door closed, and he headed over to the bed, flopping down on it, shirt raising to show his navel. "Well... this is not at all what I expected. Are we supposed to use that thing?" He made a slight gesture to the board by the fire. "I have no intention of doing that in here.. or at all.." The whole situation was much more strange than he had anticipated. A moment after Teddy left the alone, a creaking sound could be heard above them, like someone walking around in the room above them. It could have been just other guests.. or something else. Were they going to start so soon? With wide eyes Steal leaped from the bed and scampered over to Yusai as the creaking turned into a scream.
  18. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal looked around trying as hard as he could to pay attention to what was happening. If there was a theme to the nights events he had yet to catch on to what it was going to be. The woman looked like she could use a new suit, and as for the man, he looked.. well he looked like a stereotypical butler. The words coming from them though were obviously not intended to comfort, but rather to get them more riled up, and it was working. Steal kept looking around the room wondering what was going to jump out and try to eat him. Yusai didn't seem to have any issues, he seemed cool, calm and relaxed. Well he seemed relaxed, even jovial until the strange creature- ghost- person came out from under the desk. Steal didn't even managed to get a yelp of fear or shock out, he inhaled sharply eyes going huge. The scream caught in his throat though, and he just managed to utter the most pathetic gasping 'eep' sound. When his heart stopped beating so hard in his chest he managed to nod his head at the request to sign his name in the book. "Scare into Hell..." He murmured, glancing around again. It was starting to feel like that was just where they were too. He took several more calming breaths before taking the pen to sign his name. Much to his shock the ink was a very runny red ink, that looked a bit too much like blood. He arched a brow at the rather over the top touch before handing the pen over to Yusai. Okay if things stayed this cliche he may stand a chance at making it without dropping dead from fright. The pale haired young man turned around and looked for the creepy other pair, but much to his surprise they had vanished already, but he did take note of what seemed to be a child taking off around a corner. Were there going to be kids here? He looked to see if Yusai had seen the boy but he was still signing his name in the book taunting the ghoulish man behind the counter. Steal took a few steps to the corner the kid vanished around, but ran smack into the man in the tux, stepping back fast but not fast enough. "Oof.." He uttered in shock, as the man made something of a dismayed and disgusted face,apparently just as surprised, but not nearly as forgiving about the accident. "Sorry, I.. just thought I saw something." He turned his head back to where Yusai was, as if asking for a bit of help, which was rather pointless since Yusai was on the other side of he wall. He instead took a few more steps backward shaking his head. "Didn't mean it...sorry.." "It is fine...young Master.. just do not let it happen again. The spirits do not like when their... hosts come in contact with the living." Steal gave him a baffled look. Was this man saying his was a medium or something? This was going to be odd.
  19. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    (I thought I had replied >.<) The week seemed to fly by too fast for Steal. He knew what was coming for the Eve of Halloween but he hadn't really anticipated just how soon it was all going to happen. One moment he was puttering around the house getting things all cleaned up, the next Yusai was home and packing HIM up. The hard part to deal with was that he didn't even have the right to complain about anything as he was the one who had planned all of this. Once in the car though, his nerves started to really work up, he was jittery, quite and kind of sick feeling, but he was not going to let Yusai know any of that, he would not be the one to ruin this night. All he could do was clench his hands in his lap, bite his inner lip and wait for the car to stop so he could open the door and get some fresh air. That was the plan but that was not the way it played out. Yusai instead of just smiling and getting out, seemed to notice something. "I.. thinking? No, no nothing I am just, excited I guess." Steal peered up at Yusai and gave a smile, hoping that it didn't look fake. He smiled again and opened the door, taking in a first good look at the place they would be in for the next day and night.. or rather the rest of this day, the night and the next day. Dark? Check Spooky? Check Old? Double check. Haunted? Well they were here to find that out were they not? Taking a deep breath Steal led the way to the house, opening the door and stepping into... The place looked like an old manor, it was really rather nice inside, a bit dusty and worn down, but there was a sort of charm to it all. It seemed like someone put work into restoring it somewhat for this night. The lights were all old style, but they were not as bright as one would think, kind of like a mood lighting. Steal's steps were muffled on an old area rug. Inside was another couple, a man and woman who were seated on some chairs. They looked up as Steal and Yusai entered. "Ah, there you are.. we were waiting, things can start soon." The lady said, nodding to them. "I hope you are ready." Steal looked back at Yusai and swallowed audibly. "Uh, I guess we are."
  20. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal's light laughter came from the fridge at the threat of having Prince buried with Yusai. "Yes, he will be in your arms to ensure he can trip you for all eternity in the after life. Such a lovely fate you have for him." He cast a glance at Prince again, seeing the smallish cat trying to free one of the potatoes from their prison, likely to chase it around the room. The pale haired young man shook his head in amusement, putting a few items in the back of the fridge, giving Yusai a lovely view of his backside. Steal pulled himself up and moved to place a few boxes in the pantry, casually humming to himself as he did so, not at all aware of where the other man's mind was traveling until the silence from the other side of the room became too much, he turned his head and looked over at Yusai, just in time to see the pink tip of his tongue slide over his teeth. Damn, how does he always do that in such a tempting way? If I didn't know better I would say he was teasing me.. Ugh.. Hormones.. has it been.. shit.. so long and I have been living here celibate. Down boy.... Steal closed his eyes counting to ten in his head before going back to unloading the groceries, praying he looked normal. No reply yet, maybe Yusai had a better offer for the night? When the answer finally came Steal found himself blushing in shame. He would bring up the last time he watched a scary movie. "Uh, well that was.. I mean it wasn't real either but, I mean, this can't be THAT bad." Steal crossed his arms over his chest and leaned on a counter,, his teeth worrying his lower lip a moment. "I think I will be fine. It is just you know, one of those things.." He reached into his pocket for the ad. Wanted: People to stay the night in MacIntosh Manor. Free meal and bed. Must stay until noon next day. Failure will result in forfeit of deposit. Staying the whole night will be rewarded upon completion. Call: XXX XXX XXXX "See it is a kind of publicity stunt. I paid a deposit, we stay the night and if we make it, we get some prize." Steal beamed from ear to ear, eyes sparkling in excitement. "I'm sure it is just some kind of game."
  21. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal replaced the receiver with a bit of a chuckle as he heard the door close and the familiar sound of Yusai being attacked by Prince. The little imp had never grown overly large and still had issues with high places but was most certainly happy with the living arrangement. Yusai was a great toy and Prince loved being under his feet. Steal turned the corner smiling brightly and stepped close to hug Yusai and welcome him home. In the back of his mind he was wondering what he had just done though. He had booked to spend a night in a haunted house.. with ghosts and... what in the world was wrong with him? He couldn't even watch a zombie movie or one of those silly paranormal things without practically crawling under Yusai to hide. Too late to worry about that now though, plans had been set and he wasn't able to take it back. Maybe he could cancel but doing so would seem really bad, and he wanted to have a good time with Yusai. Maybe this would be the bit that could tip things over from just... Just kisses, only just that, once or twice it got closer, Yusai holding him, letting him touch, but something would always stop it. A call from a mutual friend, work.. always something. He just wanted to be able to say they were going to be a solid couple rather than just friends. Not that being just friends was bad, but it had been quite a time, and wasn't it time for more? "Hi Yusai, welcome home, I hope Prince didn't try to kill you again." Steal murmured the words softly against Yusai's neck as he held the embrace. "Mmm, I have a surprise for you. I made us some plans... I mean, if you want, I can cancel them but.." He stammered a bit stepping back and started to shuffle a bit like a small child being told to admit to something he had done wrong. "Want to stay the night in a Haunted House with me on Halloween?" Yeah blurt it out, good going, way to just put it all out there fool. To hide his embarrassment he rushed over and started to pull out the groceries and put them away, carefully extracting Prince from the bag first, then extracting him again when he went back to get more. That cat was always climbing into anything that rustled. Steal picked Prince up and put him off to the side a third time as he got the last of the food, smiling at the hidden bag of mint chocolates that had been purchased for him. Ahh, sweet sugar rush...